Descendants of the Sun - Episode 5 (a gifapalooza)

Episode 5 is a perfect example of how everything happens just to give our OTP an opportunity to come together and separate again, only to come back together and discuss their relationship once more. I'm OK with that as that's why I'm watching. Something about these two make me feel every emotion as if it was happening to me. Wishful thinking I guess.
JoAnne:  I'm so happy, I get to squee with you!  I'm glad this is the screen cap you put at the top, too - I vividly remember that slow movement of his hand down her side, almost-but-not-quite touching her.  We know what that feels like, and it's good, good, good. But it makes me wonder who's the lucky lady in real life that our baby boy has been able to develop such moves?

 This....I'm slowly melting here. I feel Song Hye Kyo was lacking a bit with the actual kiss, but SJK just kills it with his looks and they both are convincing in the emotions they emote.
That look of uncertainty on his face killed me.  He knows he isn't wrong about her - she does want him - and he really thought the decision had been made.

OMG. The hand. I should just stop here with this gifcap. I could replay these first 2 gifs over and over. I do think her rejection was beautifully filmed. But I want that hand. On my neck.
I swear I felt the heat of that hand on my neck, watching this.  Plus I get all giddy at that dip and turn a man does to line his mouth up with a woman's lips.

Poor baby. He knows he's hooked but is having trouble figuring out how to handle the relationship.
But you know what I love is that he is totally willing to follow her lead. He may misread a cue now and then - oh hell, he didn't misread that, she chickened out - but he has made himself so open to her. 

I usually forget there are others in this drama. Here, Daniel returns to his Korean wife, although I'm not sure from where. Why is everyone in this drama so darn good looking?
Aren't they beautiful?  But I somehow have this idea that Daniel is part of something shady.

Every episode Shi Jin comes out with something that I just love. Fairly pointless plotline of lead-eating boy leaving the hospital provides another opportunity for alone time and more discussion. "I don't want you to feel bad about last night (the kiss.) I finally did it after hesitating like a thousand times." Say it like it is, Shi Jin!
Loved that. He is completely honest about his feelings, and yet doesn't push anything.

Meanwhile, back in Korea, Dae Young catches his subordinate keeping tabs on him for Myeong Joo, since the two were forced apart due to her father, the Lieutenant General. Turns out he wants Shi Jin for his son-in-law.
He wants the rising star for his daughter, makes sense.

Back in Urk, who turns up again but random English speaking bad guy. Shi Jin sends Mo Yeon off while he deals with the situation. Soon there's a gunshot and more English speaking bad guys.
Very stupid scene.  The less said about it, the better.

It appears that Argus was once saved by Shi Jin but has turned to the dark side. I have to say I cringed a little at SJK in this part of the role. Not that his acting is bad, but contrasted against Argus (David McInnis) he looks too babyfaced to be a tough guy. Meanwhile, McInnis plays ruthless to the hilt!
I am always happy to see this particular bad guy, although his delivery is generally a bit awkward.

Here's where we need a little suspension of disbelief. After borrowing Daniel's car, Mo Yeon loses control and hangs over the edge of a cliff.
I'm sorry but it was mostly hilarious, especially her impassioned goodbye to her mother.

Luckily, Shi Jin is to the rescue. Honestly, this guy knows how to get out of every situation, although I'm with her - I don't believe for one moment that would work. But like everything else he does, it did look pretty cool.
I didn't have any complaints at all about the scene on the beach, that's for sure.  Well maybe just this one niggling little doubt that someone should at least have a broken bone or something.

 I really love the interaction between these two. I like Song Hye Kyo's acting best when she is in the "what the heck" situations with Shi Jin.
The only time I really am bothered by her is when she does the blind thing.  Which is any time she's not in motion or in conversation, so I have to go back to Full House because I don't remember her looking blind.

I just like how cute Shi Jin is here. I like his bicep, too.
Mmmmm, yes.  And his pecs. And his Adam's Apple.

Over at the power plant, the corrupt plant manager is being controlled by the even more corrupt Argus. The sooner Argus actually pulls the trigger on that guy, the better for me. I don't like him, or this storyline, one bit.
But I do love that actor, and I like that he's gone silver very suddenly.  He's reliably good in everything.

Finding themselves alone again, Mo Yeon ponders the shot she heard and asked why he lied. Shi Jin must feel her attraction for him, but it's complicated on many levels, and Mo Yeon's not ready to concede so easily.
Can we just shake some sense into her?  She doesn't understand no one is promised tomorrow - and she should, I mean, she is a doctor.

The next day they retrieve the car and get a new set of walkie talkies from Daniel, since Shi Jin wants to be able to get in touch with Mo Yeon if her phone is cut off. He nicknames her Beauty. Awww.
They are the cutest couple ever.

Their little tete a tete is interrupted by Myeong Joo, who says not only that she's reporting for duty under Shi Jin, but she's there to marry him. This fuels the flames in Myeong Joo's and Mo Yeon's already contentious relationship, one that Shi Jin is very interested in hearing about.
I like the bicker-y friendship Myeong Joo and Shi Jin have, but I find their conversations hard to follow.

Next we see how Dae Young respects and understands the lieutenant general wanting the best for his daughter, and admits he concedes. Of course that doesn't stop the longing on either side.
We get a glimpse into the second couple's past. It's good to see Dae Young smile for a change!
Okay no, THEY are the cutest couple ever.

Mo Yeon enjoys her walkie talkie but gets caught by Shi Jin, who asks to speak to her. Thinking he wants to yell at her, she quickly takes off.
I have serious hair envy.

Seems like she's not the only one who enjoys the walkie talkies!
I'm glad Onew toned it down a notch, though.

The next day, Mo Yeon can't find Shi Jin. Since she left without hearing him out the day before, she's shocked to here he's heading for home. As they meet up before his departure he asks "about the kiss....should I apologize or confess my love?"
CONFESS! CONFESS! But of course she chooses the wrong thing.