Rants and Weekly Raves # 123 (RAWR)

kakashi: Freezing here in Europe, it's so cold! I'm so glad I have hot men to keep me company. In particular, I've fallen into a Zhang Ruo Yun-shaped hole. Don't worry, I'm fine, I don't want to come out for now. I admit that he's a bit young (I have this over 30 rule, in general), but I'm making an exception for him. Okay, maybe I need an intervention. I'm now watching Chinese talk shows with him. Raw. 
Trotwood: We are having a lull in the cold here, but unlike my students, I am not fooled. February is usually the cruelest month. I did start Voice and am mainlining Pretty Lui Hui Zhen because it's the only sorta happy light show on my plate because without WLF I only have Voice and Solomon's Perjury. I have no Japanese dramas either on my list either. Does anyone know when the Shin Mina show starts? That looks like it might be good and more light fare. it's budget (cuts) season, so I need all the fun/happy I can get from dramas.
SakiVI: It's not cold here. We're probably skipping winter and going into hell.
JoAnne: At least Saki will make me laugh as we burn.



Poor Hidden King...he hasn't got a chance with the one girl who matters enough for him to make a stand against his mother. I don't quite understand her - I think she means well by her son and fully intends (or believes that she fully intends) to just prepare the way for him, but is she too caught up in everything to actually let go? I'm curious to see how that plays out. I'm less curious about the kiss between Seon Woo and Ah Ro, despite the fact that you can practically see the pheromones dancing in the air between them. I just hope the girl stops her damn crying. We get it. You're conflicted. Be conflicted. Just don't be so damn noisy about it, okay ?
Based on the events of this week, I'm going to assume that the King and Seon Woo are in fact cousins, though neither knows it and Seon Woo for sure has no idea that he's connected to the royal family. I think the introduction of the Nangdo will up the opportunities for character growth by about a factor of 10, so I'm excited about that, and I also look forward to development between Su Ho's sister and Ban Ryu, that grumpy cutie-pie. Make no mistake, though, I'm in this for the bromances. Okay and for anything Park Hyung Sik does, period .

Legend of the Blue Sea 

Just endless. 
I'm always surprised to see another episode listed.
And I was very surprised to be as pleased with the turns of events as I was this week. It actually didn't feel all that draggy, and I especially liked the twist for Nam Doo or whatever his name is. As for the Silent Puppy, we could see that coming from a mile away but it was still cute. Yes, I think we could have done this in fewer episodes, but I'm okay with it, overall. One more to go.

Naked Fireman (New)  

Is this show really only four episodes?
Yes, and that reminds me: must download.
Why do we never see this man in anything?  I'm going to have to watch.
Why is he naked?
He poses nude to make extra money for somebody's medical treatment, I think.

Missing Nine (New)

The description says it's a comedy. Is it?
Ummmmm, well....there are certainly comedic elements, but no, it doesn't seem to be a comedy at heart. A bunch of people go missing in a plane crash. After 120 days, one survivor turns up and she can't remember everything. We get the story from her, essentially, as her memories return. There's some shadiness to the whole thing - she might be covering something up now; it looks like somebody was covering up something about the whole incident in the past, too. There's all the various issues among the people who crashed, which began long before they actually did crash, and some of them definitely do not survive the entire experience. It felt more like a mystery/thriller with some humorous elements, to me
Started it, and so far, so good.  Now, it's a matter of having the time. 
It's very beige.

Goblin (Final)

I'm thinking I could maybe watch the ending. But then, people tweet so much about it, I actually feel like I have watched it all.
There are some tiny, tiny, tiny, seriously ridiculously tiny quibble-able bits, but overall: good ending, despite realizing that it just means more sadness down the road. I can only hope, as one on TList put it, for God to be gracious and give Kim Shin another chance to fade away, maybe when his bride does. What's that? You want my quibble points? Mostly that during those ten years, she never once called earnestly to remember? Or blew out a candle? Why that time did it work? How come Sunny was able to choose to remember? Was that little boy ALWAYS God? I kept wondering why he kept reappearing. Maybe his grandma was Lee El. How come Eun Tak began to see ghosts again? Where was Duk Hwa at the very end? And my biggest question: how was what Kim Shin did worse than what Wang Yeo did? Because his punishment definitely seemed worse. So: lots of questions, but nothing that interrupts the story or makes it false. The through-line worked, and worked well. I loved this. I actually think I could watch it again.

Solomon's Perjury 

This is now my dad's weekend show. I'll keep up via recaps on dramabeans. 
I'm not surprised about Choi Dad, they've confirmed for us Han Ji Hoon's family situation, and I'm waiting to find out which boy was in the phone booth. It can really only be one of two, and I'm thinking it's Han Ji Hoon, begging So Woo for something. I don't know what - at this point, he doesn't know his father's involvement; was it for silence on something else? Not to kill himself? Why couldn't he just say that, if it were the latter? That So Woo told him beforehand? This show is really terrific - it's like we started watching zoomed in on something so magnified you couldn't properly see it, and each week, we pull back a little bit. As more of the picture shows, it changes what we thought we saw initially. No one looks all that great here, and that's fair. That's realistic. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Father, I'll Take Care of You 

Awwww, Sung Joon is holding out against Mi Joo's bastard of a father, and I think in the end she'll support him in that. Revenge Guy is growing more and more fond of Jung Eun and yes, we get it, he's a decent guy in all other respects but come on, he's systemically trying to destroy a family for something we ALL know must not have happened the way he thought it did as a young boy. (And that boy was older than seven. You know it and I know it. The YOUNGER brother might have been seven...) Sung Joon is suspicious of him and is putting together a lot of reasons to be so. I hope he figures it out in time. I also kind of hope he is the missing brother. I really don't want his dad to be a cheater. The switched cousins story is dragging. For yet another week, the mothers realize that their new sons need support and help through this. We get it. Can the boys start to show some change? And how did we go from Ji Hoon playing basketball (well) with a bunch of kids and mouthing off to Original Mom to this boy who sits alone on a playground all day and 'doesn't know how' to play ?


I'm not squeamish (I wrote squee-mish, ts) or rather, I thought I was not. But I am really not sure I want to subject myself to this level of brutality. I'm not even sure it is really needed. And the writing ... well, they should do less "exposition", less "telling us how it is" and should show us. Or even better, leave some stuff to the imagination. For example, I didn't like the "oh, wait ... is she really hearing things differently?" bit with the self-monologue.
I did enjoy these three episodes, but it's a story I could probably let go of fairly easily. I'm not feeling connected to either of the two leads yet, although I like them both well enough. I know there's a lot of talk about whether Dae Shik is the wife-killer but I don't buy that for a second. If he turned out to be the Big Bad for this, though? I mean, I don't know how they'd make that happen, but that would be a twist I would really enjoy watching unfold over the series - just because there is no way I think it could be him .
Do we know anything about the writer? I didn't find any info. Dae Shik seems too obvious a choice (I tried to see his teeth, but they don't show them. The mouth-chin part looks similar though). And wouldn't she have recognized his voice? Unless there are several killers. However, since I don't know whether the writer is smart or not and knows how to play us, I will simply wait and see what clues we get.
People have been complaining about the writing on this show, which I find interesting because I don't see it as any worse than some of the other mediocre writing that I've seen. However, I do find the two characters compelling. I really like her and her focus and the layers that we get to see under her calm exterior. I at least want to watch until he figures out that she is telling the truth. I like the way he hates her and resents her partly because it is easy to hate and blame her, but there is this core of him that is truth and justice seeking that already seems to be needling at him that she might not be lying. I want to see what happens when he realizes that he may have been hating the wrong person all this time.
You are right about the writing-thing! I often realize that too, that people start nitpicking particular shows for all kinds of things (myself included) but watch other stuff without any reservations. Not sure where that comes from. However, bad writing is my pet peeve, so I guess I'm almost going to complain about it.
Didn't even realize Dae Shik was a possible killer. Okay, I ended up watching this because I didn't want to think too hard, but clearly it requires more attention than I gave it. Anyway, I just want to see that little boy saved, though he's lost so much blood, it will be an absolute miracle, and then I'm stopping. Really, I am. 
Update: just saw episode 3. Surprisingly, I want to see 4. Heroine's voice is getting on my nerves, though. Too breathless. 

Introverted Boss (New)

I have no idea what this show is about and I am too lazy to check. I just know it's a tvN show and apparently, has long episodes (what's new). Unless someone whose opinion I trust tells me to absolutely check this out, I will not.
I dozed through the first episode and had a very muddy impression of what it was about - a pathologically shy CEO, a cute but aggressive new employee, and a girl who committed suicide who somehow has a connection to both? Plus Shy CEO has a friend who seems really nice but is probably not? After 10 minutes of episode 2, I went back and re-watched episode 1 and I am glad I did. You cannot help but feel for our shy hero and I like him far more than I should by the end of episode 2, enough that I cast a suspicious eye on practically everyone else in the drama. I really just want him to be okay. I think you might last a few episodes of this, possibly, but with limited time I don't see this being a top choice for you. I'm pretty sure Chubs will absolutely slay in his role and the rest of it will be competently presented but nothing out of the ordinary .
My kpop tlist is very excited about this for some reason.
I wonder why?  The female lead was a contestant on K-Pop Star apparently, but didn't finish.  She has sung on some OSTs but that doesn't seem to be enough.  I don't think there are any idols in the cast, but Junsu is supposed to have a cameo at some point?  Maybe that's it.
No clue. For a minute I though one of the Red Velvet girls was in it, but no. 

Not Korea


He is BACK! And funnny, hahahaaaaa. And so sweet. Awwwww. Missed you! (We'll only get three eps until another hiatus though. Why? It's annoying)
I love Lucy.  But I wonder if the romance will kill this?

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Missing the Wingkind Emperor lots, I watched the two episodes of this that are subbed. Zhang Ruo Yun is so sexy... I'm done for. I would really appreciate if someone subbed this more! Maybe Dramafever will pick it up? Yes? Pretty please? I like the team (especially the woman!), I like forensic-shows (gruesome), in short: I want this. I guess I will just watch it raw in the meantime, understanding very little, but looking at ZRY.
There's a form on DF to fill out for new shows.  
Update: Watched it raw, understood very little (though overall enough) and saw a lot of ZRY. It's not just the Wingkind Emperor, JoAnne. It's him. Now waiting for that 70 eps General show. That wait may take anything up to 10 months.

 Candle in the Tomb

Waiting for a clear 1.5 hours to watch. 
That was often quite boring. I struggled a bit, also because I was tired. They should talk a bit less. Those endless descriptions of the wall panels .... yawn. I also hope they soon find that city because we're running out of episodes.
How many episodes is it supposed to be?
Saki:VI: they're talking about the panels because they're going to see something related to them later. I'm guessing a mummified monster queen. I was not bored at all with these episodes. The show moves slowly, and they do talk a lot, but it all works together and is still engaging. Except for girl student and alien Aficionado. I could live without them.
I wasn't bored with the first of this week's episodes, but I'll let you know how I feel when I finish the other two.
I'm bored on a high level. Not as much bored as I am with Merminho. Not nearly as much.
Hello, when do we get more Lurch-like stuff?
I'm not even caught up yet, and I'm getting bored. I'm still in desert, and the only person I really like is Ahliman.

Behind Your Smile

It's still so much fun to watch.
Watching Yiting squirm with jealousy and struggle to convince himself he's a big mean man who doesn't love the pretty Candy girl is an absolute blast, I agree. Those moments when he gives in and just enjoys being with her are squee-worthy for sure - so much so that literally everyone in the drama ships the two of them together, even the guy who loves her himself. But Shuk, there's gotta be a kiss next week or I'm going to die .

But WHY? WHY? WHY? did they bring that horrid ex-fiance back? I have never been so happy to get past a plot point in my life when he dumped her. Why is she back? Why didn't the prison girl beat her up on sight? Why did we spend SO much time with her drinking her sorrows out at the bar and looking through her phone for someone to call? I don't even feel sorry for he that she has no friends only an "uncle" to call--the same man her father thinks has run off with Candy Girl's mother.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen

It seems every day I choose to watch another episode of this rather than catch of with Candle. I started enjoying the show more that they started adding different scenes from the original rather than dragging out the same story/scenes into more episodes. The problem now though is that they are making the best friend really completely not likeable. I know intellectually that I am supposed to feel sorry for her because she is lonely and just wants a family and her father remarried (but is her step mother really mean or is the woman just tired of being treated like crap by her step daughter?). However, she is going much farther to keep our OTP apart. She openly encourages her friend to not come clean so she can keep him by her side instead. And she just doesn't speak to or treat her friend with the kind of warmth that we had in the original. In fact, if I hadn't seen the original, I would not believe they are supposed to be such good friends; I would think that she has remained friends with our heroine just because she wants her family and because of the hero worship she provides rather than really being her friend.
I've decided that I'm not even going to bother, despite the presence of Chef KO and his hotness.  I'll catch him in his next thing.
With the extended length, they have beefed up Chef KO character Limu, and he is an excellent friend to all three of them. I love his friendship with Hui Zhen and his confrontations with hero--really in his face about his treatment of her and him being in denial about his feelings. He's also the one really making the so-called friend feel guilty for the treatment. I hope he gets more and bigger parts after this because he's really shining.

Magic Star

...it looks like Viki will have this about a week or so from now.  Yay!  Wu Lei!

General and I 

Dropped it despite my baby, Madina Memet, being in it. A bias isn't enough to get past a boring show. 
Still have only seen the first episode. I think I'll finish Wei Young and come back to this.

Emerald City 

There are so many characters! And since I never read every single Oz book, I don't know them all and spend a lot of time googling to figure out whether a new character is an 'old' character, or a mix of 'old' characters, or someone newly invented. I can definitely add the WW of the North and the Tin Man to the list of active participants as of now, though, along with Princess Langwidere. I feel a curious mix of boredom and anticipation: there's not a lot of action, but I'm so curious about the universe and always anticipate going around the next corner to see something new.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell 

I haven't moved past the first episode yet, but that's because I spent a lot of time on Weiyoung this weekend. Next week for you, Mr. Norrell!

Diamond Lover  

Listen. Rain is playing a terrible, confusing, controlling boyfriend. It's similar to Wingkind Emperor but somehow, not as cute. Making up for his psychotic personality changes, though, are the secondary couple (Madina Mehmet and Luo Jin. Especially Jin.) They also make up for Tiffany Tang's tendency to mumble in a baby voice, and the guy playing Rain's sleezy younger step brother and the woman with the face as sharp as a tack playing Tiffany's team lead. It's weird - the drama (as edited now) moves fast and has lots of enjoyable scenes AND it's my former Beloved being mostly cute but the one I really like here is Luo Jin, our heroine's BFF. I actually kind of want him to get the girl, like the original drama ending. What is wrong with me?

Princess Weiyoung

I do not think I can possibly explain the depths of my glee when Wei Young fucks over that vicious Chiyen Rou and her mean girl spawn Chang Le. The looks on their faces when they realize they've been played but have no idea how? Best. Thing. Ever. Every time. Every single time. But could we please get a little more Tuoba Jun action going? Hmmm? It's episode 22. Almost the half way point!

The Good Place (finale)

Back and done, just that quickly. I'm eagerly anticipating next season, whenever that will be - loved the final twist. I don't want to say what it is in case anyone decides to pick this up. Try it! Episodes are short - 30 minutes - and it's fun throughout.
"When a tractor-trailer carrying erectile dysfunction products strikes and kills Eleanor Shellstrop, she's surprised to find herself in the "good" area of the afterlife." ---> okay!