Goddess of Marriage - Episode 18 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Gaaaaaaah! %&/%&ç""*"ç"*ç"ç"V! That **** **** ****** (insert swear words). This show is full of hateful, terrible people (but one). Remind again me why I am watching this?
JoAnne: I am sure that my outraged and uncensored tweets probably made some of our less... hmmm... colorful friends a bit uncomfortable.
kakashi: Let's get ranting. A gorgeous, but exhausted prosecutor gets home after a long day at work. He is obviously tense and in need of ... loooooooove and stuff. He is taking out a huge load of books and documents and carries them to the house. I wish I could call it lovenest, but I really can't. But I love shots that show his ... tight behind.
JoAnne: Have you ever walked up the stairs really close behind someone you are involved with and just kind of patted their butt at each step? No? Had it done to you? Try it. It's fun. Don't let him sing opera at the same time though.
kakashi: Absolutely. I do it very often.

kakashi: He is cutely struggling to ring the bell, but nobody comes to welcome him. So he tries the door ... it is open. He heaves the documents inside and calls out "Honey, I'm home!" He tattles on, and it becomes clear he brought all that stuff home just to be with her.
JoAnne: Weird camera work. Too sitcom-y. He's so freaking CUTE though. But I still say it hides an evil heart. It has to. It HAS TO.
kakashi: She doesn't answer and ... he sees the box with her office stuff on the table. And then, he can also hear her sobbing. He storms into the room, asking over and over what is wrong with her. Stupid lines, thank you writer.
JoAnne: Aw but he was SO sweet and really so upset for her. Also surprised, because I think he's a bit dim about what's happening.
kakashi: That is, indeed, his one major failing. But I guess you can't spend so many hours at the gym, building this beautiful body, and be very very smart.

kakashi: She says she stopped being a radio writer. He wants to know why (yeah, me too). Stupid woman. She doesn't believe he can make it happen and she will the Newsletter Team Leader. Hahahaaaa. He wants to comfort her and hug her, but she pushes him away and says she hates to be touched by him. And she tells him she hates him, because he is of this family and she absolutely hates this family. She feels like dying. This work meant everything to her (and more). She is clearly insane, sorry. How can she blame him?!
JoAnne: I'm sorry. She is pushing ALL my 'this is not how you fight' buttons. She is not an adult. She does not deserve those abs. Take those abs away!
kakashi: He asks her what this means and she says she wants to be alone. And basically kicks him out. I feel like crying. And killing her. And he looks at his parents' house through the window, a look of absolute despair on his face.
JoAnne: It's fine for her to say she wants to be alone. But everything she said before that earned me shoving her teeth so far down her throat she shits toothpaste for a week.
kakashi: The next morning, she is fastening her hair in front of the mirror (BreakfastMakingHouseslave!) when he wakes up and asks her what's going on. She tells him to sleep more and leaves. Well, at least she let him sleep next to her. But I bet we'll not see a little tadpole quite so soon ...
JoAnne: Refer to Episode 17 when I question the wisdom of not availing yourself of the ONE COMFORT within reach. You're not in the mood? Listen, girlfriend, if he's any good, you will BE in the mood in about 3 minutes. Go for it. Or maybe I was just easy. Within the context of a committed relationship, that is. I hate you. Wanna have sex? Sure, why not.
kakashi: Breakfast making is unpleasant and breakfast eating is unpleasant, because DickBrother isn't there. DragonMother and Newbiatch cover for him. And later, Patron hits the nail on the head when he says the Sourpuss "sits there like a corpse". We also learn that she will only have to "show her face two days a week" and that she is Leader of the Newsletter Squad in name only etc. I would laugh long and hard about this if it weren't so sad and depressing.
JoAnne: They effed her over but good, it's true. And those parents, they are a team. Their relationship is actually some decent writing. They're hideous monsters, but they are well-written.
kakashi: The Sourpuss talks to someone on the phone (the Jeju friend?) and says she'll just write a novel now. Yeah, exactly, you stupid XXXXX. Stop your terrible moping over that job which didn't even seem like a lot of fun. Smart Tae-wook calls his SIL to tell her everything ("but ... she loves that job more than her life!" o___o) and she says him not preventing her quitting is likely the biggest mistake of his life. Hm, I'm beginning to think it was marrying the Sourpuss.
JoAnne: Tae Wook is Dae Bak here. Loved that he called her sister. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, and he keeps going HAH I'm still awesome. I'll be right in the end, you luscious thing you. Just wait.
kakashi: The stupid Sourpuss talks about brainwashing herself, or she might want a divorce from Tae-wook. who has done absolutely nothing wrong, one might add. She goes to cooking classes, where she meets other rich daughter-in-laws. They're actually quite nice. Why is she pulling a face again? Later, SIL-NewBiatch asks her for favors (pick up shoes for the kids, play with the kids). DragonMother also has a few requests, like: pick up coffee, and smile more.
JoAnne: On the divorce: you marry a family.  If you can't deal with the family and you aren't head over heels in love wrapped around the d*** of the guy you married... you should cut bait. On the cooking classes:  what was up with that pissy face?  I mean, ok, I don't dig the  introducing yourself by your place in the family but it's a different world so I can let it slide... On the requests: It's not that they were so onerous, it's just so belittling because of the timing.

kakashi: 29 minutes and 30 seconds before The Snore appears. I'm not complaining. The Annoyance has made him lunch. His mother happens upon them. And she is happy. *yawn*
JoAnne: I watched GD bow to Exo, I watched GD perform with Missy Elliot, I watched Miley Cyrus perform with Robin Thicke. That made me realize there were worse things than watching UnfortunatelyNotDeadThisTime and PrettiestBoringDudeEver with the awesome Lady Choi.

kakashi: the HAWT prosecutor gets home, he is tired. And has a stiff ... neck. He is surprised to see his nieces come from the house. He looks up and there she stands ... the biggest mistake of his life.
JoAnne: At first there was this tiny smile as if he were thinking about their future babies. Kinda made me sad.
kakashi: He asks what's going on (that definitely his most used line), she said she was asked to babysit. I do not really understand why this is a bad thing? The kids are super-cute. When he touches her she pushes him away once again, telling him she is absolutely exhausted. "Don't come near me". She actually says that. Okay, I'm ready to drop this show.
JoAnne: OMG MY LIFE IS SO HARD. I made BREAKFAST. I took a COOKING CLASS. I made a FRIEND. I did some SHOPPING. I ATE DINNER. I PLAYED WITH YOUR ADORABLE NIECES. You are a brute! Get AWAY from me. I'm going to take that fuschia lipstick and write bad words all over your face in about 30 seconds. (As a tiny note of fairness: she's an avowed introvert and everyone seems to think her free time is their own.) That would actually be difficult, if it happened for a long period of time. This was the first day, though. Put on your big girl panties.
kakashi: The whole family is gathered in front of the television: DickBrother has won the elections! Yaaaay! Everybody is happy and nobody is mean. See? A happy family. Sometimes.
JoAnne: I am PRAYING FOR DirectorBiatch to ruin his career. PRAYING.
Time Jump! 
kakashi: Okay, I didn't expect that.
JoAnne: No more fuschia lipstick!

kakashi: Sourpuss is in the car, looking like a corpse. Jeju friend calls, complaining that she hasn't been in touch. Sourpuss says that she's been through hell - in fact, it still is hell. Cut to The Snore, with ridiculous sunglasses. I guess he should look cool? #fail But: #notfail! The Annoyance has finally caught him!
JoAnne: The enormous fly-eye-shaped sunglasses make his chin look ridiculous. Quick! Take off your shirt!

kakashi: He stops at a red light ... right next to Ji-hye. Their eyes lock. She bolts in panic. He chases after her. And off she drives! He loses sight of her and stops. And then he calls her. She presses some kind of button which is not "talk" and hears his message. He says he will not follow her - drive safely. He is doing well. Is she? When he looks up, she has stopped - and they both get out of the car ... and look at each other from a fair distance. Good riddance. Just go away with him, thanks!
JoAnne: Huh?  Mine stopped at the light when they saw each other. I think that's probably good for my computer because I am PISSED.

The Others

Anchorman goes to live in a shabby hotel - until he tries to sneak into the Career Woman's house. Yes. because nobody notices that you're there? Doormat starts work for the pan-Halmoni. *yawn*. Career Woman endures, shouts, cries. NewBiatch goes and gets her stupid husband, just as he is about to enter the Nam-house, telling him his political career will be very short if he keeps on cheating. Victory.
JoAnne: Oh how I loved that she did that. That is Song Mi Ryung's house from You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin. So I guess this happens AFTER all that nonsense and NamBamThankYouMa'am bought it when Mi Ryung decided to retire from show biz. Just keeping my dramaverses straight, yo. Also: the site of AnchorDick's pale skin makes my flesh crawl. I loathe him and want to see as little of him as possible in every sense of the word.

Final Stuff

kakashi: I hate her. Tae-wook must be a saint.
JoAnne: I hate her too. I hate all of them. I like Tae Wook, who was a bully at first, and I like the fat kid, who's quite perceptive. The rest of them can go suck eggs. Rotten ones.