Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #406

Anne: Ah...memorial weekend...one extra day in the weekend...and I spent it ALL catching up on the Korean dramas that have somehow sucked me in. I have little else to update so let's just get to the discussions!

Again My Life

Well...all's well that ends well... As expected, Hee Woo's friends were running their own "plans" in order to help him. We now know why Secretary Kim stuck by Cho Tae Seob this entire time, how she "died" to become the reaper who gave Hee Woo a second chance, and the origins of the man who murdered Hee Woo in his previous life. Cho Tae Seob was, at one point, doing some slightly questionable things for the "greater good", which for him has always been a stronger Korea. It was during this transition phase of his, that he set in motion a series of events that led to a fire at the orphanage where Secretary Kim and her older brother (Tae Seob's eventual hit man) were rescued by Tae Seob. In the end, Hee Woo removed everyone Tae Seob trusted, until he was all alone. However, the happy ending is less than expected as none of the "bad" guys actually got much of a punishment, with the exception of the hit man and his "handler". Also Cho Tae Seob sort of just "disappeared", believed to have committed suicide (but do we really believed it?) Everyone else, the corrupt government officials, were all given a slap on the wrist. So...the big boss was removed, but his minions all remained. 

And while the "good" side gathered to celebrate...

The "bad" guys were all gathered in a board room somewhere else...

Where Tae Seob's minions have found themselves with a new boss...no political power seeking this time...just a simple target of making money...

It's looks like foundation of season 2 is being laid...and Hee Woo well aware of the fact...

Well...I guess a second season won't be so bad...I do love Lee Joon Gi and his character of Kim Hee Woo. So cool!

Sh**ting Stars

After that disastrous confession, where the object of his love ran screaming out the door, the boys decided to analyze the situation. The conclusions were, 1) it was the wrong type of screaming, 2) Gong Tae Sung has done WAY too many things to make her dislike him that it might be impossible to overcome, and 3) they have little in common in terms of the food they enjoy. So in the end, they just both sighed. And in a chance encounter with his "ex-girlfriend" that he didn't even know he had, Tae Sung realized that he had his love interest write the PR post about this "official" girlfriend because at the time it seemed like a good idea to piss off a guy he didn't like who was interested in the "girlfriend".  Ha ha ha...

But he did finally managed to be successful in his confession

But of course they can't date in public. And while they are always in fear of being found out...a dating rumor on Tae Sung suddenly explodes on the web.

A new lover who is so good-looking that they could be a celebrity, one who has a lot of money...and named "Handsome Lawyer D".... As stated in the tabloid, this new lover moved next door to Tae Sung after his year of volunteering, meeting inside their residence wasn't enough for this pair of love-birds, as they have also been spotted meeting in the stairway of their building...And lawyer Do Soo Hyuk admitted to all the "evidence"...

The moving next door to Tae Sung was coincidence. The meetings on the stairwell resulted from a stupid bet they had and neither wanted to back down. After this, they had one last encounter on the stairwell...

One of the best sarcastic conversations in a drama.

Yoo Na, a new actress that only became an actress because her dad wanted her to do something with her life, and who only got the role because she acted exactly like her haughty self (and the director just thought she was in "character" during her interview) has been in a hate-hate relationship with her co-star, Jae Hyun. This all changed when their characters had a kissing scene in the drama...

And this opened up a whole new world view for these two. They started to "date" in secret while still pretending to their managers that they hated each other's guts. 
Their managers just think that they have moved onto avoiding each other... but little did they know...whom they are each "texting" on their phone.

The show also have quite a few surprises....like Tae Sung's housekeeper....
Who, in reality, is a crazy rich woman who went to great lengths to make herself memorable in Tae Sung's life. There was also an anti-fan who infiltrated into Tae Sung's life in order to get revenge for a death of another actor.

Tae Sung got caught in another dating rumor. But this time it is with a very famous recently divorced actress, and the scandal of him carrying on an affair with a married woman was causing enormous damage to his public image...And the PR team cannot explain why the rumor was ridiculous. And the only reason he became a celebrity was also because of this woman. 

What will I be surprised by next!?

From Now On, Showtime!

This is a story about a magician, Cha ChaWoong whose real power is being able to see and communicate with ghosts. His illusions are all done with the help of the 3 ghosts that he "employs". The show does a fairly decent job of showing the magic show as mortals see them 
and then as ChaWoong sees them.

He encounters Go Seul Hae one day while she chased a purse snatcher into his show. And she realized that his group of employees are the ideal helpers to help solve crimes. Granted I still don't understand how these ghosts can make someone dance or fight. But I choose to ignore the logic in that and just go with it. 

ChaWoong comes from a long line of Shamans, but he refuses to follow in his grandfather's footsteps because he sees no value in helping people who only believe you when it suits them. With already 12 or 16 episodes on air, a lot of stuff has happened. I will probably spend next week's post hitting the highlights, but this is definitely a recommend.

Who Rules the World
As expected, both Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi were instrumental in defeating he main villain, Yu Wu Yuan, who started this entire thing to get revenge for his family being annihilated by the late emperor, whom the other vassal states pledged allegiance to. With Huang Chao's help, they three of them killed Wu Yuan and his plan to take over the world. In the end, Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi gave up their claim to their thrones in order to live the rest of their lives with each other, which isn't that long apparently because Hei Feng Xi, in order to save Bai Feng Xi, gave her his "years". As such, he only has 10 more years to live.

And as expected of such a sacrifice, his hair is now completely white (I never get this). Strangely enough, the show kept with this 10 year rule, and there is no signs that he could break from it. And we all know what will happened when he dies right? In conclusion, it is a good enough drama that really, really liked to show off war strategies. The last few episodes were all focused on one kingdom taking over one another.

And that's it for this week! Have a great week everyone.