Rants and Weekly Raves #77 (RAWR)

kakashi: I didn't do too badly this week with KDramas! I even liked one ... and then another!! 
Shuk: This week I've actually pulled away a bit from my Thai stuff to tackle a couple of other countries. Post-op forced convalescence helps with dramawatching, but I still plan to sneak my car keys away from my mother. 
Jaehyus: Popping in to complain about the download site not having a single link I need, I.e. Jang Yeong Sil or Come Back Ahjussi. 😑 Okay, popping back out...
JoAnne: Looking back over this week it feels like a really long time ago and it's all kind of hazy...I remember liking some stuff though.

Asian Thingsies


This went to worst possible of ways, didn't it. And yet, I do not exactly understand how it all went wrong. Wasn't it quasi pre-produced? Didn't they say they knew the ending right at the beginning? So they filmed a lot of stuff and then, whoever edited it messed up? Or the script was bad? Or everything? I already see comments about pre-production does not work in Korea. It is definitely not a good thing that this drama messed up so badly. I hope DotS will do better because pre-production is on the line...
I am sure a lot of people are complaining. I'm very curious to see the 'special' that should air by tomorrow. It does work, the resolutions don't come out of left field, but it's definitely awkward. The 'hero' isn't center stage, but he almost never was from the beginning. He withheld himself from people, and the story withheld him from us. We build and build to this shocking moment and then...everything just sort of fades away. I didn't hate it, but it certainly isn't the kind of pacing you'd expect. The story equivalent of a badly cropped photo.
KLnoona: Well, I watched to the end just to get to the end, but it was unsatisfying at best. I was one of the people who didn't really like Jung's character, and the ending, which I feel was written to appease my side of the crazy controversy (although honestly I didn't care one way or the other) just left so much unsaid while focusing on the most obnoxious character in the bunch. At least I finished it! But not sure why.

Descendants of the Sun

I thoroughly enjoyed episode 3! Almost all of it. Even Onew didn't vex me with his schoolboy-acting, which is so not like a doctor. And the worst of all actors, the corpulent and corrupt police man who was shot, died already, so we're good. Plus, there is David McInnis. My all-time-favorite not-quite Korean KDrama actor.
Yay!  I thought from the very first episode that it needed Ray to come back and kick some camo'd butt. It makes me willing to give this a few more episodes, despite my usual despair regarding medical inaccuracies.
This is interesting, because I was actually a little upset with episode 3. I'm feeling a sense of familiarity with the push and pull of the leads. I don't quite like Shi-Jin pulling his rank on Mo-Yeon, and I don't like Mo-Yeon acting as if she's not interested in him when you know she is. But what can I say? I love to look at them. And I love their acting. And I love them together.
Face. There. Look.
I was very much bored for about 90% of episode 4, but I don't care at all. I just look at Song Joong-ki and cannot believe how beautiful he is. And then he speaks and the world stands still. I actually wanted to write something a bit more analytic about this show, but now I've forgotten what it was. Sigh.... Maybe I need to watch it again.
OK, this is crazy. I loved episode 4. He's open with his feelings. The scene is the kitchen is golden. I have rewatched the last 5 minutes about 10 times, I kid you not. At least we're watching the same drama, kakashi!
More face. Need to touch it.

Come Back Ahjussi

This is actually quite sad. I mean it's not, but it is.
It's hilarious and sad and I love it but they have a lot of work to do.
And it's not.
But really, the family-stuff kills me. I find it hard to take and I do wonder what kind of ending we're in for. That is: if they don't mess it up.
Jaehyus: Another quick pop-in: if they wrap it up well, it won't be that sad. But, kdrama keeps going downhill mid-series lately. Anyway, so far, I like it, and I'm loving Oh YeonSeo for a change.
She's rocking this indeed! I agree that they CAN resolve it ... I also hope we'll get some character development soon, because there is only so long that the body-switch shenanigans work.
Rain's body shenanigans will work for me for a very long time, but then I'll look back over the series and it will be like this past week: it will feel like it was ages ago, and very hazy.


Trotwood: I have never posted in RAWR, but this show . . . I'm making a pitch to saying that it is the best show on television at this moment, and if Cho Jin Woong is not remembered for his performance in one of the end of year awards show, there should be an act of parliament to right that wrong. Any time a show can make me feel sorry for both a serial killer and the person who murders my favorite character (and possibly my favorite character of all time), it is doing something right. The acting all around is top notch; not a weak actor in the bunch from large roles to small. The pacing is patient allowing for moments to grow without destroying any of the tension. I cannot say enough about this show's all around quality. I am so glad that the ratings are good, so people pay attention.
Welcome, Trot! I am still looking forward to watching this and am doing everything to avoid spoilers. Fairly successfully so far.
Our Lady of Baking speaks the truth. This show is really, really good. Each of our three leads is killing it, all the supporting actors are killing it, the writer is killing it, the cinematography is killing it, nothing is not killing it. The time-bendy stuff is so convoluted at this point, but in a totally awesome way. It's a very chicken/egg thing. I just really want this to end up with Jae Han not dead, but I feel like if they do something that ends up with Jae Han not dead, then someone else will have to die, and I don't want ANY of them to die. ( . . . because we love them all and because too many people have died already--this show is not afraid of death)

Other Stuff


Very good episode because they finally brought in some of Lucifer's personal issues. He annoys me when he's just all smug and offensive all the time. Vulnerable, he is much more sexy - and interesting.
I felt quite fond of Lucifer while he was ranting on the therapy couch.  He's one big messed up angel, that's for sure.  Maze continues to make me laugh, although uneasily.  I don't doubt her loyalty to Lucifer, but I think she can really make a big mess with all the best intentions in the world.
Like CITT, I've decided to read the graphic novel a bit before tackling the live-action, even though I know (like CITT) that they will be far, far different. But I feel I learn the characters more that way.
That won't happen though, because there is NO LINK whatsoever between the comic and this. Two characters made it over, Lucifer and Maze... and his bar, Lux. That's it. The rest is as different as it possibly can be
Well, crap.
It's my favorite comic series, so read it

The Magicians

Weird episode. Veeeeery weird. And often very funny. But mainly weird.
I like that they are actually learning things, that EVERYTHING is 'school', and that learning isn't tossed into the story as an afterthought. Plus, keep giving us interesting developments. I'm real curious about Margo and the Djinn, for one, and what happens to Penny and his light-fingered Hedge Witch spy girlfriend. And are you ever, ever going to forget the weirdness of that guy licking the door knob? Or Mayakovsky's odd knit pants? Is Todd ever going to matter again in the story? Did you also think immediately when they were told to mind control the flying insects 'oh, this is how they'll reveal The Beast?' Did you also laugh hard when all the little fireflies flew into the light and got zapped and Quentin was jerking all over the place?
So here's what I found particularly weird: that they brought in so many new characters at this stage! The Russian teacher: priceless. Such a caricature and yet so original. Julia's sister (and family background)... wonder where this is going. Elliot's sudden transformation into a lover-boy and his separation from Margo. The knob-licker who isn't what he seems. Todd... The episode focused on the formation of new relationships and the shake-up of old ones. Things are in flux now, but where will this lead us? Also: they can now transform into animals. I am pretty sure that will play a role later.  


Love the new side-kick, am excited that Oswald has made an appearance and already get a feeling that everything is going to very different from what we might expect. The show also feels ominous to me, still and all the time. Nobody popped up in this episode to say "You shouldn't be here", so let me say it: He really shouldn't be there. He's an idiot, this guy.
I just don't think this can end well. And I mean that in the best possible way. Very enjoyable television!

Jane the Virgin

Feels good to be on #TeamMichael right now! The bromance is coming back! The bromance, the bromance! Rafael can be a real douche if he's not trying hard and that's exactly what I don't like about him.
FINE. Fine, fine, fine. And you have a point about Rafael. He can be a real dick sometimes. Also: I do not now nor have I ever given even the TINIEST of shits about Louisa. Why must they keep creating situations for her?
I have a soft spot for her...

Shadowy Tools

Goddamit. I only watch this for Alec and Magnus Bane, but they get so few scenes together. If this were KDrama, I'd have dropped LONG ago. But Alec is beautiful, look: