Rants and Weekly Raves #79 (RAWR)

Shuk: Yay! Another week, another chance to whine and drool, hopefully not at the same time.
Lafer: The drooling over SJK is getting a little much, especially since the Chinese government has to issue a warning statement about how he is affecting marriages, lol. I preferred it when there were only a couple hundred thousand drooling over him instead of millions.
JoAnne: Hello. My name is JoAnne and I'm a dramaholic.  It has been 30 seconds since my last drama. 
kakashi: It's okay. I got Netflixed this weekend. Matt Murdock on my mind. If only Ben Affleck had never sullied that name.
Jaehyus: Nugu? Oh, never mind. I've watched so many drama episodes this week, they've blended into my mind. I'm waiting for at least half to get really stupid and really bad so that I don't feel like I must watch them all.
What, no comic book nerd? It's Daredevil, the Marvel comic.

New Shows

Memory (tvn)

Good? Well, I'm not quite in the mood for Alzheimer, so I'll pass. So far, I heard good things.
Haven't gotten to it just yet but definitely on my list to check out.

Goodbye Mr. Black (MBC)

First episode kind of meh. Nothing to complain about, nothing to rave about. But I do like all the actors and I LOVE Lee Jin Wook's smart ass charms. Second episode let's see how my heart feels. Updated after viewing episode two: I like it more now. I want Lee Jin Wook to kick Kim Kang Woo's ASS.
Matt Murdock prevented me from watching this. Sorry, Lee Jin Wook
Maybe when I get a mental break from things, I'll find time for this one.  

Mrs. Temper and Nam Jung Gi (jtbc)

Oh, this has Chansung. He's one of the idols whose acting I can bear. Still, not gonna watch. Sorry, show.
I had no intention ever of seeing this, barely even heard about it. But if the plot - whatever it is - intrigued you enough to check it out at all, then I should, too.
Actually, I only know about this because of certain twitter pals. Twitter is great.
I don't know which one is Chansung. I do know this was hilarious and charming on a level with Producer. Y'all are missing out.

Old Shows

Six Flying

This is over, right? Seems to have been a good show, I wave you an honorable goodbye!
Anniyo, two more episodes.
Haha, everybody is already SOOO SAAAAD that I though it must be over. :D 

Pied Piper

Machine translated subs are up for episodes 1 and 2 at Dark Smurf (I'm writing this on Wednesday, 16th March), but it'll be a while until they are in proper English...
aaaaaaand, now viki is also subbing. Thank you, Viki.
AAaaaaaaan, now eps 1 is ready on Dark Smurf. 
Viki only has USA and Canada, folks, unless you're a QC. So go request the title for your country/region, too! I Want to Follow the Pied Piper, Too! Oh, for sure this is getting watched. I saw the first two episodes last night. I'd assumed he was a cocky genius cop and we'd get episodic cases with some sort of overarching plot. What we actually get is a cocky genius who gets laid flat right away, a feisty female crisis negotiator, and a big bad who's manipulating serious events for some yet-to-be-discovered reason. First episode brought them together, briefly. Second episode brings them together as a team, and yes, she's good at a her job. Very good. I'm quite pleased.

Mr. Sex and Nothing Else (DotS) 

No. Seriously, no. This is getting worse by the minute. Don't take such a serious topic and turn it into this empty schmaltzfest. Can't stand the overdone heroism, the displaced patriotism and the urge to shove down our throats that these doctors and these soldiers are pure and truly good human beings. Oh, and geniuses. They always are, aren't they. 
I did not hate it. I laughed at their engineering knowledge and I remain puzzled that she can continue in a vertical position when he confesses to her, but I did not hate it at all. Can we still be friends?
I guess :)
No, seriously, I simply can't overlook the faults anymore
Me neither. It never really had enough to grab me in the first place. I was right to be worried when so much of the pre-hype was saccharine gushiness. If it turns around, I might marathon it in the future. But my life is too busy right now to waste two hours a week on this.
Sorry, I agree to disagree. Many people really like this drama for what it is, me being one of them. This to me is more realistic than D-Day by a long shot. It has good relationships going on, with honest, realistic characters. Some of the main objections - operating in unsanitary conditions? Who here has been in a disaster situation? Someone already spoke out on another website how this happens in wartime/disaster situations. And it's not like they are miraculously saving everyone. Sending in the special forces? Wasn't the National Guard called in immediately after 911 (yes, it was.) All these people good human beings? I think they are showing some character defects, with the exception of Shi Jin, who is almost as gosh darn perfect as Song Joong Ki is in real life. I mean, have you seen how he acts with fans and what a great heart he has towards others? I agree with JoAnne, though, I don't know how she can be so stoic. My one objection is that she should emote a little more (but then you know me, if I feel something, I'm going to say it! So maybe I'm not a good judge of restraining one's speech.) For me, bring on the schamltz - that is why I'm watching in the first place! (and good to see things are back to normal, kakashi! We never agree on dramas!)
Believe me, operating in unsanitary conditions is this drama's least problem. No, I take issue with the emotional overkill. Everybody is sobbing and blubbering and panicking ALL THE TIME. So I guess I've now dropped this.  
Watched an interesting video on Youtube about how Koreans overreact all the time. Maybe that explains it?

Chi Hoon's having some kind of nervous break down and he feels overdone, to me. I'm beyond uninterested in that stupid diamond subplot and I'm sorry Pretty Mr. McInnis, you're a terrible actor and your voice makes me laugh. I pretty much love everything else, which for me is Si Jin/Mo Yeon, Dae Young/Myeong Jo, that doc/nurse although they ARE over-exaggerated personalities, Daniel, the baby soldier, and vignettes of random folk. I like THEIR stories, not THE story. Maybe that's why I can enjoy certain dramas that Kakashi hates...because what I end up paying attention to are certain smaller stories, not the plot that binds the stories together. I end up knowing the whole story but the faults don't bother me because I'm only getting the full story by accident. Mental fastforwarding, I guess. Does this mean I no longer get to say I don't fast forward? Because the truth is I'm often distracted by other activities while watching, and only pay close attention to the parts I like. But Lafer...much as I agree with you on other things - the national guard and special forces are two very different animals, with very different missions.  
Does Korea even have a national guard? But I defer to you, because you would know!
Well I know they have that civil guard option for the mandatory service, but it's not quite the same as our natinal guard.

Come Back, Ahjussi

This show is killing me. It gets most of my heart, way more than DotS. Thank God I've got Hong Nan, Yi Yeon, and and the Gangster Ducklings to soothe my pain after watching a scene where Hae Joon is interacting with his past-life family because that could not possibly tug at any more heartstrings. I'm glad the mystery of whether Manager Jung is actively evil, misunderstood, or just and ass has been resolved. Mostly just an ass, it seems.
I have no time for it but am glad you like it
I love it!  Choochoo!  I'm getting on the Rain Train!

Five Kids

On the one hand, our main OTP is adorable and refreshing, but anything to do with the cheater story line, including our female lead's decision to lie to everyone for 3 years and prevent her ex-husband from ever seeing his children - that I'm not fond of. Time to let go of that rage, ahjumma - although you ARE entitled to be royally pissed off at the idea that he would make you beg for the court-ordered child support because your MIL doesn't like the way her daughter got treated for being a lying, cheating, backstabbing friend.  She made her bed with you, let her lie in it.

Fortunately this is only part of the story - the budding attraction between the main couple is very enjoyable, the tension between sets of parents is interesting, and the side couples that are brewing are very promising.  I am particularly amused by Sung Swoon's interactions with our young teacher and can't wait til everyone finds out who everyone else is...since her crush of 7 years is his younger brother.
Someone did not edit those subs well.

Marriage Contract 

It was this scene that clinched it for me. An older woman thinking she's destroyed the life of the one person she loves, the young woman destroying her life for the one she loves, and the stoic, hurting guy that gets to witness it all. YES. Although I am ready to paddle Eun Sung to within an inch of her life for her complete disrespect to any and all adults, her mother included. There is a difference between an easily-distracted child, and one who deliberately disobeys. I know, having been both. Still, I really like the lead couple together.
Not gonna lie, UEE and Seo Jin are an odd couple - but when he leaned real close to her in the car to hand her his jacket? I felt it. I'm going to HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Little Sun in yet another crazed former girlfriend role. This makes third, I think. In two years. Come on, do something else. You were so CUTE in Master's Son. Why always be such a ridiculous bitch in everything else? If you aren't going to rise to Mi Jung level evil, don't even bother. Yes, I have Jang Bori on my mind.
She intentionally dates his half-brother to either get close to him or get back at him. Yuck, I hated her even before the concert. She just might reached that Pinnacle of Evil Intent, Jo. She just might.
The episode I saw that discussed their previous relationship made it clear she had no idea who his family was, and that when they 'met' because of the brother it was as upsetting to her as it was to him.  Did I fall asleep and miss a scene later that shows she was lying? Cuz that definitely happens, haha! I do know she wants to dump the brother now and get with him - but because of that earlier knowledge it's been my assumption that she never wanted to break up in the first place.  I'm going to hate her for her willingness to ignore both his 'no' and the sure knowledge that she'd destroy his family if she got her way. He's barely in it as it is, witch.  Don't make things worse!
I'm oddly taken with this drama, and I say oddly because I really don't like Uee but her acting is good here, and I really like Seo Jin but think his acting is rather mediocre here. But the storyline is more compelling than I thought it would be, and I marathoned the first 4 episodes and am anxiously awaiting the next two.
It's getting goooooooood.
Another weekend show that is taking up my weekends. So, so good. But why are all these awesome shows on the weekend? I hate that second lead, though I like the actress, and I wonder about the brother's mental stability, though it could be from being used and dumped, and I love the friendship between the older lady and UEE's character. Also loved how happy Seo Jin's character was at finally making friends with Eunsung.
Regarding Eunsung: I didn't find her especially rude. She seemed like any other kid that age, and was pretty okay considering the tough life
.I've known a lot of kids that age, and she's very rude - tough life or no. Precocious is one thing - sticking out tongues and being rude to strangers and running away into the street or down busy city blocks is absolutely another.

Western Shows


Behind, sorry, show!
I think I'm current - last episode available to me was the one where her ex-husband gets killed. He was terrifying and the episode was very brutal. I got very angry for a bit because Jake gets mad at Billy for missing a key moment with Oswald, even though it's clear that it was because 'Time' was messing with him - yet it's okay for Jake to always go off running for emergencies with Sadie, and he never considers that this might be Time, too. I mean at this point, he's in the past to get laid, and poor Billy is left to manage history.

Daredevil, Season 2

Just kill me already Netflix. It's so brutal: dump 13 excellent episodes on us, which we watch within approx. 13 hours straight and then let us wait for a whole year for the next season. As for something coherent about Season 2 (that I MUCH anticipated!) ... it feels very much like Season 1, just the same broody, brutal and dark awesomeness that made me love Season 1. Is it okay to love something that brutal? Not sure.
However. A bit "less" would have been more - and I don't mean the fight scenes and the blood, they belong there. No, the story is too busy. The writing could have been better. Too many new characters, too many tangents - or a clear prep for a third season THANKYOUVERYMUCH. So... I thought I had an issue with Elektra (definitely not with The Punisher because just seeing Bernthal as Frank Castle makes watching Season 2 worth it - what an act!). I never liked this character and probably never will: she doesn't work well, not in the comics and not in any film to date. Élodie Yung is trying, but she does not throw the necessary weight for me, maybe because she is so slight (I was told off for bodyshaming when I said she was "too skinny", so I'm avoiding this term). I don't mean slight in build but how the character comes off. Her snottiness is annoying and her strength seems like a facade. But I'm saying I thought I had an issue because after reflecting a bit, I might not have one.
Season 2 is all about Daredevil finding his true self and about the topic of "what makes a hero" (which is hardly original, but also something that simply HAS to come up for postmodern superheros). The Punisher tells him on the rooftop "You are one bad day away from being me" - and indeed, the only (big!) thing that sets them apart is that one kills and the other does not. That Daredevil goes the much harder way is also made clear. Falling in love with Karen Page is contrasted starkly with his destructive dalliance with Elektra ten years ago. While Karen is just like his good self (compassionate and righteous, with a lot of guilt for not doing enough), Elektra represents his dark side ("there was always this glorious darkness inside you"). She also tries so very hard to unleash it, that dark side, in her desperate search for a soul mate and to quench her loneliness. Before she decides to become good for 30 seconds. He cannot be corrupted at this stage, but she helps him realize what is important to him - who he "really" is. I think she is the only person in this Season that truly understands him. And it seems he IS in love with her, still, or part of her, this destructive force of nature she is. Poor guy ... in love with two women, as different as the sun and the moon? Okay, we definitely need a Season 3.  
Someday. Beginning with Season One though.
Put it HIGH on your list of priorities. If you liked Jessica Jones, you will most definitely like this. And of course you have to start with Season 1! Didn't we talk about this last year and that you really like Vincent Philip D'Onofrio?

The Magicians

Arrrgh, this one was SCARY. Four more episodes to go ... and a 2nd season. Next year.
This WAS scary, and sad, and just cemented my love for all the Scooby Magicians pretty much equally. (But Penny is especially loved because he makes me laugh so frickin' hard. His rage at everything just makes my day.) If I'd taken a moment to think about it, I guess the news about the Plovers wouldn't have been a surprise, but that it was both of them probably would have been. I grow more and more leery of the religious magician working with Julia, but less worried that Julia really WANTS to be evil, so that's interesting. Ah! Everything is interesting! I assumed that Martin was The Beast...but what if it's Plover? I love this show. LOVE. IT.


In a completely unsuspected twist, this week's episode was good. Much better than DotS.


There's always something in each episode that makes me lol ... in this one, more than one line got me. I.e. "Hello, Detective! You need your roots done!". That's Lucifer, shouting down from a rooftop, where he stands with a guy about to kill himself. Yeah, you'd probably have to see it to find it funny. Or: "Oh great, the douche-mobile". Aaaaanywho, Lucifer is jealous of "Detective Douche", which continues the entertaining dance he dances with the only woman who wouldn't fall for him, how hard he tries. What's not so good is the predictability of everything. Not one single case has been surprising so far. And the big reveal in this episode? Come on. Saw that one coming 4 episodes ago.
His whole face looks untrustworthy, so there's that - but I wasn't looking in that direction, honestly.  I love the shrink more with every moment she appears on screen, I'm worried to death what an un-partnered Maze can do, and I love how clueless Lucifer is about emotions. This episode was pretty funny, too - like you, I laugh out loud every week. I just can't help wondering how far Lucifer can go in his transformation, though, and what limits that would put on the show.