We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 17)

More honeymoon, including a wet T-shirt contest. It's not the most exciting episode ever though. And it did make me a bit angry. See why. Also, mary's still not commenting.
JoAnne: You're not one for posturing or for falling back on standard male/female tropes, either. I can see you getting annoyed on this.
becca: More than annoyed, I was kind of bored.

Episode 17

After the singing-disaster from last week (let us not speak of it!!), So-eun and Rim walk to the next site (holding hands, by the way): it's the hot springs and travertines of Pamukkale. So beautiful. And also cold (yup, winter is winter) - unless you put your feet into a hot spring!
Oh, that would feel nice.  My feet need a good soaking, by this point in the winter. It just makes you feel so pampered.
Mmm, that does sound good. And then burrowing down under a pile of blankets for a week-long nap....
Or cold again, if you manage to soak your pants with water. Like Rim. It seems he sat into a puddle. He bends over to dry his bum in the sun. I'm not commenting on that, but others may.
His butt doesn't really do anything for me.
I can't say one way or the other. I really don't spend much time staring at butts.
I recently did. There was a man, jogging past me. He had an extremely nice butt and I stared hard. It felt good and just
They leave the beautiful site (a shame!) and go swimming in an outdoor swimming pool. They all do that on WGM, right?! It's about as sexy as it gets ... She has a pink bathrobe he a light blue one. He is wearing a rather loose and revealing T-shirt. She jokes that she's wearing a bikini, which causes him to want to cancel the shoot. And then, he flashes her.
His face when he said they had to cancel the shoot made me laugh, but the flashing came so fast! Well, I suppose it's SUPPOSED to catch you by surprise, right?  I wonder what Mary will say about the part where his pants fell down.
Did they? Oh, I missed that.
(((Psst, becca: It's a trick))) 
Well, the truth is, they're not wearing bathing gear at all. She is wearing shorts and a shirt and he the same, just not much of a shirt. Okay, we DO see his arms though. And CHEST. He is massive. Where did Mo go?! (I know we've asked that question again and again, but we've never got a satisfying answer!)
Well, we've seen hints of it before but he is one solidly built young man. SO different than most of the young actors these days, who all have muscle but no FAT.  Rim has nice snuggle-y proportions of both.
Yes, yes, yes. He is built for hugs and snuggles.
My question is: does he smell nice though? I'm not sure he does
So this is one of the old bath spots at that site - or is it something new made old? They go in and he tells her to hang onto him if it gets deep. And then, he shows off his "swimming skills". His tattoo is censored, by the way, cause this is rated 15. And 15 year old kids obviously cannot see tattoos.
Seems silly to me. I could see covering up something which had objectionable content, maybe, like swears or something, but otherwise, don't you think the covering up just makes impressionable kids MORE curious?
I am an impressionable kid. I am curious.
Then, time to fool around a bit. Cause what else would you do in water than splash it on somebody else, right? It seems she cannot swim (or has had an incident? Who knows?), so when it gets deep, she needs to hang on. To this massive tree of a man.
Hey, whatever excuse gets him next to me.
And then, time for some scripted jealousy. Swimming in water = underwater kiss in Surplus Princess. He pretends not to know who Boa is. But he remembers a movie (an American one) in which two guys are dripping wet and kiss. That happens a lot in American movies, he says. Yeah, in porn movies, dear Rim. You're so BUSTED.
The only scene that comes immediately to mind was two girls in that movie with ... Kevin Bacon, I think it was. Wild Things. Yep. Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon.
That's half-porn, yes. 
People kiss in the water all the time in American movies and TV. Okay, The Notebook is the only movie I can think of right away, but most cop shows have had a kiss in the water at some point. They're usually not under the water, though. Whatever, it's not a trope I care for.
He assures his "wife" that she doesn't need to be afraid of him and his kisses: he'll only kiss her when she tells him to. Let me guess: he can wait for that forever.
I remember when he always had her off-balance with his physicality. She takes it far more more comfortably now and even returns it or initiates it, but the sentiment he's expressing is still sweet.

Also, she's still embarrassed by him, as she confesses in the "black room": his way of dressing makes her uncomfortable. At least his way of showing quite a lot of skin in that bath. Aw. You shy virgin you...
I keep wondering if her shyness that way is scripted or real.  I mean, in a society where people tend to keep their clothes on in public, seeing skin can be pretty sexy, even intimate in this type of context.
Plus, have you noticed that everything is touchy-feely-er when you're swimming? Like, suddenly you're clinging much more closely than you would in everyday life. Barriers fall away to some degree.
He tastes the water and comments that it's sweet. ... "I guess because you're in it". Later, after she comments that she likes the sky, he says that's because she's an angel. Him, because he likes the water is ... a mackerel kebab.
The reason I don't get tired of him with the ridiculous praising is that expression on her face - he starts, hesitates, she prompts. Her face is always expectant, grinning - they are in the joke together, but somehow it's a little true, too, and it's that way of keeping it light that keeps it from being creepy.
I often think that he looks like a little boy - thrilled at his own joke and just dying to tell someone. It's adorable.
Then some swimming lessons. It amazes me that there are people who cannot swim in the world, cause we actually have to learn it in school. It's compulsory. Which is good, because it reduces the risk of drowning. Not that we have an ocean, but we do have swimming pools.
Well we have an ocean, and Tori learned to swim when she was three. My parents are ON the beach, and I wasn't taking any chances. I still remember learning how to swim when I was a tiny kid, too. You're right, it's odd to meet people who don't know how - but some people just don't.
And then, there's nothing more to tease out of this setting and the couple goes to have dinner. Yummy stuff. He comments that she looked sexy when wet earlier. So-eun is flustered ... hahaha. No, she isn't immune yet to the RimTurbo.
Whatever else he's a handsome guy paying attention to a pretty girl.  Who would be immune to it?
So they've met more than 100 days ago? That's shocking. Where did all that time go?! (That's Birth of a Beauty messing with your brain. I don't even know what year it is anymore.) So, what does she know about him? She starts to list the following: he likes riding motorcycles, and he likes skulls. He can't dance. And he likes meat. Plus, he tries to act really manly. He vehemently protests, given his past actions for her. Time for him to say things about her: He calls her pretty, cute, lovely, cute, and sexy, with tiny feet ... and a birthday in September.
Guys, sheesh. He knows more, he must.
Well, remember he didn't even know who she was in the beginning. This is a lot
September what? she asks. Uh-oh. He guesses it's the 15th - which is wrong. What girl is it?! she demands to know. Hey, and really don't like those jealousy parts. And she doesn't know his birthday either, so I'd say you're even, guys.
That 'busted' look on her face was funny.
Yep, that was great.
He give her a piece of chicken leg, but not deboned, which makes her complain and the show hosts too. Seriously ... I don't get that at all. Who wants a guy to debone ones food?!
Keep your fingers off my food!
Seriously! I've never understood why any grown woman (or man, for that matter), would like that, but deboning or cutting someone else's food is always shown as swoon-worthy in dramas. To me, it would seem demeaning. I'm a grown-ass woman! I can cut my own damn steak!
They get Turkish coffee and start talking about having your fortune told. He does it often, he claims, and they said he'd get married after 30. Which he did! To her. So they have a fortune teller at that restaurant, nice! So-eun has two roads in her cup - if she chooses the right one, she'll be very happy. If she goes on the wrong one, she'll cry all the time. Which means if she goes anywhere other than him, Rim comments. Now Rim! The fortune teller says he loves his wife too much. And he wants to be a father. Ahahahaaaaaa. He laughs at that, our Rim, but he seems to like the idea that he wants to make a honeymoon baby.
I think that boy has a lot of energy.
For So-eun it's clear that his love for her means he has to ride the hot air balloon with her. So they get on a bus for 10 hours and go where hot air balloons can be ridden. In that bus, they decide to change their couple name to "Parody couple" (PaCou) - I have no clue why. Got me, either. No clue. They also listen to some music together. I was afraid he'd sing along, but he's just mimicking. And she does some more jelousy because he mentions AOA. So bleh. He puts it on and sings along a bit (noooooooo), but she refuses to listen any further. Sorry, but how is it a crime to like a song performed by a girl group?!
I'm sorry, but it IS a crime to like most girl groups. Or should be. Pfft. Tepid, ridiculous stuff.
A) I don't think it was jelousy - unless my subs were off, she said she doesn't like the group and always turns the radio off when they come on. B) There are very few songs by girl groups that I find enjoyable. The majority are just not my thing.
In my subs, she said she normally likes them but because he mentioned them, she didn't want to listen
Then, it's time to sleep a bit - and she demands he sings her a lullaby. Oh no. He sings one mixed with "Like a cat". He claims he's crazy because she's so close to him. I hope he shuts up soon cause they really should sleep and this whole AOA-stuff annoys me. A lot.
Yes, go to sleep, you pretty kids. We'll just watch you snuggle a bit. It won't be creepy, we promise.
I think Rim has reached the point of exhaustion where he's just hyper and goofy, which is the most embarrassing state of exhaustion. Go to sleep, Rim!
They're in Cappadocia, where the balloooooooons fly. Poor Rim ... he is terrified. But it's also clear from the preview that he survives this in one piece, so we're good. 
Man, he's white as a ghost.
I was really hoping that they wouldn't do this. Poor guy.


So. There's still a lot of cute in this. But ... in all honesty, there's a lot of stuff that irks me a lot. I understand that they need to make this "interesting" for the viewers, but please, PLEASE don't do it with stupid scripted jealousy. It's not believable and it's very stupid. And it's very, very unsexy to be jealous over nothing.
Here's what I want to see:  Rim set out to seriously whoo her with his crazy mix of goofy and insanely hot, and her not really know how to handle it, but clearly she likes it. Can't do it if she's not willing, that's the thing. I want to see a sincere chase.
As long as they're being themselves and acting naturally, I'm good. All the manufactured stuff dims the glow.