Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #205

Trotwood: I feel like last week was a blur. Despite shows being pre-empted for the Asia Games, I'm still not caught up and may not be by the time this gets posted. Holiday weekend coincides with move-in weekend at the uni where I work. Activities every day. They say hanging around young people keeps a person young. Nope. I'm just tired.

kakashi: Send help, I'm swamped STILL and I don't think it'll end soon. Also going to Korea for a week soon, which is exciting but not coming at the right time at all.

JoAnne: My daughter will be home for a week or so in about a week, so I'm excited about that. What I'm not excited about? The upstairs bathroom is going to be retiled, and they're insisting it can be done before she gets here. I am skeptical.

SakiVI: I've been enjoying watching the Manafort trial news.  First time ever I've liked listening to news channels. I normally get the funny versions from Colbert or or other late night tv shows.

Panda: I have had the absolute best weekend ever *grins*. I seem to have paused Ashes of Love for now, the bts bruhaha gave me a headache with the different screenwriters and production company issues. Plus there's a twitter chingu who is watching raw and her posts were not too encouraging. I wanted to start Ruyi but then I was on technology blackout all weekend. And finally, Rise of Phoenixes is coming to Netflix!!!! I've heard its boring etc but I. Can't. Wait.


Let's Eat 3 (Finale) 

We all knew the ending would be rushed since the series had to end early, with Doo Joon being conscripted. They managed to cover the main parts, which were Dae Young/Ji Woo, Seo Yeon/Woo Sun, and then whatever happened between the two step-sisters. All of these things were resolved pretty satisfactorily as far as I was concerned, even if for Dae Young and Ji Woo it was simply an acknowledgement that there was interest but he still needs a little time to get over the loss of Soo Ji.  
I know some didn't like that, but it made sense to me because he wasn't really getting over anything at all until Ji Woo came back into his life. Rather than thinking she's been gone two years, for Dae Young it's only been a couple months that he's REALLY living without her. He hasn't even had time to process that inevitable feeling of guilt that he CAN move on, so I say let the guy have his time, and it will all work out.
I did think all the jokes about Dae Young having to go into the Army because his family lost their money, and how suddenly he had to go, were very funny - given the real life situation, I mean.  I wonder if they did that on purpose or if it was always part of the plot?  I'd have liked to have seen those college friends in the present day a little more, to know how they turned out and to finally see the pretty one's wife's face - but those things were easy to let go in a shortened series, I suppose.  Hopefully the business Dae Young and Sun Woo Sun were setting up means that in two years when Doo Joon is back, we'll get a Let's Eat 4.

30 But 17/17 Again 

The cuteness is killing me.  KILLING ME.
This is Paeng and as cute as he is, he's the LEAST cute thing in the drama.  Yes, really.

 Lovely Horribly 

This is enjoyable enough but somehow I never give it my full attention.  The star and his writer keep trading off luck and have since childhood, without realizing until recently.  The producer was also a child hood friend, but is keeping that secret for now.  There really IS someone trying to kill the star, but we don't know why.  There really IS a ghost giving the writer psychic hints about the plot.  The writer who 'died' really isn't dead, but who knows where she's been.  And the producer definitely cares about the writer but I'm still not sure he's entirely trustworthy overall.  I think that's the gist.


I couldn't watch this. I made time, but the YT clips scared me away not because I didn't think it was going to be good, but I didn't want to deal with his pain this past week. 

Witch's Love (Surprise! Finale!)

A 12-episode drama?  When was the last time we had one of THOSE?  They timed this one well, for the most part.  And I will cheer for Cho Hong and her adorably cute but surprisingly manly Director Ma forever and ever, those two kissing fools.  May they live happily with the halmeonis forever!

I really enjoyed this show through and through. I was surprised that it was a 12-ep drama, but Korea should take note (which they won't/I didn't see anyone talking about this show. Did it even show up in any of the Korean viewing sites?) that you can have a show that isn't 16-eps long and not be a "special." Any other show would've dragged out the mom kidnapping her own son to keep cheating husband plotline for at least 4-10 episodes when clearly we didn't need that. Have there been many (any) modern shows about real witches? I liked the whole idea of the destined person but what she still chose the person her heart fell for. I knew that the grandmas hadn't hurt him because they just were never the type. I want Hyun Woo in something else soon.

In something else? Like what? Sheets? Despite the face he's nearly 34 so it's okay to think that way.

Well, I did post a pic of him in his pajamas. Word on street is that he's officially dating the other secretary from What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. He co-starred with her in the Tailors show.

Familiar Wife 

Wow, did this suddenly move into 'hey, this is really GOOD' territory all of a sudden? Everyone involved is doing a fabulous job but come on, we all know Ji Sung carries the emotional weight here and thank God he's got the shoulders for it because in lesser hands, this could have been horrible.
We are currently stuck in the position of wanting to root for Joong Hoo to win the heart of Woo Jin even though we know that's not going to happen.  He's an absolute sweetheart, and let's not forget that he had a happy family with a wife and child (twins!) he loved in the original timeline.  It seems too cruel for him to have lost them (even if he has no idea) AND to lose Woo Jin...but we all know Woo Jin's heart cannot stop moving toward Joo Hyuk, right? 
Joo Hyuk is trying so hard to not be that guy, too.  My one quibble is that I don't understand why he is so upset that Hye Won is divorcing him - it's a horrible marriage, he doesn't love her, and shouldn't he be glad it's ending even if he never ends up back with Woo Jin?

The cool surprise this week was a further development in the mystery of why Woo Jin's eomma recognizes him as her son-in-law. You all saw her drawing that toll booth, right?

Okay, so I was watching this faithfully all along but this week switched something on. It was sooo effing good. Like, damn it Ji Sung can act. HE CAN ACT his rocks off. So many emotional beats last two episodes and he nailed them all without a hitch. And Han Ji Min is giving back as good as she gets.  This is now my favorite role of hers ever.  Watching him grow up, and acknowledge that he's been such a selfish bastard who deserves all he's getting and then root for Woo Jin and Jong Hoo was so good. And Jong Hoo! Such a cutie, I need him happy in all lifetimes.  But its not just the three of them, the supporting cast too is good. Hwan cracks me up so much. I just knew he had a crush on his colleague and his confession! LOOOL. Pretending he didn't get it from a drama. Pfffffft.

I am so invested now in everything. I wonder what will happen if (when) he goes back. Will everyone else retain their memory? Can't wait! And I am indeed curious why Omma was drawing that toll booth Jo.

Mr. Sunshine 

They punked us this week, but I should have known Gu Dong Mae was too tough to die. We get a lot of Fan Boy material in this week's episodes, but who's going to complain about that? Not I!  Individually and together, they are working to protect Ae Sin and honestly, to protect the country. I know Dong Mae is supposed to be pro-Japanese but he's really just pro the people he loves, and that's Ae Sin and his fellow admirers now. We are headed for a big show down with the Japanese, and the tension is building.

My ID is Gangnam_Beauty 

I am really enjoying this show for all the reasons that everyone has been talking about: the real discussion about plastic surgery and the question of beauty and the fact that just changing your outside doesn't change who you are as a person and clearly can't erase the trauma. Poor MiRae still sees herself as the old MiRae and is buying into the idea that her reconstruction makes her a beauty Frankenstein's monster of a sort. You have to get that to get why she keeps pushing Kyung Sook away. Too many commenters just can't understand that. Fortunately, he sees that or at least he sees the difference between her saying that she "can't" like him vs. that she "doesn't." I hope he sticks to his guns and waits like he says he will and doesn't misconstrue what he sees at the end of this week's episodes.  I also like the relationship he has with his sister and with his newly returned mom. This is also refreshing because in other shows, this plotpoint would've been dragged out forever. I still don't trust the dad though. 

However, I am also LOVING this show because he is not having any of Soo-A's bullshit. He tells her directly that he doesn't like her. He figures out immediately that she is behind much of MiRae's withdrawal from him. He knows why she has shown up to work with them. He even calls her out for pursuing him when he knows that she doesn't really like him. I get why people are saying that he is wooden, but man, I'm loving his deadpan get the hell away from me Soo-A stuff. Tell her, Kyung Sook!!!

Everything Trot said.  People get messed up by what happens to them, and things getting 'better' doesn't automatically fix that damage. People also learn to do better, but can't always stick to it, so they try again - we see some of that, too.  In short, we get very human people in this story.  It's refreshing.

Let Me Introduce Her 

I don't think that it's airing this week because of the Asia Games.

I was so disappointed.

Voice 2

Holy kettle balls, Trot. This show is VICIOUS. Is it a cable channel? Because this would get a hard pass on network TV in the US, I think - it's pretty scary. That clown was...*shivers*



Legend of Fuyao 


Bloody Romance 


No for me too. I wanted to like it, but maybe I'll get into when Viki does the subs.

Yes for me. It's not a great production, sure. But I am intrigued by the world, and I like Chang An and Wan Mei.

No, it's no because I didn't watch any :) I like it okay but not quite as much as the fangirls below. 

Just to be clear, I don't hate it, I just wasn't enamored, especially with confusing subs. Also, a La Femme Nikita type show takes a certain mood for me

Accidentally in Love

With all the stress and the crazy going on in RL last week, I absolutely needed this show. As I said, all the eng subs had suddenly disappeared. It was like someone stopped subbing; they were just gone. But the network for drama watching is a wonderful place, and I got the equivalent of meeting someone in a different state because they are from another state which is the only place left where you can buy a certain kind of syrup (yes, I have done that) and now have access to this gem. I swear that Qing Qing is going to probably be in my top favorite heroines of 2018. She could've been the stereotypical rich overprotected heiress but she is a spunky, loyal, ass kicking college student who stands up to her grandfather, is a great friend, an entrepreneur, and is the exact girlfriend our traumatized idol needs. She doesn't bring out the best in him but allows him to be his best. She's exactly the kind of friend I wish I had in college. This song plagiarism case though? His rival guy needs to get over his hatred of him and follow his better instinct which we all know is there. He's already regretting how he has pushed Fang Fang away. He wants to like her but feels like he has to be loyal to the dead friend.  And who doesn't love these sets. Barbie meet Fisher Price.

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (New) 

I started this for the clothes and scenery of the palace.  As for the storyline, it's the usual harem politics, which is basically rich and pretty mean girls all vying for one cute, rich boy's attention, although we know in real life no one was that good-looking.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o89M_QuN6zg (The photos apparently trended on a website called "Dear Chinese Emperor, I feel bad for you," although the princes don't look anything that great either.)

Martial Universe

Story was getting a little bit repetitive, so I focused on the one character who was showing some development, Huan Huan, who about to turn into this Ice Goddess and forget all emotions and connections to others. She is also the reject out of the two girls that the main character is involved in, in that he likes her, but immediately forgets her when the other woman shows up. And I don't get it, because out of the two, I really like Huan Huan.

Meteor Garden 2018 (Finale)

What the ever loving hell did they do to the ending of this show? That is a big NO from me. What a fucking waste of time. Did they let the production crew's grade-school KIDS do that? I'm frustrated because it came out of nowhere; it's not that it introduces new things....technically, it did the things we expected, but the way it did them, the cloud under which they were given to us - it pretty much wipes everything out. It was just STUPID. A hamfisted attempt at being cute. I wanted a proper send off for characters I loved and I got...I don't know, the series ending equivalent of a cold bag of fries and a limp balloon and one person waving goodbye while talking on the cell phone to the people they'd RATHER be hanging out with.


Fear the Walking Dead 

June and Morgan find each other and bring their ragtag groups together. There's a woman out there leaving disease in boxes meant to be helpful to passersby, I think. She's completely nuts, but interesting. Still no sign of John or Alecia or anyone else.

Castle Rock 

Seems like murder is in season in Castle Rock, and that mysterious kid is even more mysterious and has a deep connection to Harvey, and what? The empath DIED? When? How? So is she alive now? Did that guy bring her back? What is going on?

Jack Ryan

Amazon prime original, 8 episodes, marathoned everything today. My dad is a huge Tom Clancy fan (I read almost all the Jack Ryan series a long time ago) and he was so stoked to know about the adaptation. Fast paced, punchy, I really enjoyed it. John K has clearly been working out as a lower-bits blurred shower scene fully conveyed. He also fit the character perfectly. I loved how his relationship with Greer evolved and appreciated that it wasn't the typical buddy buddy relationship too. The villains were the usual but were a lot more 3 dimensional than most. My two mist burning questions now though are- Is John K now a Chris or Tom? And when do we get a season 2???