Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #430

Anne: This is my second attempt to write this post... I accidently erased everything when I was ALMOST done!!!! Stupid automatic saving!!! Ah!!! It's like my thesis all over again. That time, I erased an entire chapter. 

So...let's see how much of my brilliance I remember...

I started by saying that I spent a lot of time watching shows and while I was writing...and that I finally have time because I was done with the documents. Also...I have learned a skill I never though was necessary: how to monster-proof a 6 year old's bed from the monster living underneath his bed. Who knew that a fort of pillows was the deterrent. 

Anyway... on to the shows... or rather just one show that I REALLY liked.

My Uncanny Destiny

So... I was saying before that I started this because I was taking a break from my other dramas. Even from the start of episode one, I raised my eyebrow at how Liu Xuan Ming's dad died and its relation to Ye Zhao Nan's birth...which forever started a life long hatred of Xuan Ming for Zhao Nan.

Sadly, I cannot recaptured the elegant turn of phrase of my describing how Zhao Nan, in her effort to "hide" from her wife (Zhi Lan), decided to hire some fake assassins to "injure" her, allowing her to recuperate ALONE for a few more months. (There was a whole scene about hemorrhoids and blood...that you have to have some crass in your humor to appreciate...). The plan obviously went completely off track, because her own General hired the #1 assassin in the world to actually KILL her, so that the General can become the ruler of City A (I still don't remember the name...). At the place of this assassination, Xuan Ming, the ruler of City B, shows up. There is a whole scene where he cursed his own attractiveness where even men are mesmerized by him.

And after a scary fall of a cliff, and hanging on for dear life...

... he discovers that the man "in red" isn't really a man at all. A slap and a fall to the ground... Zhao Nan knocks herself unconscious and into amnesia.  As she is taken into City B, she encounters 3 "spies" from City A, sent there by her General, with the mission to kill Xuan Ming. The 3 stooges...

...convinces Zhao Nan that she is a daughter and a sister with two older brothers. In the meantime, Zhi Lan, out searching for her husband (who fell off a cliff), is captured and became a servant in City B. The #1 world's assassin follows Zhao Nan's trail and also ends up in City B, where upon he meets Xuan Ming's younger sister, and is defeated by her never-ending practical jokes/tricks. 

Everyone in this show has an unique and over exaggerated characteristic that makes it just so much funnier.

Liu Xuan Ming loves to take baths...in his very large wooden tub...

...half naked and with that stupid thin inner garment, it's a like a wet T-shirt contest with male contestants! (The bath water, itself, became a joke later on in the story.) And yes, you will see him in this bath tub...a LOT.

Of course, he's not the only half naked man in this drama. Remember Zhao Nan's General? If there is a scene, where this man is NOT in court...he's topless....

... and hot... as in always in some sweaty situation. This one he's "fanning" but in a lot of them, he's exercising and/or lifting weights. He is the dumb jock who is not the best in the brain department, and isn't great with strategy, but he is loyal to his people and state (you will realize why later).

The comedy is about teenager level and very in-your-face. But this is part of it's charm. I mean, with the exception of the psychotic princesses...everyone else had redeemable qualities. This is a must see for anyone who thought Go Princess Go was funny (this one has a much better ending). Of course, just this scene alone...

... makes this drama a great watch in my book. The 2nd ML really did his best...and I wish that he would find someone. And strangely enough...he was always fully clothed.

I LOVE this show!

This was the major highlight of my last two weeks....so I'll just give a quick overview of the rest.

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner -- It was cute, short, and had a sort of happy ending. But there are so many unexplained points that if you need to have logic in your drama, I would skip this one. If you like BL that hardly had time to tell a complete story... you can survive this.

Letter from the Cloud -- If you like how smart the people were in Imperial Coroner, I would probably refrain from this show. Because at some point in the middle, you would either die from frustration or unintentional suicide because you kept repeatedly banging your head against the wall. There were more than one incidence I had to FF the show...otherwise, I would probably be so mad that I couldn't continue. It at least had a somewhat interesting plot. Proceed with caution.

Alchemy of Souls -- (This was where I was when somehow I highlighted everything and deleted it and then hit the refresh page button instead of undo...) I CANNOT ask for a better ending. And how long do you think it will take for Naksu to find the King a bride? Probably not for a few more years...until all the artifacts that escaped have been captured.

Three-Body -- I know this was one of the most anticipated dramas. I have watched 3 episodes. I like the staging, but the hubby thinks it's slow. There is a lot of setting the stage. Although I guess I don't understand why the Turkey/Farmer and Shooter analogy only applies to physics. At least from my limited episode viewing, this seems like the overall question of what is beyond the human limit. Why does the sub-atomic inconsistencies point to a complete collapse of the science of physics? Unless I remember incorrectly, which is a definite possibility, sub-atomic physics can never be "certain"...it's always based on probabilities. Which is why I got confused at the pool table demonstration. But again, I'm not a physicist...and physics was one of my worst subjects. So...take my comments for what they are worth...hahaha.   I think it is interesting, and will continue to follow and let's see how this pans out.

Thank you Everyone! This is it for the week.