Fanfic: Together, Waiting for the Flower to Bloom - Prologue (Ice Fantasy - 幻城)

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Written by: Lala
Editing: UnicornSlippers, Charistia, Jaehyus

Outside the Great Palace of the Fire City, red magic lilies bloom beautifully, but the apothecaries, maids and guards all pass by with worrying faces, not even looking at the flowers once.

Recently, the health of the Fire Queen has quickly deteriorated. The Fire Tribe has just been formed not very long ago. Although it has quickly asserted itself among the Three Realms as a formidable opponent of the leading Ice Tribe and making numerous smaller tribes its vassals, it is still worrying for everyone that in the middle of all this, the Fire Queen has fallen sick.

In the Grand Hall, the chief guard Huo Jian is respectfully recommending to the Queen the medicines that the apothecaries have prescribed. But contrary to his concerned face, the Queen looks at those medicines indifferently, then moves her hand, signalling him to stop talking.

"Your Majesty." Huo Jian respectfully bows: "If you don't like these medicines, I can go to the Healer Tribe and kidnap their best apothecary to bring here."

"You don't need to do that." Yanzhu tiredly waves her hand to dismiss all the maids: "I have an important matter to discuss with you."

Huo Jian frowns, right now, what could be more important than treating Her Majesty’s illness?

"Huo Jian, you don't need to waste your effort for this matter. My destiny, I above everyone understand it most clearly." As if seeing through his puzzled expression, she slowly explains:

"But I need you to help me with one thing, for the well-being of our whole tribe."

Having said that, Yanzhu uses magic to bring herself and Huo Jian to a vast land surrounded by melting rocks and boiling lava.

Looking at the surprised face of her guard, Yanzhu explains: "This is the limitless space, the origin land of our tribe. It is at right here that I created all of your souls."

"The origin, and also the end." Yanzhu smiles sadly: "I want my soul to forever remain here after death, to be the largest source of power for our tribe."

Unbelieving, Huo Jian looks at his queen. Could it be that the queen’s illness is indeed incurable?

"Huo Jian, it has been a while since you started serving here. What do you think of me?" Yanzhu asks while looking at him closely.

"Your Majesty, you are the most decisive and determined one."

"Decisive? Determined?" Turning away with blurry eyes, Yanzhu says to herself: "But the thing that is gradually killing me is a mistake that happened even before I became a queen. Huo Jian, that's also why no matter how many kinds of medicine you find, they are still useless. What kind of medicine can change the past?"

"Every day, I am haunted by that mistake." Yanzhu’s smile suddenly becomes a bit crazy: "Fine, it can haunt me to death, but once I have died, it can't follow me to the limitless space, where I will rest for eternity."

Regaining her usual composure and noble bearing, Yanzhu raises her voice to command him: "Huo Jian, today you have to help me destroy this weak and useless part of my soul."

"Destroy a part of your soul? Your Majesty, is this even possible?" Huo Jian asks.

"Even weakness has its root." Sadness suddenly taints Yanzhu's arrogant smile: "If I recall everything related to that origin, how can that weakling part of my soul escape?"

Although he still cannot accept what the queen just told him, the discipline of a chief guard does not give him any other choice than to obey. When Yanzhu closes her eyes, Huo Jian also uses all of his power to create a cage of flame, capturing the soul that is slowly being chased away from Yanzhu.


As Yanzhu closes her eyes, the burning landscape of the limitless space slowly turns into infinite darkness, from which a bird suddenly soars past, then lands on the spotless white ground of the Illusory Snow Divine Mountain.

As it lands, the bird also turns into a young man dressed in white. With a smile on his lips, he walks towards her. Yanzhu can't even remember how long has passed since the last time she saw him so beautiful and happy as now. As something surges in her heart, she is about to call out his name, but before she has time to say anything, everything fades back to darkness.


In the grand palace of the Illusory Snow Divine Mountain, a fierce battle is taking place between Xianxue, Shemi and Yanzhu against Yuan Ji, the Lord of Illusory Snow Divine Mountain.

"Shemi, it’s time for the Hidden Lotus to bloom, go find it now, leave Yuan Ji to me and Yanzhu." Between dodging Yuan Ji's attack, Xianxue calls out to Shemi.

Although he does not want to, but seeing no other way, Shemi reluctantly leaves to find the Hidden Lotus.

“Traitor! Don’t think you can get away so easily!” As fast as a lightning, Yuan Ji thrusts an attack towards Shemi.

"Be careful!" In a flash, Xianxue pushes Shemi away, but he is not quick enough to avoid getting hit.

Shemi successfully runs away, but Xianxue’s wound is not light. Looking at the staggering Xianxue, Yuan Ji smiles contemptuously:

“A snowbird spirit like you also dares to confront me? Fine, today I will send you to the netherworld first. Don’t worry about being lonely, Shemi will see you there soon too!”

Yanzhu tightens grip on her Red Lilly Whip. She agreed to join force with Shemi only to wish upon the Hidden Lotus. If she does not follow him now, Shemi will certainly get to make the wish first; but if she just leaves like this, Xianxue will be killed by Yuan Ji.

Like a whirlwind, something whips by and breaks off a piece of Yuan Ji’s armour. He turns his head in surprise, but upon seeing Yanzhu, his gaze suddenly fills with mockery:

“Yanzhu, don’t you always want to outdo Shemi? Chase him now and you might still be able to stop him from wishing upon the Hidden Lotus.”

“Shut up!” Yanzhu replies coldly and continues to step forwards between him and Xianxue.

In the midst of their fierce battle, Yuan Ji suddenly lets out an excruciating roar as his body starts to dissolve. Yanzhu looks on at that scene with bewildered eyes, not understanding what is going on.

“Shemi! Shemi must have wished upon the the Hidden Lotus to destroy Yuan Ji.” A bright smile breaks out on Xianxue’s bruised face.

Yanzhu’s mind finally wakes up from the fight. No! How can I help Shemi to get the upper hand on me like that!

“Yanzhu, thank you for saving me.” Overjoyed, Xianxue did not realize that she is furiously gritting her teeth, her grip on the Red Lilly Whip is so tight that her hand is turning into a bloodless white color. He happily holds her other hand: “I must go to find the representatives of the six clans now, Yanzhu, can you check on Shemi for me?”


From a distance, Yanzhu finally sees the withered Hidden Lotus in the middle of the pond. A suspicion slowly creeps into her heart: why did Xianxue urge Shemi to find the Hidden Lotus, not me? Shemi, what does he have that make everyone, from Yuan Ji, the clan leaders to Xianxue, all of them so willing to trust him?

Shemi, well done. Although I fought Yuan Ji, all of that is for nothing. You are the one who got to wish upon the Hidden Lotus. But Shemi, don’t think that I, Yanzhu, can accept defeat so easily.

From the handle of her whip, Yanzhu pulls out a needle. Everyone thinks her most deadly weapon is the Red Lilly Whip, but no one even knows of this needle’s existence. With just the lightest touch on the skin, the poison on this needle can make anyone fall into a deep slumber that even the best apothecary is clueless to cure.


When Xianxue and the leaders of the six clans arrive at the Hidden Lotus Pond, they are all surprised to find an unconscious Shemi. Yanzhu says that Shemi was already like this when she first got here, as a black smoke quickly flew away, so fast that even her whip couldn’t catch it. But she did notice the Ice Flame Tribe magical trace.

“Could it be that Yuan Ji had not been completely destroyed and still had time to take a final attack at Shemi?” The queen of Spirit Tribe asks herself aloud.

“Most important now is how to save him? I cannot see any clue.” The representative of Healer Tribe worriedly says after examining Shemi.

“To counter Ice Flame magic, maybe only the holy object of Ice Flame Tribe can do that now.” Yanzhu pretends to speculate.

“Holy object of the Ice Flame Tribe? You mean the Ice Flame Stone? But it is deep under the sea around the Purgatory Island, sealed within an impenetrable cover. Even if it can heal Shemi, there’s no way we can get it!” The queen of the Mermaid Tribe laments.

“That’s right, in Yuan Ji’s dreams, I learnt that except him, only the purest blood sacrifice can break the cover of Ice Flame Stone.” The king of Dream Tribe sighs sympathetically.

“If that’s the case, I want to try!” The King of Bear Tribe suddenly says.

“Shemi is so fortunate to have a loyal subordinate like you, but Bear King, have you consider how much the Queen of Spirit Tribe will worry for you?” Feigning concern, Yanzhu asks him.

“I…” In a moment, the Bear King has wavered.

“It’s okay.” Xianxue finally says something, his sad eyes still looking at Shemi: “I know all of you want to save him, but you all still have your family and your tribe to look after.”

“But I’m only a snow bird spirit that was once saved by Shemi from the Snow Fog forest. To me, in this world nothing is more important than Shemi…” Although a tear is falling down, Xianxue is still smiling sadly, as if only reminiscing is enough to make his heart feel warm.

“Help me care for Shemi and I can surely break the cover of Ice Flame Stone.” Determination suddenly shines in his eyes, Xianxue gently puts Shemi down on the ground and stands up to leave.


He looks back.

“Let me go with you.” Yanzhu kindly tells him.

Xianxue’s eyes finally soften as he smiles tenderly at Yanzhu, waiting for her to come with him.

Looking at his trustful eyes, Yanzhu’s heart suddenly sinks, somehow a part of her badly wants to hold him back and tell him the truth.

“To me in this world, nothing is more important than Shemi…”

But as that sentence again appears in her head, Yanzhu cannot stop her teeth from clenching together. She always regards him as her only friend, and to save him she has lost her chance to wish upon the Hidden Lotus. Still, in his heart, there’s only Shemi… only Shemi…

“Let’s go.” Yanzhu quickly steps towards him and together they fly to Purgatory Island.


Using her magic, Yanzhu lifts the Ice Flame Stone from the seabed to Purgatory Island. Just as the stone heavily falls to the ground, Xianxue hurriedly steps forward, cutting himself to allow his blood to fall on the stone..

As smoke rises, a small hole gradually appears on the cover of the Ice Flame Stone.

“Yanzhu, it works, my blood can break this cover.” Despite his bleeding hand, Xianxue happily turns to Yanzhu.

With pain in her heart, Yanzhu touches the tiny hole that just appeared: “Xianxue, you used so much blood, yet it only breaks so little. In the end how much blood is needed to dissolve this whole cover?”

Xianxue also turns back with a frown on his eyebrows, but just a short while after, he swallows, then smiles ruefully: “I see, purest sacrifice… Of course, it must be all that I have.”

“It seems I cannot bring the Ice Flame Stone back to save Shemi. Yanzhu, help me do that, okay?” Hearing Xianxue’s gentle voice, but no matter how much she tries, Yanzhu still cannot look at him and answer. Her eyes keep looking at the tiny hole on the Ice Flame Stone as if glued to it. She reluctantly nods, and the sound of his receding footsteps on the snow-covered ground keeps pounding in her ears.


Yanzhu keeps standing and staring like that, her breath is getting quicker: If I chase him now, would I be able to stop him? If I tell him everything, would he hate me for life?

Suddenly a strong gust of wind blows by, cutting in the middle of her thoughts. Hearing a loud crash, Yanzhu’s eyes immediately close shut. Unable to hold back, she falls on the freezing snow, but no, why today, the snow is so warm? Yanzhu opens her eyes only to see blood slowly painting the snow red under her feet.

“To me in this world, nothing is more important than Shemi…”

I see, Xianxue, and I am nothing in your heart, right?

Yanzhu staggered to her feet, slowly walks towards the Ice Flame Stone, leaving bloody red footsteps on the snow behind.


Yanzhu looks at the Holy Fire in her hand, her eyes bewildered.

How can it be…

She used her most deadly and unique weapon, fooled everyone, even sacrified Xianxue, only to get this tiny flame?

Failure, why is it still failure?

Madness suddenly flashes though Yanzhu’s eyes, she wants to destroy this damn Purgatory Island, burn it, melt it! But just as she raises her hand starts using magic, a feather from nowhere lightly drifts down and lands onto her hand.

Yanzhu halts for a moment, lying on her hand, but the soft feather seems to be able to soothe the rage in her heart. Suddenly, it turns into a ray of light, Yanzhu cannot help but stare at the illusion before her eyes.

Clear as crystal, the illusion of Xianxue smiles at her.

“Yanzhu, thank you for everything. You are always my best and most beautiful friend.”

“Wait! Xianxue!”

Yanzhu raises her hand towards him, but the illusion has already disappeared, leaving not even a trace behind.

Xianxue, have I always been wrong about you?

Can it be that in your heart, there is still a place for me?

But now, no matter how much Yanzhu wonders, there is no longer anyone able to answer her.


"Huo Jian, today you have to help me destroy this weak and useless part of my soul."

Huo Jian looks at the cage imprisoning Yanzhu’s soul in his hand. He still remembers the last order of his revered Queen, but all the same he is unable to do what is commanded. After deliberating for a while, he opens the cage, letting that soul fly away. He has no idea that he has just given the great wheel of destiny a push, starting an unstoppable twist of fate.