Rants and Weekly Raves #86 (RAWR)

kakashi: I want Pied Piper, Season 2. Not happening? Okay, I'll watch Hakyun things all night then.
JoAnne: I feel like every time I look at this you've snuck in another picture of him. Not that I'm complaining, he's lovely. I'm going to get something out of the way here: I didn't watch Monster, Lawyer Jo, or Daebak this week. If we were to play that game of kill, f**k, marry, I'm killing Monster, I'd f**k Lawyer Jo, and I'll marry Daebak. Oh wait, Mr. Black. I'm going to be in a polyamorous relationship with Daebak and Mr. Black, but nobody's getting lucky this week, guys. What can I say? It's just that time of the month. Sorry.


I was right!
Yes, totally


People seem to be a bit less hateful. A tiny little bit. 
A phenomenon I will never understand.  Mango Music and anyone associated with them in a positive way are completely adorable. The dilemma for Shin Suk Ho (loyalty to both Ji Noo and Ha Neul) is actually pretty heartfelt, as is his approach toward the issue. Whatever Shin Suk Ho was, he isn't that any longer, and the more we watch him the more we see, I think, that he was a decent person who got caught up in a life and industry that would bring out the worst in anyone. All I want is for Ttanttara Band to be happy, and for everyone associated with KTop to BURN. With the exception of Ji Noo, who I'm quite sure was just as set up as Ha Neul was. Also - the OST is great. Even if you don't want to watch the drama, listen to it. Particularly the song The Lost Child (길 잃은 아이) by Han Seo Yoon. Sometimes called The Stray Child. There are several in this drama, and the song is very touching.

God of Noodles

Less killing this week, but still fascinating.  I suppose we've concluded the 'teen years' portion now, for which I'm thankful.  PIE is adorable, but he does not look like a teenager.  We enter adulthood with the two girls, Yu Kyung and Da Hae doing sleuthing, Tae Ha doing prison like a boss, Gil Yong doing manual labor (but cheerfully!) and Moo Myung...doing what?  He plans to get close to Gil Do?  But Gil Do is all but certain that Moo Myung is Choi Soon Suk so...not sure what's coming.  Another thing I'm not sure about: The Driver.  He's all kinds of wierd vibes, isn't he?  He can't be too important, he doesn't show up in main cast anywhere, but still.

My Amazing Boyfriend

Hee, even though they're supposed to be faking it, this couple are more and more like a couple without even trying.  I'm impressed how this hero knows how to be the ideal boyfriend even though he was last awake in the Qing Dynasty.  Maybe it was a cultural thing then, too, to put a napkin on your girlfriend's lap for her?
It's cute. Mainly because of the girl, who is funny and clumsy and just plain adorable. I'm not feeling it in my heart yet, though.
You sound like alexe :) 
The villain hilariously continues to wear pleather.  While gardening.  The cop ex-boyfriend appears to be sick, though.  This may be the real reason he dumped our heroine.  And I love the friendship between our heroine and the "first female lead".  

Oh Hae Young Again (New!)

Is it suppposed to be funny that Eric Moon's character is terrorizing people in this show? The abused co-workers really depressed me. The way one of them was so scared and just gibbered, I thought I can't watch it. I don't care if "it gets better" or if I'm "supposed to understand." Not. Interested. Ever.
Well, it's "comedy". Or at least it's supposed to be. Those bits you mention (and the other bits in her work environment) were so overdone it didn't even cross my mind to take it seriously (especially since one of the guys is his brother). I find this typical for quite a bit of Korean comedy: it's super loud and super overdone - the more phyiscal and verbal abuse, the better? That said (and Eric's horrible hair aside) this drama is not un-interesting, because it's somehow ... different? His family is completely bonkers (haha) and even though it currently jumps from funny to melancholic, the story is intriguing and mysterious (what is going on with him? what is their connection - beyond the obvious, that is) and I do not yet know where they are going to take this. That's already more than I can say about most KDramas these days. Not a clear keeper for me, but I'll continue watching for a bit until I can make up my mind though.
I'm with you, Kakashi, although I don't have a particular problem with Eric's appearance. Other than that he has on clothes, but they have had him take at least one shower in each episode so if that continues, I won't complain about it. I am also probably more sold than you, I think. I find Do Kyung's pre-existing sadness and his new sense of horrified guilt very compelling. It was interesting to me that I went from thinking Jin Sang was refreshing and quirky to thinking he's the jerk almost completely at fault for ruining Hae Young's life (and Tae Jin! My poor Thighs!) by egging on his friend, who wouldn't have thought of it on his own and wouldn't have gone through with it if he hadn't been persuaded.
As for Hae Young - any character Seo Hyun Jin ever plays becomes a character I love. She inhabits this space that juggles resolve and vulnerability perfectly, and I want to both cheer her on and hug her while she cries. As for the rest...Do Kyung's sister is hilarious, the brother's girlfriend will probably be memorable, and I want to know why the other Hae Young ditched her wedding day. Flashbacks from both Do Kyung and Hae Young #2 show a person who seems quite nice, so I want the story.

Vampire Detective

Episode 6 was really, really good. It was predictable, but it was good. Of note, however: there's even less evidence of San's being a 'vampire' in this episode, but we do get to spend a little time watch Lee Chung Ah slither all around him and man, she is good. Are we getting to the point where this will be about the main mystery and not just the investigation of the week? Can she and Joonie make the world's most perfect baby, already?

Five Children

You know how I say I don't fast forward? New rule: if the drama has 50 episodes and a pain in the ass mother in law, I can fast forward her scenes (*congratules you*). I have begun to do so with these episodes because she seriously acts like he's cheating on her and I just need her to get a fucking grip. He is not your husband, lady, and no one actually thinks that a person who is widowed young should live alone forever. Get over yourself. Balancing out the sour with the sweet, though: Sang Min and his Sweet Pumpkin are an inch closer to being couple, and I could cheer for that! He is so adorable, and she ...is just really too literal and too slow. Jin Joo learning to count pennies and wear sensible shoes just to prove that she's tough enough to not have to be married to a rich man is also enjoyable, and I loved that Team Leader Lee and Asst. Manager Ahn have finally met each other's kids and seen first hand how well they get along. Oh, but I can tell you poor saps...that means nothing when it comes to actually having to live together 'not that you'd ever consider that.' 

Refresh Man 

There's really not much to say. I'm sure it's not a surprise to anyone that I'm really just here to watch Aaron and as long as the show isn't too stupid I'm not going to complain. It's better than Love Both of Me was in the sense that you don't want to kill anyone, but at least that had a story... It's not really bad at all, it's just that there's not much to it. Just slowly building on the eventual discovery by each that they are liked by the other, and we're given a little more back story about their childhood, and who cares about any of it except that they end up together? and this? The Show knows. It knows.

School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard

There is a new puppy, Li Chung Lin. He's new, but has had a bit of activity lately. This time around, he's an elite martials arts master who is hired to serve as bodyguard for the college student daughter of a rich man who apparently worries a lot. There have been and will continue to be shenanigans. Episodes are short and the women are not particularly shrill. For all of these reasons, but especially because the puppy is exceptionally deserving, I encourage you to check this out. Also worthy of time are his audition tapes on Youtube. This is about 5 years ago: Li Chung Lin Adorable! There's also this: Gwiyomi. There's more. He has a channel, so if you watch either of these you'll see the links.
Noted. :-)

Shin Hakyun Things

Somebody warned me not to watch All About My Romance, but I did start it! The first few episodes bore the life out of you, yes, but the Hakyun in love bits?! OMG. He is so cute, I'm dying!!! And Lee Min-jung has always been one of my favorites, so this is actually quite enjoyable. The politician set-up à la City Hall works for me. So does the love story.
He has a KILLER smile, dammit. I think this should be illegal. Should I sue him? He made me go to bed at like ... 2:30am the other night.
Also, him and all kinds of cute animals. No, no, I'm not obsessed at all.
He does have a beautiful smile. I remember everyone raving about it while All About My Romance was airing.


Game of Thrones 

I want a variety show where they shoot people out of things and whoever flies farthest wins. It's called Game of Throwns.
Haha, you are funny. Are you watching yet?
No, every time I think about all the seasons that have happened before I could get current, I feel faint and find something else new to watch. It's a strange form of procrastination, I know.  
Do it ... for the Watch?

The Night Manager

Well, our Mr. Pine is now a member of Dickie Roper's inner circle, but it certainly wasn't an easy path was it? I can only assume that the end brings with it much death and destruction. I spend all of every episode anxiously sitting on hands to avoid biting nails because for Christ's sake...Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie make sipping orange juice on a sunny patio in a paradise seem like a cage match to the death. I should have waited and marathoned. The tension is killing me.
It's ready for viewing on my hard drive, but I currently don't have time because Hakyun. Looking forward!

Jane Incredibly Still Virgin

Well, this week I was more entertained. And I think Rogelio should always have that 'intellectual' look. That was HOT.
Oh, you mean I should continue watching?
There are two 'plot twists' I'm quite sure we both have been expecting about the siblings of Rafael and Petra. Otherwise, Rogelio and Dina are getting closer and Michael is struggling to find his footing working for Rogelio. That's it. Oh and Jane loses her TA job because of Anezka.
Okay, thanks! Glad I don't need to watch it now :D And... is this the intellectual look you're talking about?
Hahahahahahah NO - but I do wonder what topics came up.