Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 15 (Recap)

Panda: Where we finally get to see a grown-up HeYe.
kakashi: I LOVE IT! (Him)
JoAnne: He's a fun guy, yep. Stuff HAPPENS around him.

Episode 15

Yu Ning tells Han Jiang the events of the Hunting grounds that led to her expulsion. She tells him that she was rescued in an underground cave but doesn’t tell him who rescued her as that would be betraying a confidence. He realizes that the Hunting grounds are not so far from where they are presently and asks if Nanny Su had ever mentioned any strange underground occurrences to her.
What a coinkidinky. I guess in this universe, all roads lead to underground. (Is it just me or was this waterfall location used for Wingkind Emperor Novoland too?)
Like Korea, there is only one open bit of land for long majestic nature spots by rivers in alllll of China. There's probably only one cliff to fall off of, also.
Back at the house, Nanny Su takes care of Prince Lu (aha?) and probes him to find out who he is but he evades her questions. Yu Ning returns without Han Jiang- he doesn’t want to risk Nanny Su seeing him since they already met in Novoland (er, but he's staying at her house?!) - and is surprised to see Prince Lu lying in the courtyard. She almost blows his cover but he stops her just in time.
The Prince who doesn't want to be a prince and the Muru who doesn't want to be a Muru met in the forest... (could be the beginning of a joke)
A prince and a warrior walk into a prophecy...
Prince Lu tells Han Jiang that he is now in love with someone and Han Jiang gets a bit worked up suspecting it’s his lady love. Prince Lu refuses to confirm who it is though. LOL. Han Jiang then tries to make him go back to Tian Qi city stating he can’t hide his identity for long but Lu disagrees citing his severe injury. In a pique of spite, Han Jiang aggressively grinds herbs, preventing Lu’s beauty sleep.
There's always been these women at school everybody was in love with and I never understood why. The same applies here.
Well, she's a nice girl and she's pretty enough. Lu I think started off because of the prophecy but then began to like her, and Han Jiang met her at an important moment. Sometimes all love needs to begin is proximity. I think the mistake here is that the director is not playing up those things about her which are actually setting her apart: she's a noted poet and she doesn't play games with people.
At Tian Qi city, Muyun He Ge gets word that although Lu has found clues to location of the Sovereign Seal, he has gone missing. He is happy about the disappearance and him and Nanku Qi plan to make both his and Muyun Han disappearance from court permanent. Nanku Qi says he will use the Helan clan to deal with Han.
Oh, the Helan Clan. I remember them. Also: I don't like HeGe at ALL, but he surely is the most well-dressed of the princes.
I have a hard time remembering him when he's off screen. When someone mentions him I struggle to recall a face, and when he shows up I think 'now who's this, again?'  Surely the worst thing one could say to an actor.
The Muru calvary at Han prefecture and the Helan clan fight, and they are defeated. At court, the Ministers are really upset and petrified and call on both Muru Shuo and smug faced Qi to explain the loss. Qi claims not to be involved in the defeat while Muru Shuo says he turns over defense of Han prefecture to Prince Han’s personal troops. WHY?! You idiot.
Maybe he figures better to disassociate himself from a losing proposition. It's not like he wouldn't be able to tell that the Nanku jerks are working against him. Would they dare against the prince?
Action shifts to a dusty terrain in Han prefecture and a group of travelers in a sandstorm One of them-a girl Jin Zhu Hai is saved from near death by a chained mysterious stranger who turns out to be a kohled HeYe! (Welcome back!! OMG HE IS SO SEXY Yes, indeed!) She thanks him for rescuing her and pesters him with questions but gets no answers and one of the team points out it is obvious he has to be a slave because of his chains. Rule of Han prefecture is runaway slaves have to be returned but Jin Ji-her dad lets him go out of gratitude for saving his daughter. They depart but not before she tells HeYe she would make him hers if they saw each other again. Well, that’s one way to shoot your shot Lady.
I know many take objection with He Ye's rather quick way of falling in love with women completely, but I greatly value this about him. A woman says "I will have you!" and he immediately agrees to it. What a dream come true.
Except for the overlap potential.
The travelers make their way to Souda Meng (Slave trader who sold HeYe long ago) and while reminiscing about the good old days, the slave trader makes reference to the fact that Jin Ji was a Muru cavalry who deserted out of love. Awww.
That won't please He Ye though. He doesn't like Murus much, especially not the ones on horseback. Shame, because this dude, he is very likeable and so is his daughter.
I like them a lot. Dad's got a certain appeal, and so far is pretty much the only age appropriate guy in the drama. It can't be puppies ALL the time.
Jin Zhu Hai sights a caged HeYe (like a sexy beast) and begs her dad to buy him but the Slave trader adamantly refuses to sell him despite all entreaties insisting he brings destruction. Zhu Hai tries to free him but is caught. She refuses to give up and holds a knife to and actually cuts her neck to show how determined she is. Her dad sees she is dead serious and eventually agrees to get him.
So melodramatic. I love it.
He's like a tiger in a cage. Not cowed at all. RAWR.
He Ye wakes up naked in her arms and the two share a very fiery night together (Don’t ask me how I know that fact).
He's just pure sex. Maybe I would try to bathe him first but oh yes, I would definitely go for a fiery night with him. He is so refreshingly uncomplicated.
We know it was a fiery night because they made the tent all red-shaded. Plus, look at his eyes. And girlie went all emo-youth to get him so we know she wants it.


Okay, Grown-up HeYe is HOT. He looks 35 but let’s agree that is a result of living the hard prefecture life :))). Jin Ji truly resembled Muru Shuo and I wasn’t surprised to see he was a Muru deserter.
I live for He Ye sightings. He is my kind of guy.
I was puzzled that there was no effort made to show that he actually liked her back, as opposed to just going along with her, and that it seemed like he was willing to be with her because they could have sex. Not out of any puritanical reasoning but the concern will be easier to explain later as it ties in with something else. (Although I didn't know it would when I first thought it...)
Back to our love triangle, petty Han Jiang pounding those herbs to disturb Prince Lu’s sleep made me chuckle. But he’s right, how long does Lu think he can keep up the disguise?
Han Jiang pounding...
Poor Lu stands no chance, no wonder he cries so much later.
He should just give up. Han Jiang is IT. Although I could see He Ye giving him a real battle.
And finally, I truly do not understand Muru Shuo’s thought process anymore. Why so defeated? I know Nanku Qi is annoying but a punch in the face would solve all that. Sigh. And it was so sad to see the Throne empty. I had gotten used to at least seeing a propped up Empy sitting there.
Oh Empy, I miss you too....though I gotta say, He Ye makes up for you. I'm already forgetting about you. 
There's room for both Empy and HeYe in my life.