Falling for Innocence - Episode 2 (This is Not a Recap)

JoAnne started well into this not-sure-what-it-is melo mess, so we're going to continue our Not-Recaps. For Paksa! Long live Paksa! And you, Cutie Soo ... you better watch out. Anyway, we have some rules, too: only the leads make it into the pics and gifs. Well, I cannot promise we won't see anybody else ever, but in this version of the story, there are only leads.
I think we are going to need at least one good shot of Jin Goo, maybe down toward the end, to say goodbye. (Who?) I am so disappointed in Not Very Cutie Soo right now. But I've decided that I like So Not Paksa, even if he is so not Paksa. He's going to end up being Decent Knockoff Paksa, I can tell.
This is the shot that sparked the 'he should always be lying down' conversation

Episode 2

Soon Jung keeps begging for 'one more round' of Go Stop on her cell phone, and eventually Min Ho falls asleep. Cold hard floor and a dying man? He's not sleeping, Soon Jung!

Min Ho wakes up in the hospital and is not pleased to discover that Soon Jung has painted his nails a delicate blue to accessorize his new Spring suits

She never paints MY nails, Joon Hee grumbles. What am I lacking that he's got, huh?

Min Ho watches as Soon Jung demonstrates her own special 'at the shampoo station' pose
She is NOT popular with hairdressers, by the way

Oh, wait, look at him look at her - that's the look, that's the look! Paksa is in there!

In order to make a settlement with Dong Wook, Min Ho requires Soon Jung to sit and listen to him ramble drunkenly for hours; the really bad part is when the peanut pieces fly out of his mouth

 Look at him flirt with the waitress! 'Call me,' he says.
 No one is going to call your drunk ass, Min Ho.

I could never date you!Your boobs are tiny!  I need big big BIG boobies!
Min Ho can't understand why Soon Jung is offended by a simple fact.

Later that night, Min Ho daydreams about the girl who washes his hair.  Her measurements are quite acceptable, once he thinks about it, but what can he do...he already misses Soon Jung.

Aoki time travels?

Cutie Soo feels no love from anyone; how can that be?

I've heard of a raging hangover but seriously, Min Ho, control yourself.
She didn't force those drinks down your throat.

Soon Jung finally sees that Min Ho is unbalanced, and has him committed to a hospital

Electroshock treatments have turned him into a docile lamb! Success!


The message: Be careful of new hearts, people, you'll be brainwashed afterwards! I didn't hate this episode as much as I hated the first one. Why? Because I did a complete reset on my expectations. If you expect some standard melo with villains and disease and fated relationships and heart transplants, it actually works. Jung Kyung-ho looks ridiculous, but that face! Those hands! Those eyes! The smile!
I feel better about this episode too, and have already formed an affection for Min Ho. And had enough residual affection for Cutie to feel REALLY bad about what he might have done.

Real Plot for Those Who Care
1.Plot twist! Joon Hee is actually working with Golden Pork or whatever the name is of Min Ho's company. In return, he'll be made President of the company and un-corrupt it. (Right.)
2. He hates the President for always making him do the corrupt dirty work, and he hates that every level of the company has been dragged into the dirt because of it. So in response, he becomes dirty?
3.  Dong Wook finds out about this by accident, and even though Joon Hee tells him he'll protect Dong Wook's father and Soon Jung, Dong Wook says he will reveal Joon Hee's misdeeds. Of course, someone runs down Dong Wook in the street like he's a dog and watches him die. It's sad.
4. The 'date' was really Min Ho taking Soon Jung to the secret creditor's meeting Asshole Uncle was having. Uncle is supposed to think Min Ho got inside info from her, but he knows it's not true, and he trusts his buddies, the creditors. Min Ho makes them an offer none of them refuse, much to Asshole Uncle's enraged surprise.
5.  Next day, Asshole Uncle doesn't accept Soon Jung's embarrassed resignation. Instead, he tells her not to get fooled again, and could she please deliver this very important package to their last creditor? HAHAHAHAHAHAH - she walks into MIN HO's secret meeting with all of Uncle's creditors. Immediately after her comes Asshole Uncle, who unwraps the gift - it's ginseng for Min Ho, who, he announces to the creditors, has Acute Cardiomyopathy (just like his dear dead dad who just LOVED to drink a potion made from this) and he'll be dead in about a month, so anything he promised to you guys?  He can't deliver. All the suits exit stage left.
6.  Min Ho has a rage fit at Soon Jung, because of course he believes Asshole Uncle who tells him it was thanks to her that the secret was discovered. Seriously, he has a violent temper tantrum and shakes her and grabs her throat and flips the glass coffee table over and screams and shouts and stamps his feet, then he kicks her out of the room after screaming that she ruined his entire life's work, and as she walks out I type 'Shouldn't a guy with a heart condition be passing out from this?', hit 'tweet', and hear the glass of the coffee table shatter off screen.
7.  Yep, he's being rushed to the hospital with a serious head wound, and Dong Wook is being rushed to the hospital with serious everything wounds. Fade to white.  
8.  Poor Soon Jung learns that Dong Wook is gone. Fortunate Min Ho wakes up surrounded by 900 doctors who praise his luck for pretty much dying right at the moment when the special style of heart he needs comes into the hospital. Special style of heart? Hearts come in styles? Whatever.
9. Min Ho thanks the doctor for saving him and every one pretty much passes out from surprise; then he goes outside and is nice to a child and taps her on the noise, at which point the drama helpfully reminds us that this particular move was a favorite of Dong Wook. In addition to this hint, Min Ho's hair is longer, looser, more curly, less pomade. Ergo:
Dong Wook's heart is in control  Let the poignant hilarity commence!