Goddess of Marriage - Episodes 11&12 (KimJiCap)

Hot damn. I am the woman who thought Tae-wook was hot when he was angry. But Tae-wook when he is happy?! Hot damn/damn hot, I am not sure HOW MUCH I can take of this. This double-episode KimJiCap is rather brief (i.e. without any description of what anybody else does), but better brief than ultra late! I'm still on holidays, but who would have thought there's ultrafast WiFi in all the B&Bs in Scotland?!

Episode 11

The newlyweds arrive somewhere in the province for their honeymoon, where that Dragon Mother secretary is stationed now. Don't remember the name of the place nor the name of the woman, but WHO CARES anyway because .... Tae-wook. Kim Ji-hoon. He is beaming from ear to ear and is so happy ... and I die. It's not the last time in this episode, that's for sure!!!
They go to their honeymoon suite and it definitely pays off to marry into a super rich family that owns hotels cause they are all alone on the resort. Tae-wook is smiling like he's on drugs and I guess he is, LOOOooooove drugs!

But Ji-hye first talks to her friends and the (real) musician who plays a musician sings her the wedding song over the phone. I fastforward (because I don't like him nor the way he sings). Of course she's in a bad mood once again because of her friends that couldn't get in but he gives a rat's ass about it and lifts her up into his arms. Of course she complains. Some might will call him pushy for this again (yeah, you know who you are) but I think this is exactly how you need to treat this woman who simply doesn't know how to be happy.
Next, they're taking a walk. Tae-wook is wearing a very silly but also endearing Harlequin shirt.
They both say they have not slept well - he says it's because it's the first time somebody sleeps next to him. Oh no, the poor boy ... he wasn't allowed to sleep with his mom when he was little! His father forbid it, because children that are spoilt never become anything great. Duh. Bullshit. Anyways, Tae-wook says that just putting his hand out a little tiny a bit and being able to touch a warm, soft body makes him very happy. *swoooooooooooooooon*
I cannot breathe!! oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh... okay, he doesn't really know how to crawl properly or didn't want to mess with his hair, but .... I seriously get butterflies in my stomach when I see the way he looks at her adoringly, seeing her with glasses for the first time. She? Of course ... complaining, because he looks at her that way. But he says, laughing, it feels new and amazing that she is really next to him now.
"You're mine now", he says. And pulls her in. "Tell me that you're mine now". She congratulates him: he won. She thinks of their marriage as a war? he asks, as the light from the water dances lovingly across his face. I want to lick the water off it. Him. All over. She says it made her so tired like one before, but now, she is going to make the best of it. Why does it sound like she isn't happy? he wants to know (oh YES that's what I would like to know, my goodness, are you blind?! Give her back her glasses! She doesn't see you properly, your property!!!) - but she says, she chooses happiness. Yes. She is happy.
I am not convinced, but he is or is just so blinded by his love for her cause he just looks ready to eat her. She tells him she will forgive him as well if he cheats, cause there will be tons of desirable women around him, but he assure her that he wants nothing else but her for the rest of his life. And he wants to hold her all night the next time he cannot sleep. And he wants her kids and ... ah........ he kisses her (she looks as scared as a deer in the headlight) and finally, she kisses back. Fade to black...
... ... and her moping on the balcony, will Tae-wook sleeps, NAKED (I presume and imagine), peacefully, on the bed. She looks at him and up at the sky. What is she thinking? She still doesn't look happy .... tststs.
And they are home. His parents "fight" (I'm beginning to suspect that's their way of showing affection to each other). His father let's her know that "there is no divorce" in their family. Yeeeees, well, tough luck Ji-hye, if you thought about running away with the Snore at a later stage. It's forbidden. The only one that has divorced is the brother that is AWOL in the States, what a big disgrace. Will we ever see him? I'm curious. Tae-wook looks at his new wife like a love-drunken fool whenever he gets the chance. His mother looks at her disapprovingly (due to many things, of course, but chiefly her choice of dress (=not hanbok)).
When they walk to their new home together, he can't keep his hands or his lips off her. His father, who watches from the window, is quite pleased about his son's happiness. He was always so very stern with him (cause both his brothers grew up doing what they wanted). And it is the first time he is seeing him smile so happily. I hope it is not the last. Cause .... wow. Kim Ji-hoon when he smiles = kakashi DEAD.
(If you are interested in The Big Snore and Ji-hye, I must disappoint you, because there's this other woman now, actually, it's the DeadBoringGirlfriend from Cruel City, who is seriously after him. hahaha, serves all the Big Snore-Sourpuss shippers right!)

Episode 12

Episode 12 is totally lame and because there is not enough Kim Ji-hoon. Isn't he supposed to be the lead? No? Yes? First appearance after 12 minutes. Half-naked in bed. THAT I like. And man, he is cute ... Ji-hye is woken up by her sister in law at 5.30, to help prepare the breakfast. Looks like fun, her new life! Yay!
She runs over to the main house and lies that nonono, she wasn't still asleep but of course awake! Sister-in-law (she's a stern and cold one!) starts to teach her "about the family" and the art of being a house-slave. Let's call them Dobby from now on.
Breakfast with the Dragon Family is quite awful, what else. The only exciting thing about it is Tae-wook, who is late, the cute honeypie, and sprints there while fiddling with his tie. He looks hot whatever he does. Sizzling, in fact. His father asks him whether he is having too much fun with his new wife. Well. Can one have fun with her at all? I am not sure. Maybe she admired his abs all night long. I'd certainly do that in her place!
After many reporters hound Ji-hye-Dobbie for an interview, it's make-over time for "Little Madam". Which she doesn't like, of course, cause ... uhm, I guess she is too proud of whatever. She also gets a car, but doesn't really know how to use it ... or doesn't want to know how to use it. In any case, she calls her husband at work, who is super busy. And she asks him to pick her up. Her Independence went out the window really fast, I'd say! He promises to come.
At their home, later at night, she puts all the new clothes into the cupboard. Of course she's complaining that they're not her style. Of course. Sourpuss-Dobby. But Tae-wook hugs her (she pulls a face!) and says she looks pretty in anything. And that is it. No more Kim Ji-hoon. BLEH.

The Rest: 

- Doormat moves out (and abandons her kid). Why she does that I seriously do not know. Anyway, good for her. And things are starting to get uncomfy for her terrible husband. Very good.
- The Snore keeps moping around and being sad over not having met the Sourpuss early enough. He is pursued by the DeadBoringGirlfriend, who isn't dead at all in this drama, but very persistent. Next, she'll jump and undress him. I think he deserves some shower-abs-time too!
- There is more but I cannot be bothered. The End.

Final Comments

Not a single Tae-wook sighting in the preview for episode 13. Hello, writer-nim! Who is the lead in this drama?! I am not interested in the Doormat! Give me Kim Ji-hoon! Smiling, shouting, undressing, I don't care, but I want to see him.