Descendants of the Sun - Episode 6 (a gifapalooza)

As the relationship hangs in the balance, we're left waiting to hear Mo Yeon's answer to whether she wants a confession or an apology for Shi Jin's kiss. But just when we think the die is cast, Episode 6 gives us a natural disaster to facilitate second chances that our leads didn't expect to get.  Lots of dramatic earthquake footage, rescue efforts and bad-manager antics take place, but it's the relationship of our leads that drives this story forward and keeps me hanging on their every word and expression. In case I miss the whole storyline due to having blinders on for the Song Song couple, Joanne, the woman of 1,000 dramas, has agreed to continuing commenting. I'm excited to have her input!
JoAnne: I know, I never shut up, do I? Thank you for inviting me :)
While Mo Yeon is indeed charmed by Shi Jin, she also realizes he is dangerous - too dangerous for her to become involved with. In fact, she just doesn't like him now. OUCH. Shi Jin apologizes and leaves. My heart breaks. I get it, but it still breaks.
Deng! Wimp out on the guy, but don't LIE. Be a grown woman. Own your decision.

So many gorgeous men! But only one is in Mo Yeon's heart as she second guesses her decision. Unfortunately, it's too late as Shi Jin has already left the country.
Let me guess - there'll be no consolation prize from the specimens on offer, either.  Sigh.  How are our lovebirds getting back together?

Such a lovely moment between father and son at Shi Jin's father's discharge ceremony. Shi Jin wants his father to be proud of his decision to save the Arab diplomat and of course his father is.
All of a sudden he looks just like the little boy who played the younger Park Bo Gum Role in I Remember You, and not much older either.

Shi Jin can't resist popping in on Dae Young's training session.
And shall we take a moment to admire Dae Young in his aviators? Very nice!

These two are almost more adorable than our OTP. Their friendship gives them plenty of opportunity for hijinx and heart to heart talks.
I could watch a whole second drama that was just about these guys getting into scrapes on leave and then saving the world somehow.

Myeong Joo is still calling Dae Young, even though he ignores her calls. This night, he answers, and although he won't speak with her, he listens and reminisces. Love to see that smile, Dae Young!
His sad puppy eyes. It's heartbreaking to see how they were, together - so happy, so in love. I'm glad she's not giving up.

In fact, there is a lot of reminiscing going on, from all of our leads. 
Perfectly fine by me. Lets just have an entire episode of watching them look pretty and sad, while remembering times when they looked pretty and happy.

As Mo Yeon finishes her time in Urk (just reminds me of gagging, that name) and prepares to leave, Myeong Joo teases Mo Yeon about liking Shi Jin, who at the moment just happens to call. And I just happen to love Shi Jin's flicker of a smile when hearing she's still interested enough to get angry.
I am not used to an army where you can just call each other up, no matter where you are. It's very weird for me to see. Cell phones were not a thing when I was in. Oh my God, I'm so old.

The medical team is ready to leave, with half departing first by army helicopter, while the other half waits at the base. But fate intervenes, and Urk is hit by a massive earthquake.
I spent most of this montage thinking how freaking awesome it would be to watch an earthquake from the air.

Mo Yeon insists on going back to camp to be with her team. Those left at the base are ok (although seeing how Onew practically impaled himself with the chair, I'm surprised) but there are fatalities at the power plant as the whole building collapsed. Chi Hoon has difficulty with his first death.
Saying that Chi Hoon has difficulty with his first death is like saying K-Drama might be a tiny bit reliant on cliches.

Mo Yeon's team works tirelessly, not knowing that back in Korea, the director of the hospital is desperate to get his team out of Urk safely. Of course, Lieutenant General Yoon promises to send his best men to handle the situation. 
We've set up a special post for people to complain about how unrealistic this all isOn the Value of Realism in Drama

Myeong Joo runs to see Dae Young. So much pent up emotion in this episode! I love how her father made sure to include Dae Young in the operation, because he knew he could count on Dae Young to ensure his daughter's safety.
Plus he knew he'd have a raging madman on his hands if he didn't. Who could be that cruel?

Mo Yeon and Shi Jin are reunited. This deserves to be a poster because it's a beautiful gesture, beautifully shot.
This was nice - very nice - but I actually preferred the look of relief in their eyes as they spotted each other through the crowd upon arrival. How they both did what they needed to do without interruption, but looked at each other like a fat man looks at cheesecake. I still don't get why they didn't kiss after the boot, though. Just one, to keep them going. Is it not a done deal yet? Even after this, do we have to go through the push/pull some more? I figured after that look everything would be set except for picking out china.

As Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon he regrets not having said goodbye when he left, they tell each other to be safe. It's Shi Jin's smiles that let's us know that things are far from over for these two.
Well, that and a dozen more episodes coming.