Rants and Weekly Raves #99 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Wow, the week after you come back from vacation can really, really suck.  I barely watched anything during the week, so I spent my weekend trying to at least get semi-caught up.  For YOU, readers. For YOU.
kakashi: I'm BAAAAACK! From vacation in Scotland. I dread my first day back at work. And I haven't watched a single second of Kdrama for two weeks. Oh wait, that's a lie. I watched Thumping Spike for the Squeecaps. But that's it. I watched Fo Ye though. .... you know what I realize? I have to pick something up that is airing or I will be senza Kdrama. 
becca: We missed you, Fearless Leader!


This is the weirdest show. It's neither fish nor fowl and so I have such cognitive dissonance whenever I watch...but I do keep watching. Namgoong Min was great this week, neh?
becca: I'm still catching up, but I finally realized Lee Sun Ho is here, and now that's all I care about.
He's adorable, this actor.  He'd be an entirely frustrating boyfriend though, this character. I want him and Eun Joo to get together, because she is just as irritating-but-cute.

Beautiful Mind (Finale)

Okay, then. If I consider this drama from the viewpoint of personalities and character growth, I love it. It was funny, touching, heartfelt, shocking - the very best kind of people watching possible, and very well-acted. But as a PLOT? Well. Actually, the plot is fine if a bit far fetched. But the details - wow. Let's just say that if I, a completely non-medical person, sit there in shock at the actions and procedures and routines of this hospital - that's something, because I do not care about the background accuracy in medical dramas at all. But anyway...Jang Hyuk was spectacular. Any scene with his father, too, they were just amazing. After a few episodes flailing around, Park Bo Ram settled in and it was easy to see why they wanted her. They were wonderful together. I liked the ethical struggles. I loved Creepy Puppy and the Power Ranger Doctors. I loved pregnant Nurse Jang. I wish they'd done more (or perhaps less) with Cutie Soo. Almost until the end, he felt like an entire other drama that was happening just off to the side of the cameras, and I wanted to watch that one, so it was a bit unsettling. Overall though: Lee Young Oh is one of my favorite humans now, and never was a monster. Not ever, even for a minute.

Trotwood; not for a minute. Not for a second. Lee Young Oh will also be on my favorite character lists. perhaps we should make a list of favorite characters in not so favorite dramas. I can tell you he wa the ONLy thing keeping me coming back or perhaps Jang Hyuk's portrayal of him was the thing that kept me coming back. The plot really was a fairly jumbled mess with no point really to the whole regenerative medicine subplot at all. There are loads of other things for which our villain could want to silence people in a hospital or even just in a medical career. Needless time spent on that. Poor Cutie Soo's character was then also really extra. And Min Jae . . .were they trying to redeem her by having her be the one to tell Jin-dung about Young Oh's risk? Or was she just an easy choice since her role seems to have been "bearer of bad tidings"? Dislike her for walking and and checking out the winner of Young-Oh and for ever thinking they could go back the way they were. ever. ever. ever.
P.S.-I love Nurse Jang.
becca: I loved this show, despite it's many flaws - the overall tone and message was very humanistic and hopeful. But how I wish we'd had those two cut episodes to tie up loose ends and close plot holes! Ah well. I'll look back on this one with fondness.
I will finish this show this week!

Eight Gates Plus Fo Ye

I laughed so hard at their "magic" rope. That was SO BAD. Actually, CGI is getting worse by the episode but this makes it all the more fun.
Fo Ye's thinking 'This feels very thin in my hands...hmmm'

Bring It On, Ghost

Frigging cutest thing ever. I love these two, and I love Bong Pal and his ghostie girl. I laugh, I squee in a very mom-like way, AND I really want to know what is the deal with the demon vet?  Plus now we know there's some mystery with Bong Pal's dad, too.  Can't wait for next week.
I love everyone in this show, even Kwon Yul, but barring Taecyeon, and am very sorry to see boy-crazy ghost killed off. With Kwon Yul destroying her ghost, does that mean her existence was obliterated, so no afterlife at all?
I guess I nodded off a sec? I remember her being in the clinic and him saying 'it's too bad she came in' but I don't remember anything destruction or even them interacting. I even re-watched a lot of the ep yesterday but still didn't see him kill her so I must have started after that point. If it's true for her, though, then it's also true for all the ghosts Bong Pal and Hyun Ji kill. I think it just means they're not HERE anymore, not that they're NOT anymore.
It was in the beginning of episode 8.he boy-crazy ghost saw HyunJi's ID in the vet's desk. I was sad she was obliterated.  
Absolute Idiots - love them!

Ice Fantasy

I repeat: no way in Hell.
Jaehyus: the unicorn is judging you. 
(That unicorn is photobombing like a pro.)
Just kidding. I feel the same way about some of the shows you watch too. 😜
Look how bored the horse playing the unicorn got. Not that the show is boring, it isn't. But from a horse's point of view, all this kneeling and flowers isn't interesting. 
Look at it!!!! I will try this show, just to see how bad it is. 
It's so bad, it's good.
Wait a minute. The unicorn sings? Maybe I do need to watch this.

Uncontrollably Fond

An unexpected birth secret, but apparently only a secret from US. Oooooooh. It makes some things pretty clear, motivation-wise. And who the truly rotten people are becomes evident, too. Woobie makes me cry every damn time - all he wants in the world is this one thing, and the closer he gets to it, the farther away it goes. Poor No Eul can't catch a damn break either, and finding out that all her money troubles are actualliy Madame Choi's fault? THAT one...she makes my skin crawl. I don't feel sorry for that woman, at all. I hope Karma bites her ass hard. I know she loves her husband, but she destroyed other people's lives to get him and keep him. And Ji Tae's fiancee and her father? Goddamn psychopaths. Meanwhile my poor kids...Fucking Fate.

W-Two Worlds

becca: It keeps occurring to me that this whole drama is a cautionary tale about the dangers of bad writing.
becca: Right? Don't randomly change genres - fans will hate you. Don't write a half-assed ending because you gave up - your protagonist will rebel. Don't create a mystery without knowing the answer - your protagonist will shoot you. Song Jae Jung writernim must be having so much fun. 
What would happen if this were a real threat? If writers knew that if they went down such holes of illogic that it cold literally be fatal to them? Do you think we'd actually get better dramas or do you think we would just get more crazy with more crazy dead drama writers?
becca: We might get more quality dramas, but I think we'd have less dramas overall because people might be hesitant to go into such a dangerous profession.
So, everyone is raving? I wonder whether I should try it, despite my, well ... reservations (lead actor related).
Like Pied Piper and the social issues we were all so interested in, I think you would find a lot to discuss about the relationship between the creator, the created, and the audience - although I don't know if that continues to be a topic that will be relevant.  It's treat to watch, as well, because everything has such saturated color, and the lighting is always very dramatic.  Every scene is framed in such a way that you could see it as a graphic novel, and each face lends itself to drawing. I have no idea yet where it's going but I do have some ideas...and people are asking for squeecaps, too.  Hint, hint.  There are some very interesting things happening in this one.
becca: Oooh! *puppy eyes*
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA not subtle at all

Whirlwind Girl 2

I keep thinking of Wookie's arms, but no.
I keep thinking of Wookie's nose, but no.
Hm, not thinking about any Wookie parts. I'm good.

Five Children

Things sure are speeding up as we approach the finale - two more weeks to go - and quality is just as high as it ever was. I almost feel like these are people I know, because the things that happen are pretty relatable. I'm one episode behind due to the timing of subbing, but here's where we stand: the two little girls have auditioned for a role on Hong Tae's drama. Mi Jung and Sang Tae finally have a clue that Binnie the Brat isn't the only kid who might have some hurt feelings these days. Grandpa has finally realized the disparity between what is given to his grandchildren and Mi Jung's children and taken steps (small) to rectify that. I have faith he'll resolve that completely, though. Sang Min and Yeon Tae are officially engaged and my vote for Cutest Weekend Couple Ever. Tae Min (thanks to Sang Tae) is just about to find out what's been going on between Jin Joo and his mother, who is currently flabbergasted that her cruel behavior actually hurt Jin Joo at all. (What the fuck?) Mi Jung's ex has just found out that even if he reverses his vasectomy, he can't get his new wife pregnant. She is devastated, of course, but since he's a fuckwit of a useless father to the kids he actually has, I don't necessarily think it's the worst thing that could happen. See? Lots happening. I love this drama and will miss it.

Squad 38 (Finale)

I'm sorry to see this go, but almost in a way not sorry, too. It ended so perfectly. Right up until practically the last minute, you think one thing is happening (but it's the end, so you also think it can't possibly actually be happening.) Then they pull the curtain back, and all is finally revealed, and it's pretty cool what they did. For the bromance (Siggie's little 'hyung' there at the end?), for the family that was created and the forgiveness and understanding family members showed each other, for taking the bad guys down (ALL of them) - but also for redirecting some 'shades of gray' people on both sides of the battle; for the acknowledgement that love isn't always enough, and sometimes a moment in the past must stay in the past; for being the right length, with good pacing and acting - I am very appreciative. Really well done, and always entertaining.

Second to Last Love

Jaehyus: It's about 40-something romance. And it has these actors I like.
Jaehyus cont'd: But it's so boring.
I have only seen the first episode yet but...I didn't exactly love anyone. It was go-go-go and yet...yes, boring. I'll update after second episode.
I watched both. And I agree it's boring. i'm so sorry. I want to like it so much. I feel like they are all in different shows and not really going to go anywhere or do anything compelling. That there is nothing but look--people in their 40s are interesting and deserve love and interesting lives. However, it didn't really prove this last week. I'm going to watch the next eps and see if plot improves.
I'll check in with you, then, and sit this one out.  If it gets better I'll try again.

Bu Bu Jing Xin (Scarlet Heart)

Ooooh, I thought. Let me check this out before the K-version is upon us. Yeah. I inhaled 4 episodes yesterday. Current favorite: 4th Prince. Confused by: growing attraction between Rouxi and 8th Prince, because he also loves her sister, who is his #1 concubine. I think. Hate with a burning passion: Princess Mingyu. Status: verrrrry much looking forward to watching more tonight.

Age of Youth

This just gets better each week! I look forward to it so much. They keep peeling back the layers of these girl's thoughts and lives and I keep liking them more and more. (But I'm a bit worried about Yi Na.) OH and I absolutely love Eun Jae's sunbae, with his DooJoon-ish face and his so obvious crush. Heechul #2 makes me laugh as well, he's such a ridiculous poser.
Maybe I will pick up this?
I wonder if you would like it? Maybe, but the one thing I know for sure you will point out is that a not insignificant portion of each girl's story has to do with romance or sex or the lack of them. 
Well, I watched quite a bit of Sex and the City. Can't be worse than that, I guess :D