Rants and Weekly Raves #258 (RAWR)

Trotwood: What am I supposed to think about this picture? Where is everyone? I can submit my stuff tonight when I get home from work. Was going to do it last night, but too many things happened first weekend students are on campus. Faculty!! Give them work already!!
kakashi: I'm here, Trot. My semester starts next week and I'm in panic mode.
Panda: OMG why is this man so hotttt?
That's it. That's the whole RAWR πŸ˜‚


(running in after being traumatized because I actually erased all of last week's RAWR) I'm here (panting) I'm here! Updating now. Thanks to Emma and QAS who commented when there was nothing. 


Doctor John (Finale)

From what I am reading, quite a number of people were very very happy with the finale. It is one of the limited number of finales where a time jump was the only thing that would make sense if people wanted certain things to happen. I liked how we did not have women being rivals over the same man in this show (keep it up, drama writers), and the bond that the sisters have where they meet in the middle was well done. I was worried that Ji Sung would just be so much better than everyone else, but the team dynamic worked and the unexpected allies did as well. However, I really wanted more punishment for our revenge obsessed nurse. Just me?


The Fearless

I had completely forgotten about this show. It didn't seem to have any international buzz despite starring Lego Lee. It's Lego Lee, people. Anyway, I stumbled upon subs, and it's actually complete, so please no spoilers if you have already watched. I've only seen one episode. Lee plays a man who turned to the thug life because he couldn't stand his father's job as a mortician (who also happens to see ghosts I think). In a fight, he gets shot, flatlines, and wakes up alive in the morgue. But now he can see ghosts. I believe that he'll end up solving crimes with the female lead who is a forensic pathologist.


Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation

Episode 7 was a delight until the last minute, but before that I was soooo happy. Nagi is really so settled into her new life and new friends who are giving her the spark and hope she needs. Yes, her mother is coming to visit next month, and we know she will be a serious threat, but I really believe that with these new friends, she could survive this. Mama's mistaken attempt to try to get her back with Shinji was priceless because she is clearly so over him but not bitter and recognizing her faults in the relationship; it's Shinji who still has regrets, and I wonder if he really loves her or just feels guilty towards her. I'm so happy about the idea of Nagi and her best friend owning the laundromat and how everyone wants to help. Even our puppy PullApartBun was an essential partner in this proposal. But I should know better because whenever I think about an episode "this is a perfect episode", writers kill my dream. Subs for 8 are out but I didn't have the nerve to see what happens in Shinji's apartment after his tearful confession. I'm going to blame the mom for this, too!



I was pretty done with our OTP this episode. Yo assuming that Pha was on a date with Pring was even more annoying in the show than it is in the book. He's obviously angry the entire time, and the fact that Yo asks creepy stalker Park to a movie out of spite was just dumb. Creepy Park? He thinks he's just going to let this go? Thank goodness we had lots of cute times with ForthBeam couple and the fact that they are really getting to know and admire the other as true friends and not just lovers. I'm telling you right now that if Benjamin Braser wasn't playing Pha to the hilt, I'd be fastforwarding through the PhaYo storyline at this point.