Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 9 (KimJiCap)

On we go! I'll do one Nikita, one GEoDiL episode in the future so that people needn't complain :)
This story develops in baby-steps, but there's still enough funny in every episode to make it a sufficiently fun watch.

Episode 9

Mijin is on her knees, begging. The whole Lee family turns their back on her - and violent Boknam even kicks her out, into the alley! Poor girl.
While Mijin wails outside, Grandmother asks when they are getting married. Oh, wrong! Mijin isn't outside anymore, but inside! And I am not exactly sure what happened (all imagined? weird editing? all of the above?), but Grandmother tells them to get married within the month. They also think that's weird, cause everybody looks shell shocked.
Grandmother follows it up with a grand tour of the house: Mijin looks overwhelmed, Boksus constantly pats her reassuringly. This is happening while Mijin's mother does nothing else than talk badly about Boksu's omma and Boksu's omma sits hyperventilating in the restaurant, not believing what just happened.
Grandmother shows her Boksu's room, telling her not to bother with new furniture. It's too small, and there is no space for it: "Just come as you are". Hahaha. Poor Mijin. The room is so small that doing anything else than lying on the bed isn't possible. Not so bad, Mijin: lying on bed with Kim Ji-hoon.
When they are walking through the market afterwards, going back to the office, Mijin seems to be having serious doubts. No, she definitely doesn't look happy.
At the office, she continues to mope. And she leaves early, making excuses, avoiding our poor Boksu. At home, her mother (who doesn't know about how far things have progressed) tells her she can by no means ever get married to that Pig's Feet guy: Status, you know. And that awful mother. At Boksu's, his mother also makes it crystal clear to her husband that she doesn't like that girl. And that awful mother. But since Grandmother likes her ... it seems like a deal. Grandmother's word is law!

Awwww ... but look who isn't happy either ... it's Boksu. Maybe it's because he is hot and should really take off that shirt?
Kim Ji-hoon running next! Gaaaaah, he's hot when he does that. It's breakfast time. Boknam has a minor melt-down (not finished her script again) and Grandmother tells Boksu to hurry up and meet Mijin's parents properly.

Things between Boksu and Mijin remain really awkward ... Finally, he calls her and tells her to come out with him.
He thinks she is being like that because she is disappointed after seeing his house. But that's not it! she assures him: She is like this because his family is pushy and disorganized. And she got scared.
Alright, he says, he understands. He cannot give an ideal house and an ideal marriage to her. He isn0t alone: There is his family, his grandmother, his father, his sisters ... all of it doesn't agree well with her. This is why he said he cannot get married to her. So, he really understands why she is avoiding him and stuff ... and if she wants to go, he will let her go. And he turns his back and walks away.

Duh. Man: I suggest you try to listen to what your lady has to say next, okay?

The Rest

Second Sad Wife is extremely eager to please her terrible MiL (who is SO HORMONAL, omg). Terrible MiL is having a very bad day. I think she needs to see someone for her mood swings, this can't be healthy. In a weird way, the two women bond over the common sadness. A little bit. And I soften a bit towards her. I feel sorry for her.
The broody photographer (Giha) is so cool, he even misses his appointment with Second Sad Wife about the photography gig. However, he doesn't miss the second - but comes late to the actual job. Man, he's a prickly prick. Or maybe it's just his people skills that are a bit rusty? I don't like him.

Inwoo (he's such a dimwit ... he is blowing up balloons for the set at the office, a day before they are used on the set) is ordered to get the late script from Boknam directly or lose his job. He hunts down Boknam and follows her to the house. And into her room ... where he sits and waits for her to finish writing: in her bed. Of course, she falls on top of him and ... in comes grandmother. She can get really viscous, we learn! A bloodied Inwoo is sat before the family tribunal - and tells them exactly how much Boknam has been slacking.


So, this drama continues to be a little too slow for my taste: forwards, backwards, sideways ... Just get married already! I never like it when people don't communicate (as happens all the time in KDrama), so I hope this Boksu-Mijin misunderstanding is resolved soon. That said, I guess the fusion of two very different families is indeed quite an issue to ponder - so it's realistic that everybody (including the bride and groom) have to think long and hard about it.  

The second couple (Boknam and Inwoo) are also making progress. If course, they are in the "I hate you so"-phase, but we all know how this will end. I just wished they'd stop pulling those stupid faces.

My favorite character is Sad Second Wife (Suhyeon). Yup, that comes as a surprise to myself, too! She is so gentle and nice, and at the same time so unhappily married to a man who is still caught in memories of his first marriage. Now that the broody photographer has entered the picture, things will get interesting (especially since the family is at least partially to blame for his sister's plight). Of course, she's too good to cheat (I would say), but I'm guessing she will be sorely tempted.