Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #448

Anne: Happy Tuesday...or whatever day it is when I finally press the "publish" button on this posting. So...I have finally come to the conclusion that I'm overworked. School has finally started again, and I'm looking to plan some personal time off where I will be ALL ALONE for about six hours every day. Is it sad that I am REALLY looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet? What will I do for a whole SIX hours?! 

Ok, enough of me looking forward to whenever I will be taking off work. Let's focus on what I have been doing the last two weeks or so. I'm still watching a lot of the amateur dramas on YouTube (and what is this drug crime epidemic going on in China with people drugging people for sex???). But I did managed to catch a few dramas here and there...although I have let some others slide. Now, let's start this week's update.

Stay by My Side

So...I must've book marked this Taiwanese BL drama a while back, and it found it's way back to the top of my list just recently. Since I waited so long, nearly all the episodes have aired, with the exception one. I binged all 9 episodes in two days. It wasn't that difficult, as most of these dramas are fairly short anyway. 

Bu Xia is born with the gift of being able to see and hear the dead. It's a family legacy, passed down generation to generation. However, because he is so afraid of hearing and seeing such entities, his grandfather sealed his powers. Unfortunately for him, when his elder sister unsealed her powers to take over the family temple after the death of their grandfather, she accidently damaged his seal. 

Into his dorm room comes Jiang Chi, Bu Xia's new roommate who is immediately drawn to him at first sight. And while, at first, Bu Xia was not very happy about his unwanted roommate. But then, he realized that Jiang Chi's presence blocked his abilities, and he was only able to sleep well when the unwanted roommate is around. 

Of course, Bu Xia's needing Jiang Chi to be around him makes the other boy thinks that Bu Xia returned his feelings. Well...after a few misunderstandings and a really fast reconciliation, the boys only have one more episode to go before, hopefully, an ending that won't pissed me off. 

So...the story is just ok. And the story is very PG. However, the thing that I'm obsessed with this drama is actually the soundtrack. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqDZQSOf130) Copy the link if anyone want to check it out. I have always had a thing about lyrics. And my favorite song is number 4 on the list. The lyric that is making me obsessed is the following (roughly translated...).

I'm sorry that I'm not what you wanted

You feel like there seems to be something missing

Gave you everything I could

But my all, could barely meet your minimum 

I'm playing the soundtrack on loop in the car now...

Kiseki: Dear to Me

And this is my second BL drama that I started this week. This one just started so it's a bit frustrating with the slow airing pace. Comparing to the one above, this one is a bit more "mature" although the age difference (or the perception of one) is much more pronounced. And the whole gang thing is trying to inject an element of danger into this entire plot. Given how this story started, I guess it's warranted. 

The plot is simple, Bai Zhong Yi, who looks like he's still in high school, but to make this not so cringy, I'll say he's in college. He runs into an injured Fan Ze Rui, who apparently is in a gang of some sort, fighting for territory. I really have no idea how even a romance started, but there you go.

Anyway, the reason why I'm watching this... Hsu Kai...

...Okay...I confess, I found his MDL page AFTER I started the show and this one phrase he said in the middle of episode 2, when he wakes up facing the boy he liked, "Morning, baby." I don't know why that voice, with just those two words struck a chord. 

As for the plot and story...nothing really grabs my attention yet. At least not the plot...giggle...giggle...

An Ancient Love Song

So I started this a bit later than most people, mostly because even from the start this didn't seem like it was setup to have a good ending. But I finally started last week and finished it. Overall, the story is very good. The ending was very satisfactory, despite it being exactly as I predicted.

The plot revolves around Shen Bu Yan and his travels back in time to witness the history about the evil empress, who was at the center of very popular book he wrote. He finds out that his interpretation of history was not exactly the truth. It broke my heart when her brother died! (And no it was not because he was so good looking...)

From the very beginning, there is a mystery beyond the truth of history, but also the role that Shen Bu Yan plays in the life of Lu Yuan. In the end, he realized the truth, how important he was not only to the history of that era, but also in influencing Lu Yuan to accomplish everything she did in her life. I love the entire story, how it developed, and how it was told. 

Behind Your Touch

I don't know what the title is supposed to be in Korean, but I want to give a round of applause to the person who came up with the English title. It is both figurative and literal. I LOVE it!

Now for the story. Ye Bun is a vet who took over her grandfather's business. But instead of looking after large farm animals, she specializes in pets, in a small country town. She has a tense relationship with her grandfather, which I'm sure will be explained later on. During a meteor shower, while she and a farmer is looking after a cow, they get struck by debris (let's just take the realism out of this). The strike gives these two supernatural powers. And unfortunately for Ye Bun, as she was touching the cow's rear region at the moment, her superpowers only worked when she touches the butt of other "living animals", including people.

The ridiculousness of her ability to see the "subject's" memories is what made her being labeled as a pervert by Moon Jang Yeol, a detective who got demoted to the country side because of a mistake. The first 4 episodes were hilarious! The whole entire butt touching, the fact that the use of the powers may lead to hair loss, and the complete shamelessness of Jang Yeol to do whatever is necessary to get himself back to Seoul make this drama one of the best beginnings I've ever seen! 

Let's see if they can keep up the humor. It's going to be tough!

And that's it for this posting. I've haven't dared to watch pass the beginning of episode 8 in My Lovely Liar. I'm debating whether if I should just wait until all the episodes are out before continuing. We all know what is coming. Seriously, the ONLY thing that is registering as a lie to her is him saying that he "didn't kill her". Another thing that I started watching is something older, Extraordinary You, because I was looking up Rowoon's dramas, as Destined with You came online on Netflix. Since it's an older drama I didn't want to put it into the main post. But I want to mention it here because I am LOVING this one...so much! Have a great week!