Rants and Weekly Raves #301 (RAWR)

Trotwood: Helloooo! Is anyone out there? Once again not watching a lot. The days seemed to meld into one another, and I'm having difficulty distinguishing days. I picked up a new drama, but nothing is replacing Midnight Pop-Up Bar right now.
kakashi: I'm kinda here, Trot! Missing the mountains... my mom might be able to leave the hospital next week so it's possible we might go up there for a while. I'd love to. Every additional day with her feels like a gift. Meanwhile, Covid-19 still sucks. And I'm still reading Historical Romance books like crazy. I make myself laugh.


Dinner Mate/Will You Have Dinner With Me

This is probably the last time I write about this show. I love the leads. I even really like their workplace colleagues, but this has turned into the crazy ex-show. Both of the ex-partners to these two wonderful people are going down that road of manipulating situations to make the ex take them back. One of them really needs serious therapy, even to the point of believing that what he should do when his love (who wants him as far away from her as possible) is to go to her new boyfriend for a therapy session. It looks like he is going to pull the same thing he did in the past , ruining a career in the process, just to get attention. I'm too angry in real life to spend my dram watching time being angry. I did like the lines Do Hee says to her rival in last week's eps. It's what we as drama watchers say all the time!

It's Okay Not to Be Okay


Lost Romance

Still haven't gone back to it, but Jo says it's really funny and Marc, of course, is hot.

Parallel Love

I started this show because of a recommendation by one of our readers, curelover. Thanks so much because despite living on 4-hours sleep a night last week, trying to finish two work projects, I watched ALL TWELVE episodes that have been subbed on Tencent's official YT channel. I'm really enjoying it a lot. The plot centers on a woman in her early 30s who, for some unknown reason, gets sent back ten years in time and can only get back to her present day and current life if she helps the ML become president of his company. I really like her because I really like watching women who are good at their jobs. They start off on the wrong foot, but of course he isn't an idiot and recognizes how good she is, too. If time travel wasn't enough of a problem, we have the fact that ML's stepbrother is the FL's boyfriend ten years ago who broke up with her. I'm going to say right here that I don't like him, but I don't blame him either. She was silly, clingy, and immature on so many levels. I can't believe that they are the same person to be honest. The other problem is that there is also another faction at work that wants to make sure the ML doesn't success. However, I'm a sucker for the OTP getting together or falling in love through their solving a problem together. It's 24 episodes, and I think has finished airing, but they released two episodes this weekend. 

Mr. Honesty

I have spent most of my time on twitter talking about how awful most of the FL's clothes are, but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the show. Tencent is putting out subs for this show as well. There are 6 episodes, and I watched all of them this weekend.  The Mr. Honesty of the title is the ML, Fang Zhi You, who hates lies so much that he never tells one. You can imagine how this makes people not like him because he doesn't even use the little white lies that people tell to make people feel better or to engage in conversation. In fact, he meets the FL when he overhears her boyfriend talking to someone on the phone in French and realizes that he's talking another girlfriend without the FL realizing it. She ends up working for him as his assistant. I'm really liking some of the minor characters like her friend and the intern (who I think mus be related to the ML somehow), and the ML's little sister. This looks like another show where the the main couple is going to end up working together to fight the main antagonist as opposed to the conflict being just between them. 


Life Senjou no Bokura/ Life: Love on the Line

I've decided not to watch this week's episode because I know that it's going to be full of angst. Instead, I'm going to wait to watch it with the last episode (show is only 4) this coming weekend.

Sherlock: Untold Stories

This show aired from October to December. I wrote about it here the first and last time on October 22 when I had access to the first two episodes. I was so excited because shows with Dean Fujioka get subbed sooooo slowly. Sometimes, it takes over a year, but we got two episodes subbed within a week of each, Well, I spoke too soon  obviously since it's been almost 9 months since the last subbed episode. I actually had to ff thru episode to remind me of what was going on. Now the overall plot has been amply set up with the real estate scam case and Japan's version of Professor Moriarty lurking in the background. I do love Dean's Holmes/Homara, and making his Watson/Wakamiya be a psychologist is a good addition to the detection. The case of the week have all been really interesting and fairly dark, but I'm not getting excited an jinx it again.