The Heirs - *Spoilers* Birth Secrets! Finally!

If you are really, really into Heirs like me (uhm) then you have certainly heard it: the blogosphere is abuzz with spoilers. No, it's not about Kim Tan secretly being in love with Young-do. (OMG please yes) No, we are most likely going to get ... a birth secret. Or even several. And/or amnesia. And maybe, just maybe ... we're also going to get terminal illness, if we do not already have it, 'cause Kang Ha-neul? Who is hardly ever on screen? It's to make his passing easier for us. Yes, Kim Eun-sook is considerate like that.
Alright, going with the birth secret here, we have a few suggestions for you. Well, actually ... they are mainly JoAnne's. It helps if you're really, really into Heirs. Like her:
  1. Kim Tan actuallly did love Rachel but she's his SISTER.
  2. Kim Tan is NOT illegitimate. WONNIE IS.
  3. Woobin is actually PapaKim's OTHER love child.
  4. Woobin and Tan are brothers. Rachel is actually Baby Heir's sister. Rachel and BEAN are sisters.
  5. Gumi Heir is not a Heir at all. No, he is a Gumiho. He eats Bad Dad's liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.
  6. Tutorina is the freakishly young looking mother of Wonnie but doesn't remember him due to the plastic surgery going wrong and giving her, yes, amnesia.
  7. The reason Wonnie and KiMistress hate each other is they got drunk and had sex. There's a 4 year old out there who's really good looking and really, really dumb.
  8. Woobin's 'missing' mother? A vampire. 
  9. Woobin is not his father's son, so he's illegitimate, too.
  10. KimPapa and Baby Daddy are actually lovers and all three sons were carried by surrogates. 
  11. Remember that dumb ass blonde kid in California?  Actual heir to at least 3 of the fortunes of our little heiry bastards.
Do you have any other suggestions? Please feel free to leave them in the comment box. (Oh yes, please do!  It's always fun when more people play!)