Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #446

Anne: Hello Drama lovers! I am one day late, but I just had to come on here and talk about two shows that I've been watching in the past week. So...without further ado...let's begin!

My Lovely Liar

My Korean drama slump is over!!! I was going to wait this out a bit until more episodes aired on Viki...but I ended up taking a peek...and didn't stop until I finished the two episodes that were available. I am in LOVE with this show, with the FL, the ML, the FL's driver, and the group of shop owners. And there is a deer/moose that "attacks" people...(so funny)...the thing looks like a zombie deer.

Mok Sol Hee has an unique ability, which apparently was given to her because her mother prayed to every god she knew when Sol Hee was in the womb to give her a gift that can make money without any training required. So....she was given the gift to being able to "hear" a lie. 

Kim Do Ha is a very successful song writer/producer/musician, who spends his time hiding from the world. Despite his success and popularity, very few people know what he looks like. 

The FL and ML actually met 5 years ago, on a bus, where he was running away from an ex-girlfriend's brother who accused him of murdering his sister, and she was running away from a gangster trying to kill her because she exposed his treacherous actions against his own gang. 

Five years later, she has open a shop and her reputation has circulated among the rich and elite clients, who comes to her for various help. At one point...her driver and friend asks her what she does with all her money...

...saving to buy a building. I assume the gold bars is so that her mother cannot steal her money. (Watch episode 2 and you will understand.)

Five years later, he is in hiding due to his artist's stalkery behavior which result in reporters finding out his address and surrounding him to get a "picture" of his face. So he hides in an apartment that his manager/friend bought for investment purposes. Which just happens to be RIGHT NEXT door to our FL. As to why he is always hiding...it's because his ex-girlfriend's older brother, who is still hunting for him.

Because she can hear lies, and her ability has never failed, right now, two episodes in, she thinks that Do Hee never tells a lie. Not even the most common lie in the world. Is he always telling the truth, or does her ability not work on him?

I can't wait to find out!

And the chemistry between them is sizzling!

Exclusive Fairytale

This is super cute! Ling Chao and Xiao Tu were basically born a month apart, with the girl being older. Their parents are each other's god parents. For the time being, Xiao Tu treated Ling Chao as a younger brother she must protect. Into their life, comes Yin Zi Han, a boy from a rich family who is always coming in second compared to Ling Chao.

So... Yin Zin Han, being the simple minded boy in order to beat his nemesis, reasoned that he can find out Ling Chao's faults and any other thing he can exploit by befriending Xiao Tu. Of course, Zin Han's aggressive friending of Xiao Tu makes everyone else thinks that he "likes" her. This "misunderstanding" goes way out of hand and leads to one of the most funniest dinner moments of any show. It is obvious who their mothers' prefer to be their kid's significant other. And all the one-ups-manship that Zin Han is doing, from his point of view, is just proving he is better than Ling Chao, not that he is trying to please the parents of the girl he likes. 

There are other family issues that they have to work through. But this is a very cute and growing up story plot that has two very cute ML and FL.

And this is it for this week. Hope everyone have a great week!