Coming Soon: Kakashi Fanfiction "Getting Lost on the Roads of Life"

It's an open secret that my first, my big, my eternal love is Kakashi from the Naruto Universe. Never have I met a character who could fascinate me more. Since April this year, triggered by an intensive rewatch of Naruto, I have been publishing Kakashi Fanfiction over at Archive of Our Own. Even if nobody here is into Naruto (hello? watch it!), I am of the conviction that there cannot be enough Kakashi love in the world. Hence I decided to re-publish the story - which is ongoing - on this blog. Slowly. Whenever there's an opening.

In the Fanfiction universe, Kakashi has been paired with basically every possible character from Naruto. While watching, I had no particular ship. After reading Fanfiction, I developed one. Luckily, it's quite a popular one (helps! All the Shao Wan hate got to me at one stage:) and one ripe for plenty of angst and heartbreak. Love it.

*Drumroll* It's KakaSaku! Huge age gap. Teacher to lover. Plenty of trauma. Oh, and yeah... Sakura is married to Sasuke.

credit to owner: great gif! Thank you!

Besides, it's Kakashi's birthday this Sunday! Happy Birthday, my love!

Chapter 1