Yoo Na's Street - Episode 20 (A ThugCap)

This episode brings back a secret favorite of mine (The President!) (Laughing at memories of reclining-chair scene....) and he even comes with a son! Quite to Manbo and Madame's delight, because who would be better for their Da-yeong than a filial son of a stinking rich man? This episode also gives us more pitiful creatures, first among them Thief Girl Han-jeong. It's a sad one ...
Mary: I want Yoo-na to be that girl's Yang-sun.
becca: I do, too.

Episode 20

Mi-sun is half passed-out, so Chang-man helps her out of the car. She won’t say who hit her - but we most certainly know, don’t we?! Yoo-na is in, drying her hair in front of a fan but jumps up as soon as she hears Chang-man’s voice outside the door. Oh my god, Mi-sun can barely walk! Mi-sun wants Chang-man to leave - she doesn’t want him to see her like this. She also doesn’t want Yoo-na to tend to her face. She claims that it wasn’t Min-kyu, but an unknown thug at the parking lot of a night club. Mi-sun insists on that story, but … I’m as unconvinced as Yoo-na is.
Mary: I am sharpening knives as we speak...
becca: Let's do some redecorating. Of his face. *pounds fist into palm*
Yoo-na calls Chang-man (who is at the corner store) and tells him to get plaster. It seems Mi-sun’s ribs hurt and she can’t breath properly. I don’t believe that they’re not forcing her to go to a hospital, seriously. They run there with every small cold, usually, don’t they?! Not long after Yoo-na starts putting on ointment and stuff, Mi-sun starts sobbing uncontrollably, the poor soul. It's about Min-kyu and her attempts to shield him from Yoo-na's wrath get weaker and weaker.
Mary: When she sobbed at how she even told Min-kyu how many married men she cheated/slept with... heart. Break. So Mi-sun knows what she's doing is wrong and she's ashamed of it at some level. But she loves the security that comes with money too much to leave this kind of life. (And we can't blame her after finding out how her older brother died young from lack of $$$ for a heart surgery.) *sigh* This show. Can't I just hate someone fully without feeling guilty about being judgmental 20+ episodes later???
becca: Apparently not. Right now I just want to hug her and tell her that it's all going to be okay. :(
In the morning, Chang-man carefully parks Mi-sun’s car. And he finds an unused worry doll on the passenger seat with a little card: for Min-kyu's 28th birthday. He returns the key to Yoo-na (who stonewalls him on the Min-kyu affair) and is called down to Manbo right after. Boss plans to move the whole colatec (rather than just do the floors)! There’s an offer for a new location, it’s bigger and closer to a subway station, thus more convenient for the elderly. The owner of that location? President Jeong! Oh yes! I missed him a bit, to be honest. ;D Manbo knows about his affair with Mi-sun and Chang-man remembers that time when he went to the café with Mi-sun and she signed the agreement with President Jeong’s wife.
becca: Booo! I don't like him! He hit Mi-sun, too, remember?
Well. Mi-sun seems to be able to walk this morning and she says somebody will come take her to the hospital. She’s not saying who it is though. Right then, Bong calls Yoo-na and tries to get her to confess that she wired money to his wife. Which Yoo-na hasn’t as we know (it was a cheque) and anyway, she denies everything. But Yoo-na wants to meet Bong anyway for something else. He vows to his wife that he’ll find out where that money came from. She pretends not to be afraid, but ... hm, he is a stubborn guy.
Mary: I LOLed at how he feels all puffed up doing his policeman antics, but Yoo-na and Yang-sun are too pro for him. Honestly, only the ladies conscience gives them away. But when it comes to technique, Bong is so out of his element with these two.
Miss Delulu is super-depressed in her room and won’t even eat. No, not because of Chang-man but because of their cancelled play. Manbo tries to cheer her up, which fails miserably - she tells him the production cost is a minimum of $90’000 and unless he pays that, nothing can be done. Haha, he doesn't have that kind of money (or maybe he has it, but the production isn't that important to him).
Mary: Hahaha too at how quickly he went from "FIX EVERYTHING FOR MAH DAUGHTER" to "Never mind. We don't have $90,000, I'm leaving."
becca: I luff him.
Yun-ji takes Yoo-na to a mountain, where she has buried the watches, all neatly wrapped. She also tells Yoo-na about her meeting with Nam-su the other day and how he talked about opening up a “young-lady” business. The age of pick pocketing is over, he said. It’s becoming increasingly hard, also due to CCTV being everywhere. Yoo-na doesn’t like to hear about the bodobang - because it’s illegal. Oh Nam-su …
Mary: Oh, Yoo-na... because pickpocketing is totally legal, right? Yoo-na thinks like a single artisan, while Namsu is like an entrepreneur. Neither of them are wrong. But I want Namsu to try this, at least. Boo Yoo-na for blocking his attempts.
becca: I want him to do something legal, though....
They return the watches to “Uncle”, who carefully checks each and every one. Outside, Yun-ji asks for a bite off Girl-Thief's ice cream, which gets the girl a scolding from her grumpy aunt. Operation "Return the Watches" is done now, and even though Uncle is still very heart-broken over the diamonds (understandably), but seems to accept the deal. Is it the last we'll see of them? Probably not.
Mary: That girl is too squishy and earnest and nice to stay with such evil people. Uncle is so greasy and scary, I'm worried he's going to sexually harass Han Jeong too. (Also, that "Uncle" was in Bad Guys. Tae-soo went back for him. As promised.)
becca: Please please please tell me that the girl will rescue Han Jeong! I'm worried about her.
Gye-pal is at the hospital (looking at pictures of his dogs on his phone, aw) when he hears that a Kim Mi-sun is called. When she removes her sunglasses, he sees her mashed up face and is very shocked. But indeed, there's a guy with her, in a suit, and about 50 years old ... and Gye-pal misses the chance to call out to Mi-sun. Probably better that way. Her rib is fractured!
Mary: That looking-at-dog-pictures thing... I LOLed at how in the previous scene, Yoo-na calls Thief Girl "stupid" and "naive". The kind of person who thinks life will be all rainbows and butterflies. A person who sits all day wishing for cute little puppies. Then we cut to Gye-pal scrolling through puppy pics while waiting at the hospital. XD
becca: That was awesome, yes!
Manbo is going out for golfing with President Jeong and Big-Eye, while Chang-man is sent to have a look at the new potential colatec location.Things seem to be going smoothly on the golf course (and once again, it's weird to see that President Jeong is such a tall man, haha) (giggling at how he towers over Manbo) until Herring tells Manbo that Jeong wants the two 2nd floor ladies chased out of the house as a precondition for leasing to Manbo.
Mary: Manbo's face below: priceless.
becca: Aww... he won't do it will he?
Yoo-na goes to see Bong about Min-kyu - who spent $5'500 from Mi-sun's card in two days. Plus she lent him money, the total loss is $9000! WHAT THE FUCK, put him in prison immediately!! Bong says that this is totally like flower snake is being bitten by a viper. But him and Yoo-na agree to teach that bastard a lesson.
Mary: Oh this is good. Bring Yang-sun along so she can kick his cheating nuts.
becca: Yes, please. Make the little shit feel paaaaiiiiin.

Mi-sun is led into her hospital room when a nurse comes up to her and hands her a rose - from an anonymous benefactor. The stupid woman asks whether it was a young one who asked to give it to Noona. But no - it was Uncle Gye, who now goes to work at the colatec.
Mary: Oh, Mi-sun... still hoping? After what happened?
becca: Awww. That was really sweet of Gye-pal. I might ship these two a teeny little bit. He may be a loser, but he does genuinely care about her and want to take care of her. Maybe if he had that chance, he'd be more motivated to straighten up and fly right.
Manbo is calling for Madame, to have dinner at Big-Eye's - and Chang-man, who has to drive her, suggests putting Gye-pal in charge. When Chang-man leads Madame to the car, she has another go at his closeness with Yoo-na. He puts her into place though and says that's his own personal matter - and slams her door as hard as he can. Hehe.
becca: Pfft. Please stop meddling, Madame!
The lunch is ... well. President has a son with US citizenship (since his wife went there to give birth), who volunteered to do Korean military service. Boast boast boast. Oh, and then the son appears in person (played by Kim Joo-Young)! To take his father away, who has diabetes and shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Oh ... do we have a potential new love interest for Miss Delulu? Well, Manbo and Madame discuss the boy on their way back. Chang-man has some input: the boy is shorter than him and looks frivolous and a bit petty. Not sharp features like his own. Ahahaha.
becca: Urgh. Does Miss Delulu really need a love interest? Let's just keep her quietly in the background, where she won't bother me!
Manbo's anwer? "Your face is like you'd gobble down even dog shit". Chang-man's reply: "I know. I've heard many people say that I look tough".
OMG I heart you, drama.
Mary: HAHAHAHAHA Chang-man.... how can he say these with a straight face?
becca: Can you imagine the fun they must have had on set? :D
Bong and Yoo-na are waiting outside the bar Min-kyu works and he comes straight over. He's busy, he claims - and he wasn't the one that hit Mi-sun. Hm, he seems confident enough, maybe it was really not him? He also doesn't feel the least bit sorry about all that money he took from her card. Fucker. He challenges them to deal with it through the law, but Bong tells Yoo-na that there are things that the law cannot handle. And this is such a thing.
Mary: Kick his smug nuts please.
becca: If he really isn't her attacker, shouldn't he at least be a bit concerned? I think it's him, but I'm not trusting any of the other guys around her, either. She hangs out with dirtbags of the highest order.
Ha! Didn't we think that Girl Thief Han-jeong might be back? Indeed she is! She's eating noodles at Mi-sun's café, asking for Yoo-na. The poor girl has a black eye - hit by her aunt again. She wanted to see Yoo-na to confirm that she meant it when she said she looked like Girl Generation's Yoona.
Mary: HAHAHA of all the things she would cling to... but also awww... she is too sweet. Steer her in the right direction, Yoo-na! You can do eeeeeeet!
becca: Aww, poor thing. Yoo-na may be the only person who has ever been kind to her. Can we keep her, Yoo-na? Pleeeeeease?? *bats eyelashes*
Manbo and Madame are still going on about President's son at home. What Manbo regrets the most is that this young man cannot see Da-yeong's performance. Oh for chrissakes. When Delulu walks in, they find out their little one Dong-min went to have a "chicken feast" with Axe (who got his monthly allowance today). Only Chang-man, Gye-pal and the Curlies are invited! Axe thanks them for worrying about him (and I crave chicken & beer for the hundredth time in my KDrama-watching career).
Mary: So... last Christmas, my lil sis and I bought 2 boxes of KyoChon chicken (so she can get her free Lee Min Ho calendar). The honey chicken wings are GOOD. I think I sat there saying "Lord.... Lord..... thank you, Lord" after every bite. And I ate 6 wings without noticing. And now when I see fried chicken in kdramas, I shall remember those chicken wings and say, "Lord.... Lord.... please send me some KyoChon honey chicken wings right now."
becca: Ahhh, I'm so hungry now!!
Mi-sun wakes up at the hospital ... that elderly man is there with her. She addresses him as President and tells him to go home - but he stays for a while to hold her hand. But then, a knock at the door! And in comes Min-kyu, with a bouquet of flowers. Huh. Awkward.
becca: Uh-oh. Is he going to hit her again because of this?
Yoo-na brings the Thief girl home! YAASSSS!! They run into Madame, but quickly make their way to Yoo-na's apartment. Yoo-na starts treating the girl and DAMN, she has strangle marks around her neck, too. And terrible flogging marks on her back. When her uncle calls and tells Yoo-na he wants to pick the girl up, Han-jeong begs Yoo-na not to tell him where they are.
becca: Don't tell them, Yoo-na! Do NOT tell them!


Hm. So we're still not sure that Min-kyu is behind the beating, right? But we know he robbed Mi-sun of a considerable amount of money. The drama is turning biblical on us again, it seems, since she deserves this in the classical "an eye for an eye"sense for all the men she has used in her years as flower snake. If he is behind the beating though, he deserves to go burn in hell. The same goes for that Aunt and Uncle who mistreat that Thief-Girl. I hope she gets away from them and has a happy life, poor kid.
Mary: The beating is a no-no. Unless she also beat the President secretly and without his consent. But the beating is a no-no. These two can play with hearts and money all they want, but Gigo needs to get his nuts kicked first.
becca: I volunteer! I watched Doctor Stranger, so I know what to do! *starts warming up*