$_)@*$%^_ Witch's Romance Ep 15 (A GottaComplete Cap)

What's this? :< Did someone say something bad? *taking out pitchfork*
kakashi: It's JoAnne deciding she wants to finish what was once started ... hey, I can help!
I just have to rewatch the episodes and most of the time I really hate going back to something I've already seen.  Surprising, right?  I don't do a lot of tv show rewatching, though. 
JoAnne, we have a problem!!! All the torrent links for Witch 15 are dead ... I might have to do episode 16 only screencaps and gifs.
That's fine by me. I might be able to grab some sub-less screen shots from 15, too.
Shuk: I have AWR downloaded, I think. So gifs can be made if needed. I'll add a bunch of gifs that you guys can take out and photoshop as you want. :)
I love you, you are awesome, you deserve cookies and a puppy.


Shuk: She says yes! The fishcakers cheer and Cutie smiles. Afterwards, our moony-eyed couple walk hand in hand back to the condo, Ji-yeon hesitantly tells Dong-ha that she's changed her mind about having him as her assistant. He figures it's because she doesn't want her colleagues to know, and teases that she will regret it, since her current assistant and photographer are clueless and will miss the breaking news.
I appear to have completely spaced out this scene in my mind. I probably have 10% more Alzheimer's by now, this was so long ago! (I'm so happy Shuk was bored at work and pitied me. I have silently been suffering from guilt... it's been so hard! You have no idea! I know, I know... not hard enough to make me actually man up and finish the job. I suck, I know it.)
So ... It's been a gazillion years since this ended, right? I have no recollection of this drama. None at all. I have no idea what "she says yes" too! I hope it's something decent. 
Shuk: As she preps herself in the mirror, she grins, remembering her beau's words at the fishcakers. The object of her thoughts is just waking up, his bedhair reaching amazing proportions. He gives a sleepy grin remembering what she said last night.
In the adult version of this drama, that grin is for what she DID last night. Although he looks disturbingly thirteen-ish right now, so scratch that.
Things are slowly coming back to me. These two actually DID have sex in earlier episodes, right? I think that's partially why I like this drama at the beginning.  
Shuk: At work, the Clueless Twins are clueless, and Photog is empty-handed. As she leaves the meeting room, she hears Dong-ha's voice and hurries to find him talking to Moonface. She quickly pulls him aside, worried about what he is telling everyone. He plays innocent, and she thinks he's told everyone about their relationship. She freaks out a little, and he whispers that her necklace is pretty.
Ok now he's back to looking like a yummy puppy, especially that backwards out-of-the-corner-of-his-eye look he gave her. Mama does like.
He will forever be remembered as one of the hottest noona-killers.
Shuk: Come to find out that he didn't say anything, and that he contracted out to Moonface as his part-time assistant. Moon cackles with glee that he will now get all the scoops. Young-sik snipes at his disloyalty, but Ji-yeon chases him away from her desk.
Even after all these months, still really could not give one fig for the office crap.
I need to go color my hair soon.
Shuk: At the fishcakers, the pair are skewering their products when Ji-yeon's mom shows up with some food containers for them and for her daughter. She feels guilty for gallivanting with Shekshi while her daughter nurses a broken heart. The two almost blurt out her current with-boyfriend status.
'Skewering their products' - I will refrain from commenting, and thereby comment. *snicker*
Is it a secret that she's with boyfriend? Why? 

Shuk: Moony is brainstorming without any brains when Dong-ha gets a call from Mom. Meanwhile, Ji-yeon is lurking outside the Moony meeting, grumble about her traitor. But surprise! He catches her but she just pretends she was walking by on the way to the library. He grins. I melt.
If LJS weren't already King of Puppies, this guy would have the crown.
Who's Moony in this one? Can't be our Moony from Jangbori, right?! Moony! Come back! With Kim Ji-hoon, please
Shuk:  Outside the building, she relays the necklace scene with Fishcake Na-rae, causing her to squeal that her bestie’s eardrums must have been itchy at the time. She encourages Ji-yeon to loosen up and enjoy dating, just like her moth… whups! She really sucks at keeping secrets.
I do like Na Rae, but the squeals... no.
I get confused because she's so evil in Yoo-na's Street

Shuk: When she gets home, Mom is feeding our two neighbors. Mom is amazed that Dong-ha has such a babyface when he is in his middle 30’s. There’s an awkward pause all around the table before he admits that he’s only 25. The wave of incredulity crests as Cutie beats feet for the door, happy to avoid the carnage.
Cuuuuuuuuutie I love you too... but Dong Ha is the best. And 25 doesn't sound all that young after watching Sota's recent drama where he's only 21... but Ji Yeon is older than that woman.  I don't care. I love noona romances. Sigh. It's just that I could have a noona romance with pretty much everyone except the male leads of Grandpa Flower Investigation Team.
Ahahahaaaa, that was funny. And when thinking about it ... 25 is damn young. I teach a couple of those. So DAMN immature.

Shuk: Mom goes on a rampage of anti-fourteen-year arguments, until Dong-ha finally stops her. He is sincerely dating her daughter and is serious about their relationship. Mom gets down to brass tacks: does he plan on marrying her. Ji-yeon stops her, but the rest of the meal in eaten in stony silence by Mom.
Come on, Mom. You're so awesome. It will work out, just relax and continue to be awesome.
Yeah ... well, I understand her though. I think I'd say something too if my daughter brought home a guy fourteen years her junior. 
I would, too, probably. Unless he was career-established and marriage-minded (assuming that's what she wanted too, marriage.) M y parents have that much of an age difference and so did one of my older step brothers. It was never an issue but they were all in similar 'places' in their lives.

Shuk: Cutie is now schmoozing with Jap Chae, who is happy because her mother has finally agreed to move in with her. He shares her joy for only a brief moment before one of his paramours stops by to say hi. Old girl snarks that his tastes have changed, since he doesn't hang out in clubs anymore. After she leaves, Intern wants to know what type of girl he really likes. He hems and haws and doesn’t say.
Oh I FORGOT how much I love him pining after this girl. This man... he is so good at the comic-yet-sweet.
It's why we love him. That and the white pants, of course. 
Ah, the white pants scene from Heartless City. Sigh. Also, I originally typed Heartass city.
Shuk: Our pair are walking back home; Dong-ha tries to snuggle but gets rebuffed, as Ji-yeon is still miffed that he’s working for her rival. He admits he did it just so he could be near her during the day. Plus, she’s a shoe-in for the Chief Editor position no matter how he assists the enemy. How’s a girl supposed to respond to that?
With sex. Lots of it.
I agree

Shuk: She’s still not smiling, though. She was confident in her skills, took on every difficult assignment, treated people harshly just to get into this position, and some traitor kid comes in to help the enemy and…. He stops her with a shut-up kiss with just lips. And tells her she talks too much. He offers to quit, which makes her smile again. Or maybe it was the kiss.
Ji-Yeon! I said sex, not sulks. S-E-X.
JoAnne, in KDrama, sex often comes in unexpected forms. You may mean there's no sex, but in secret, there's a lot of it. Look for the signs. 
Shuk: Both sides ask for advice from their besties. Na-rae warns Ji-yeon to keep the upper hand in the relationship. Cutie warns Dong-ha that noona isn’t as innocently straightforward as he thinks, given her age and career. Both parties warn the dating pair that relationships are all about keeping the upper hand.
Somehow, I think that this advice is not particularly helpful. Or accurate.
Please remind me to go do the washing after coloring my hair. 

Shuk: At the office, Director Shekshi alerts Ji-yeon that she is being considered for the Global Challenge Program. She’s been in the final list before, though, without ever making it. She confidently tells him that she is ready. After she leaves, the director calls his favorite girl out for dinner and a movie. The older couple are chatting over dinner, when he accidently schmutzes his shirt. He gets uncomfortable and heads for the bathroom to clean up. He comes back and cancels the rest of their date, citing that he can’t be seen with a stain on his shirt. She scoffs after he leaves – he’s such a clean freak!
Seriously. That is NOT shekshi.
Maybe he wanted her to follow him back to his apartment.
I am all for pre-treating the spot.
Shuk: Moony and Dong-ha are discussing a potential story, and the older man impresses the younger with his knowledge of past magazine issues. He asks Reporter Byun why he hates his rival so much; the reporter says it’s her temptation and her curse. We get a flashback when Ji-yeon first started working there; The reporter started feeling a little sumtin sumtin when she was around. At at brainstorming session, he wants to do a story on a woman who was rejected at the altar, especially ones in their middle thirties. This strikes an unpleasant chord with Ji-yeon, who destroys an innocent pencil but eventually blows up at Moony, insulting him only as Ban Ji-yeon can do it, finally promising that a clueless virgin like him will never ever find true love. Back in the present, the reporter admits that he’s been single ever since, proof of that witch’s powers.
I will admit to feeling a twinge of sympathy for the man.
I still hate him and his stupid faces a lot though.
Shuk: Dong-ha sneaks a peek at his ladylove, and realizes all the men in the office in orbit around her; even the swisher is lusty after her fashion. He snaps and drags her out of the office to a nearby clothing store. He flat-out tells her to stop wearing short skirts that show off her fabulous legs. They agree she can buy something else to wear in the store; he starts calling for pants while she is looking a shorts. He disagrees with the white tops as too see-through; she hates the grandma muu-muu coverups.
I will admit that her legs are so fabulous that even I, thoroughly heterosexual woman that I am, would consider licking her calves.
Oh yes. I would cook them for dinner. 

Shuk: Eventually they agreed on half the outfits. She pays for them, and the cashier observes how nice it is to shop with your handsome dongsaeng. Ji-yeon doesn't comment but heads for the door, just as Puppy brings another fugly outfit. The cashier tells him his noonim has already paid. He puts the kibosh on that line of thought by calling out every cutesy name in the Cheesy Romance dictionary: “Honey! Sweetie! Baby! Darling!”
And how should he be rewarded for this? With sex. Lots of sex. Like, Ji Yeon taking him into the dressing room and flat out jumping his bones, and then they leave the store a bit dishevelled and sweaty and Ji Yeon gives the girl the finger as they leave, grinning.
JoAnne should be in charge of the next noona-romance. !!
Shuk: He catches up with her outside and whines that he wanted to buy the clothes, but she prefers to use her credit cards and garner the benefits.
Those are not the benefits we are interested in, Ji Yeon.
Depends what she gets with them though. 

Shuk:  They head over for some dukkbeoki street food and a little sexy rice-cake and drink sharing. He pulls her to a street vendor selling jewelry, buys her several bangles and warns her they are his Handcuffs Of Love. (Now we're talking.  Go Dong Ha!) He gets a call from Cutie that his friend was just discharged from his military service, and they were planning to get together that night. She doesn't really want to go, but Dong-ha drags her there. And that babyface ex-Army has a 19-year-old girlfriend. Our poor witch.
That is kind of mortifying. I can see me liking a younger man, but not necessarily wanting to return to the lifestyle of the 20s. Or 30s. Possibly 40s.
I'm all for noona-romances, but in real life, they don't work all that often. 
So basically what we're all about is noona sexcapades with the occasional dinner thrown in.

Shuk: She sneaks away fron the table to sigh to her bestie about the difference between her and the infants. Dong-ha pops up, ready to leave the restaurant and the childish people at their table. She mumbles he is just like them! But he counters that he is different from head to toe! They link hands and leave, ending up on the bench near their homes.
Unfortunately, there is NO SEX. Come on, people. Where is that smoking hot chemistry and kitten sounds of licking cans from before?
KDrama producers often suddenly get scared of their own ideas.
Shuk:  Ji-yeon's head is on his shoulder when he quietly reiterates her promise to always stay with him. He confesses that her independence bothers him a bit, and he gets nervous if she's not in his sight. She is also nervous - what if she is only a brief interlude in his life. He assures her that his heart won't change, but she still feels the Polar Bear scars. They hug and he tells her to wait and see how steadfast he can be.
Okay, I do like a romantic, sweet moment though. They are SO adorable. Also:  Screw you, Polar Bear.
WHEREISTHE FUCKER?! Wait, he is gone for good, isn't he.  

Shuk: The next morning Dong-ha is outside and smiling when Cutie walks out. He grumps that his friend is just too icky sweet; wait, is he jealous? LOL. Inside the car, Cutie wants to know if they have ever yunno, ummm'd at all, Dong-ha retaliates by poking Cutie's nose.
... have they? I don't remember.
Me neither. But I'd say yes. If not, they're idiots.
Shuk: Dong-ha admits that their busy schedules make it hard to find together time. Cutie scoffs that babies are conceived even during wartime. During their car conversation we find out that Dong-ha hasn't shared a meal with his father for over three years, even though they have seen each other at the hospital.
Please do not ever segue from sex to eating with Dad again, Show.
Ah yes. This show had daddy issues. *Yawn*

Shuk: Cut to the two of them having lunch. He tells his father of his plans to return to school the following semester, which has Doctor Dad beaming. He continues: he plans to continue working in the lab to earn tuition money, and he is in love with a woman who has given him the encouragement to return to his studies. Dad is even more ecstatic, and wants to meet this wonderful woman.
Shuk: Intern is surprised to find Cutie outside her place, but he reminds her of her pouty face when she asked for help to move her mother back home. At least, that’s what he heard. LOL. He drives her to the orphanage and charms Eun Chae’s mom. The girl offers him dinner for his help, and he’s charmed too.
She is an improvement over that rotten girl from the original.

Shuk: Fishcaker Na-rae is on a food binge at a local chicken restaurant when Ji-yeon shows up. Hilariously,she claims not have eaten, and powers down yet another huge meal. She comments that her friend’s face looks rough and lacking in male satisfaction – what’s wrong with the stud puppy? Our reporter admits to her bestie they are busy right now, blah blah.
Sigh. I think my feelings on this topic are well-known. Don't BE busy, GET busy.
Sorry, drama, but you started boring me about 10 episodes ago.
Shuk:  Ji-yeon wants that ummmm skinship, but has been so far out of the dating scene, she isn’t sure how to approach it. She doesn’t want to constantly text him like a stalker, but her bestie says it would make him happy. Besides, it doesn't matter who trips whom to the floor, as long as body parts are involved.
Body parts! Now we're talking! What is the POINT of a young buck otherwise? You could just go ahead and fall for a tired guy your own age!
Just talking about it for precious minute after minute is ... booooooooooring

Shuk:  The boys make it home. Cutie plans to continue the part-time company with a certain female employee as his partner once Dong-ha goes back to school. The one he shared jjajangmyeon with tonight. Cutie gives him advice: Screw platonic love. No, really, screw it.
I don't think it's possible. The act of screwing is transformative. It's like never getting to tomorrow, except in this case you never get to first base.
Who ever said anything about platonic love?! 

Shuk: Dong-ha scoffs, but later he’s blowdrying his hair and takes a good, hard look at himself.  In The Situation Room, our girl is reading how-to books on being enticing. Can a KaoTalk tshirt and ahjumma pants be sexy?
Sure, if you sell them to an ahjumma and then use the proceeds to buy a garter belt and some silk stockings.
Shuk: She’s practicing her poses when he shows up in her apartment, startling her. She covers up her embarrassment by asking if he wants something to drink. How about beer? The both go into shy mode, but only for a moment before she brings out a huge tray with 14 cans of bakseju, and sit together at the same place that last almost-ummm happened.
My girl!
Can we please stop with this shy-virgin stuff?! It's bad in normal Kdrama but here, with an absolute NON-virgin it's just stupid. 

Shuk: He uses the moment to clear the air at her work, confirming that she neither hates nor likes Moony. He also suspects ulterior motives of the other men in the office; she laughs and pops the first can. Whups foam! Whups sipping! Whups eyestare! Whups tongue lick! Okay, now we are getting somewhere. They start with a prolonged kissing session…
He has the right kind of hair for grabbing on to. Why no, the licking didn't make me think of that.
Shuk: SCREEEEECH! Mom shows up! She’s so agitated; she doesn’t even notice their state of… err…. dishabille. They sit on either side of her as she opens a can and sucks off the foam. Mom’s first salvo; both of them need to get rid of their younger men. She continues her tirade as the two of them straighten each other behind her back. She admits to her daughter that she’s been seeing Director Shekshi but that they broke it off. Dong-ha tries to gracefully bow out, but Mom forces him to stay as a substitute for the man she is actually mad at.
Ok. Never segue from sex to eating with dad, AND never transition from a sexy scene to Mom sucking foam ANYthing.
Shuk: Does he have tantrums with her daughter? Does he abandon her in the middle of a date? He crosses his arms in a universal nay-sign. Ji-yeon defends him, earning her a hot stare. Mom is still mumbling about the foamy beer; her daughter gets self-conscious.
No, her daughter gets turned on by that freaky stare. Oh wait. That was me.
Yes, that stare needs a medal.

Shuk: Later, Ji-yeon tucks Mom into bed to sleep off her bender. She walks her beau to the door. She guesses he needs his rest in order to do his job at the lab tomorrow. He counters that it’s easier than being her assistant. They smile and he turns to let himself out of her place.
Kiss her MORE.
Why do KDramas have to go to 16 episodes when they have absolutely no story to tell anymore?
Shuk: In a little pouty voice, she sighs her disappointment. He gnaws on his knuckles for a moment before turning back. Is she disappointed to say goodnight? Or…. He makes exaggerated kissy faces until she laughs, and says both. That earns her a couple of more kisses before he exits, leaving her in a puddle on the floor.
And us right alongside her. Jeong Suk better watch out.

Shuk: The next day Mom is talking with Doctor Yoon when Ji-yeon arrives at the hospital. She had checked herself in to have her heart checked. Everything is clear, but Mom has been waking up with hot flashes and weird things going on in her chest. Doc says it might be stress over family life. They get to talking about their respective children, both admitting that they can be troublesome.
No terminal illness? That's usually a good trope.
Shuk: Dong-ha in his sexy labcoat bumps into his ladylove at the hospital. After small talk, he tells her of his decision to return to school. Even though he will be busy, she is supportive.
And rewarding, if he brings that lab coat home sometimes.

Shuk:  The girls walk out together, and Mom wonders how her daughter could stand working for a fussy man like Director Shekshi. They laugh together before she hands her mother into a taxi and heads for the magazine office. The director gives her good news. She has finally been selected for the Global Challenge Program, and is scheduled to intern with a magazine in England for a year. She is happy happy happy.
Wait until she realizes it's yet more no sex, sex, sex.
Ah, the next trope. A year abroad. The ultimate relationship breaker.
Shuk: She smiles at her reflection in the mirror. She’s made it! And that Chief Editor position is all but in the bag. Suddenly her face drops when she remembers Dong-ha’s wish that she stay with him no matter what. She fingers her necklace as she thinks.
But she really did score a big coup, and she deserves to feel over the moon for a little bit, anyway.
Come on. A year in England? If your relationship doesn't survive that it wasn't worth it. 

Shuk: Outside her place, she’s on the phone with Na-rae, telling her about the previous night’s aborted liaison, and Go-Stop session until 2am. Na-rae is lusting after desserts at a restaurant while Ji-yeon tells her about the lingerie sets she ordered online. Her friend warns her to wear them and not just order them. When she hangs up, her hot guy is there with the package in his arms.  She tries to pull it out of his hand, but he insists on carrying it inside. He also brought some stuff of his own – a couple of angelfish for the fishtank. He spins a tail of two fish meeting and falling in love in the same neighborhood just like them.
Fuck the fish, open the package.
Shuk: Dong-ha is curious about the package, even more so when she refuses to show him. It becomes a keep-away contest on the bed, with tall-boy winning, at least until the box opens and all that lacy colorful stuff falls out. She is completely mortified, but he uses it as an excuse to sidle up to her – did she buy to model for him? She says no, but he decides to role-play, and they end up with a lot of tickle skinship as the lights fade.
Sex was had, but I am still pissed off. What's wrong with this picture? NO PICTURES. Why you gotta do a girl like this, show?
It's what pissed me off the most in this drama.


Shuk: These final two episodes have been long in coming. (hahahahahaaha) Our couple have finally managed some cute time, which we have been waiting for since probably the second episode when she kicked him off the bed. That still boggles my mind.
Girl is crazy.
The word you were looking for is "responsible", JoAnne.
Hello, he's legal, unrelated to her in any way, in possession of a condom and willing body parts. I see no issues.
Shuk:  Anyways, she has finally come to grips with dating a younger man. Her reaction to her mother's blasting of all younger men proves that. But we all know that the overseas internship is going to be yet another hurdle to their relationship, even if it's a teeny tiny one in my book (he's in school anyway, and what's a nine-hour time difference when you have Skype and KaoTalk?).
Well it's not skinship, is it.
So ... she needed 14 episodes to come to grips with dating a younger man. Why not. Way to waste our time. At least he's super cute.