Rants and Weekly Raves #70 (RAWR)

Jaehyus: I have flu, so I'll say Hello and Goodbye like this mysterious gege does in the first episode of The Lost Tomb. 
JoAnne: He only shows up once? That seems a waste.
Girls these days have all the luck!
becca: One of my wishes for 2016 may be coming true! It's possible that Sooyoung will make a drama comeback. On OCN. With the Bad Guys writer. And Seo In-guk and Ma Dong-seok. If anyone wants me, I'll be in the corner, crying tears of joy. :')
kakashi: I'm post-Milano and yeah, I'm already planning whom to stalk next. Suggestions? 
We are completely out of whack, schedule-wise. Well, I am completely out of whack in pretty much every regard. I'm having a hard time holding on to what day of the week it is. What a weird start to the year, really. I find myself thinking I want a really good closet-cleaning. That should put my head to rights again, right?
Cleaning. Not a good subject

Reply 1988 (Finale)

A certain romantic thread got a lot of attention, but was not the central focus of the story - there were three other romances spread between the kids and the adults, as well as a nice look into the marriages of three sets of adults. As if that weren't enough, we had realistic and affectionate looks at sibling relationships and long-term friendships among both children and adults. This drama was about a tribe, a clan - a family bound by blood and choice. I have one of my own which I treasure deeply, and so I loved this chance to watch another over the years.  Goodbye, Ssangmung-do.  I'll remember you fondly. 

Cheese in the Trap

Crack. Absolute, pure, uncut crack. Cannot get enough of this. The one jarring note is how they've chosen to portray Baek In Ha. I'm not sure if it's the director or the actress - I've seen her elsewhere and she was not this bad - but her over the top aegyo/spoiled princess act is not done skillfully enough to be funny. Everyone else, though, is a joy to watch. I think this is one time when we're going to have to admit that 'Oppa meant it', and just accept that we love a twisted man.

Moorim School

Hmm. Not sure. Has some good bits.(Some of the cast, some of the ideas) Has some laughable bits. (Some of the cast, some of the ideas.) I'm not quite sure if they're intentional. We'll see.

Stuff I'm Behind On

Everything else: Six Flying Dragons, Remember (Son's War)...what else was I watching? I'm so behind I don't even remember. Blame it on two things: the extreme length of some episodes of dramas lately, and my inadvertent spiral into the madness of the US version of Shameless, which I totally didn't expect. I watched 4-5 seasons of the UK version but lost interest once Steve and Fiona left and only checked out the US version this past long weekend because it was free Showtime preview, and...now I'm subscribed to Showtime (through Hulu) because I was only able to watch two seasons of the five or six that exist. Good stuff. I'll cancel once I'm done, but the additional 9 bucks to watch the remaining seasons (as opposed to $25 or so per season via Amazon Prime) doesn't seem like a bad deal, even if I keep the subscription until season 6 is complete.
Wow, I'm not watching anything. That's ..... sad. Maybe Signal? The premise though...... IDK

Other Stuff

The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)

kakashi: This is a new fantasy-series based on Terry Brooks' books and ... haha, nope. I probably won't continue watching because the story is SOOO simple and predictable and because the director has those shiny faced kids act like surfer dudes and cheerleaders. The visuals are quite interesting though, the CGI and backgrounds are stare-worthy. In fact, I'd rather watch this world all deserted and without weird elves, half-elves and druids in it. And no, I'm not a Terry Brooks' fan. Also, I realize I am not the target group for this.
Hate him (as long as he is alive), hate her, hate them together. This is not a high-school show! And it makes me wonder why nobody thought about working on these kids' accents... they all sounds weirdly Californian. Even when they're Australian. Apart from Manu Bennett.
Elf party outfit:
Surfer dude/ half-elf. Just no:
Bad girl. I like her! She is Ivana Baquero and acted in Pan's Labyrinth. So far the only one who puts some efforts into acting, though with relatively little success. Too intense. Chill, girl. 

Hot elf-commander and uncle (Aaron Jakubenko). He is hot (the one to the left) and he used to be in neighbors. That's about it, cause acting isn't his strong suit either.
This seems...terrible. And not in the good way that gets me all excited and happy for the terribleness, but terrible in the rage-inducing stomach-twisting 'how dare they EXIST, did NO ONE watch the dailies of this while SOBER?' sort of way.
Haha, you know what's funny? They did a promotion of this drama at Milano Main Station, there were weird elves there and that tree with the red leaves! Hahahahahaaaaa. I did check for more episodes the other night, I will admit that too. It has a certain something to its terribleness, but maybe I'm just watching because I have NOTHING ELSE. One Western show I'm particularly interested in is "Lucifer" though. I have absolutely not expectations, however. It's my favorite comic and it does NOT look like they turned it into something I like...
Also..... X-Files!!!!!!!! How did I not get more excited until now????!!! I LOVE Gillian Anderson, love, love, love! Love!