Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #404

Anne: Hello Everyone! I'm one day late with the post. Work has buried me under at least ten feet of paperwork. I would like to say that I'm exaggerating. Sigh... 

Apparently, my party planning skills have now volunteered me to plan a site wide celebration for Asian Heritage Month. I sort side stepped and told the team that I can supplied the costumes and the payments. It is my time to wear the HanFu that I have stored in my closet! How exciting!

Is it just me or has the drama selections lately been kind of blah....? But my ongoing drama has kept me busy. On with the discussions!

Who Rules the World

The look of a man who just got rejected and CANNOT believe it just happened! I have to say Yang Yang certainly have improved in his acting. I have caught up to episode 27, which is still only about half way through. While the story started slow, I am getting more absorbed in the story line. Granted, this is a genre that I like, so I do give this show a lot more chances than anything else. 

Part of me still don't understand how Hei Feng Xi, who heads a spy network that has a certain reputation, does not know Bai Feng Xi's real identity. Then again, it's not like he goes around with a mask or anything. The only explanation that I can come up with is that the court rarely, if ever, comes into contact with people of the Jianghu. Bai Feng Xi makes more sense since almost no one has ever seen her as the Princess. But Hei Feng Xi keeps going around doing stuff, so it just boggles my mind! 

He was SO close! 
This is when everyone should question why you need a bodyguard.

Again My Life

Kim Hee Woo finally met back up with the person who killed him. I've caught up to the episode 12, and Cho Tae Seob is now targeting the people around Kim Hee Woo. Granted, Cho Tae Seob hasn't found out quite yet that Hee Woo is targeting him. It is interesting the Hee Woo played into Tae Seob's own self delusion that everything he is doing is for the greater good of the country. Just 4 more episodes left! This drama loves to end each episode right in the middle of a scene. Ugh!

Plus and Minus

Fu Li Gong finally confessed his feelings for Ze Shou, but it did not go as he has hoped. Now the poor boy is in this awkward situation where his best friend and his heart's desire is treating him just only as a good friend, every second reminding him that he is only a friend. Let's see how long they will drag this out?

And this is yet for this week.
Hope everyone have a great week...And make sure you don't get buried under paperwork!