Fanfiction 2: Moyuan and Bai Qian - Chapter 1 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

A new 3310fanfic! Shao Wan is dead in this one. It's all Shifu in his nipple robe, Bai Qian...... and Ye Hua.

Chapter 1 - A Home at Kunlun

written by Lalaloop
Consultant: Juls
edited by kakashi

“SHIFU!” Bai Qian screamed as Moyuan’s lifeless body fell from the sky. And just when she was about to fly towards him, a pair of hands grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back.

“Seventeenth!” Someone violently shook her and yanked her up from the bed.

Bai Qian opened her eyes and gasped for air, her face drenched in tears. Zilan was sitting in front of her, his grip on her shoulders was so tight that they were beginning to hurt.

“Seventeenth, you scared me to death. What is it!” Zilan said under his breath.

“I… the battle... I saw Shifu... dead…”

“You had a nightmare,” Zilan said abruptly as though to assure Bai Qian whatever she had just seen was not real.

Before Bai Qian could respond, there was a knock on the door.

“Seventeenth, what's going on in there?” Diefeng’s voice was disgruntled.

Bai Qian quickly jumped out of bed, put on her shoes and clumsily fixed her hair while Zilan went to open the door. Diefeng was standing there in his usual robe with his arms folded.

“I’m sorry, Senior,” said Bai Qian, avoiding looking straight at Diefeng. “I was... a little loud, wasn't I?”

“A little?” Diefeng was still goggling at Bai Qian in disbelief, “I could hear you from across the corridor. What happened?”

“We were playing a game of chess,” Zilan lied with a weak grin after receiving a subtle look from Bai Qian.

“A game of chess?” Repeated Diefeng uncomprehendingly. “Why were you yelling for Shifu then? And…” he took a closer look at Bai Qian with concern sprinkled all over his face, “why are your eyes all red?”

“She…” Zilan glanced again at Bai Qian, whose mind was completely blank at the moment and did not intend to give an answer, “she thought I was cheating.”

“All right, look here,” Diefeng was obviously not pleased, “I too am very glad that we are all together at last. And as much I love to watch you two bickering like the good old days, you've got to be considerate; Shifu is trying to get some rest.”

“I’m sorry, Senior. We’ll try to keep it down.” Said Bai Qian airily.

Diefeng turned around and swept out of the room, muttering something along the line of ‘such trifles’ and ‘I can't believe this’.

“It doesn't matter,” Zilan turned to Bai Qian after he was sure Diefeng had walked out of earshot. “We're all haunted by the battle. I used to have dreams like that too before Shifu came back. Try to get back to sleep, I’ll get you some tea.”

“Thank you.” Bai Qian rubbed her temples with her fingers as Zilan exited the room. She thought it was best not to tell him that those recurring nightmares of hers only started after Moyuan had come back.


Since the day Moyuan stepped back into Kunlun, it did not take long for the news to reach every corner of the heaven and earth. Guests had been pouring into Kulun with wishes and gifts for the last few days, many of whom Bai Qian had never met during her days at Kunlun years ago. Children and young disciples from various tribes were brought along with their leaders, most would flock to Bai Qian and her seniors immediately, insisting on a tour around Kunlun, which Moyuan would gladly grant. It looked as though everybody wanted to take this opportunity to catch a glimpse of the God of War and his academy, where the most formidable weapons and warriors in all the lands were produced.

Everyday, Kunlun’s disciples would gather in the hall, ready to offer tea and other refreshments to anyone coming in for an audience with Moyuan.

Today was not an exception. But as the number of visitors had decreased around midday - they decided to take this time to award themselves with a short break. Moyuan, Zheyan and Bai Zhen were exchanging more notes on what had happened during Moyuan’s absence while his disciples chatted away at their table, telling stories and catching up on each others’ lives, rearranging gifts and flowers from the visitors, piling up tables with food and desserts, some of which were prepared by their families.

“This is from us, Qingqiu.” said Bai Qian. She had just come back from the kitchen and was walking towards the front, holding a large plate full of beautifully arranged sweets Fengjiu and Migu had specially made last night to celebrate Moyuan’s return. “Everyone should try some.”

“Hang on,” Changshan, who was standing next to the front table, held up his hand like a reflex, something he always did every time he saw Bai Qian offering food to anyone. “Did you make those?” He pointed at the snack plate with obvious suspicion.

“No...” Answered Bai Qian, her face puzzled.

“Right, go ahead then.” He gestured her to put the plate on the table next to Moyuan.

Zheyan and Bai Zhen quietly sniggered. Bai Qian threw a murderous look at Changshan, who was quite used to it by now, before continued walking over to the table. She set the plate down next to the tea cauldron and some other desserts, then looked up at Moyuan just in time to see him quietly smiling at her. Feeling safe for the first time since last night, she smiled back without thinking and went to pour more tea into his half empty cup.

“I’m sure Seventeenth’s cooking has improved during the past years, Changshan.” said Moyuan. Though Bai Qian felt he was more hopeful than sure about his remark.

“Tell us about the Crown Prince, Seventeenth. And speaking of which, when’s your wedding?” Asked Diefeng when Bai Qian had walked back and taken the seat next to Zilan.

“Well…” Bai Qian found herself glancing up at Moyuan for no reason. “We haven’t agreed on a date yet. It’s… er… the Celestials are very particular, they like to take time to plan these things out properly so we’re waiting for the Crown Prince to get back from his trial.”

Bai Qian’s eyes suddenly met Zilan’s as she looked up. He was squinting at her suspiciously.

“I hope you’re well prepared,” continued Diefeng. “Being daughter-in-law of the celestial tribe is a complicated matter. Not to mention your future husband will soon take over the throne.”

“I’ve been brushing up on my skills and magical powers actually, considering I’ll have to go through the lightning trial and all,” said Bai Qian. She sipped some tea; and while looking around blankly, she caught sight of Changshan, who was examining a white cookie he'd just picked up from the snack plate Fengjiu had prepared - it was a white circular cookie with three pieces of brown nuts perfectly arranged on one side.

“In fact,” Bai Qian’s eyes flashed, she continued in a dignified tone, “I’ve even sought cooking lessons from my niece. She taught me to make almond cookies last night.”

Changshan, who had just taken a tiny bite of the almond cookie, spat it out in horror and went into a coughing fit.

Bai Zhen sighed and silently shook his head; he was too used to Bai Qian’s mischievous conduct to be surprised. And while she was giggling with satisfaction, Zilan rushed over to Changshan with a cup of tea in his hand even though it was clear that he too was holding back from laughing. “Second senior, are you alright?”

Changshan ignored the question and lunged across the front table in an attempt to retrieve the almond cookie he had just put on Moyuan’s plate.

“Leave it, Changshan, she was joking,” Diefeng called out as Moyuan slightly chuckled.

“That’s not funny, you know.” said Changshan, who had now straightened himself up. He took the cup of tea from Zilan impatiently and continued, “when you get to the Nine Heavens Palace, Seventeenth, don’t tell anyone I’m from the same school as you. You’re bound to get in trouble every other day and I can’t have people think I’m associated with you.”

The hall burst with laughter. Bai Qian could not remember a happier day in her entire life.

At this time, one of the guards walked in the hall and bowed to Moyuan, “High God Moyuan, you have a visitor - Zhongyin from the Demon Tribe. He said you were acquainted with his sister, the Demon Overlord.”

“Of course, send him in.” Moyuan set down his tea. The rest of them took it as a sign that it was time to get back to receiving visitors.


A bit later that day, as Bai Qian was on her way to the kitchen to ask for more tea leaves, she saw a familiar figure in blue standing by the small bridge.

“Shifu?” She approached.

Moyuan turned around and greeted her with his usual smile. Suspecting that the current gloomy expression on Moyuan’s face had to do with his short conversation with the man called Zhongyin earlier on, Bai Qian stepped closer.

“Shifu, who is this Demon Overlord they were talking about?” She asked cautiously.

“She was an old friend. My father took her in as one of his disciples; we studied together,” replied Moyuan.

Bai Qian took a moment to amuse herself by picturing a young Moyuan carrying books and notes to class, sitting next to a girl classmate.

“What happened to her?”

“There was a war; she burned to ashes.”

“I see,” hearing Moyuan’s sudden change of tone, Bai Qian figured this must have been someone very dear to him. “So, were you and this woman…” Before she could finish the question, however, Moyuan spun around.

“When did you say your wedding would be?” He asked in a tone that hinted he was no longer interested in continuing the discussion on Demon Tribe.

“We haven’t decided yet,” answered Bai Qian.

“Right, you did say that,” Moyuan nodded. “Seventeenth, I may not have time to talk to you during meditation so there’s a few things I feel I should tell you now, that is, given my position.”

His position? Bai Qian knit her eyebrows. Was Moyuan referring to his being her mentor or Yehua’s brother? Was this going to be a lecture about how he thought she should refrain from ‘abusing’ his brother - as she had done to Changshan - after they had gotten married?

“The Nine Heavens Palace is not like Kunlun. When you join their family,” Moyuan paused, looked away for one second then back at her. “Yes, when you join their family, learn to be patient. Remember your status; try not to act rashly and cause trouble.”

“Shifu, I’m a grown up now,” objected Bai Qian, though she knew very well her record at Kunlun spoke against her. “Why would you think I’d be causing trouble?”

“Because I know you too well. In fact...” Moyuan took one step forward and gently pressed his hand on her shoulder, “I know you by heart.”

Bai Qian’s eyes opened a little wider when they met Moyuan’s. For a moment, she thought she would drown in those unfathomable black eyes. Unknowingly, she reached up to Moyuan’s arm, which was still on her shoulder, and touched his sleeve.

“Shifu,” words came out of Bai Qian’s mouth before she realized what she was saying. “I mean… I don’t have to get married right away.”

Moyuan raised his eyebrows. And after a few seconds of what looked like an unsuccessful attempt to maintain a straight face, he broke into laughter. “Little Seventeenth,” he was clearly amused by her absurdity. Bai Qian did not exactly blame him, she would laugh at herself too. The remark sounded even more stupid in her head as she mentally replayed it. And even though she could not see herself at this moment, she would say her face was the color of Crimson Fire.

“You are nervous; it’s quite common.” Said Moyuan after he’d ceased to laugh.

“Moyuan.” Zheyan’s sudden entrance made Bai Qian jump and let go of Moyuan’s sleeve. He too slowly removed his hand from her shoulder and turned to face Zheyan. “Zhongyin would like another word with you before he leaves.”

“Very well then,” replied Moyuan.

Bai Qian bowed as Moyuan and Zheyan headed for the hall. Suddenly realizing she had not gotten the tea leaves, Bai Qian turned on her heel towards the kitchen.

But she turned around after a few steps.

Her eyes were once again fixed on Moyuan’s figure, which was approaching the hall with his arms behind his back. Somewhere between his laughs, she felt she had seen something other than mere amusement, something she knew he would not tell her. He had laughed as though trying to suppress the thoughts he’d rather be buried with than reveal to another soul.

At this thought, a tear rolled out from the corner of Bai Qian’s eye and ran down her cheek while she racked her brain to find an explanation as to what she could possibly be crying about.

Chapter 2