Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 2 (A Recap very much focused on Joo Sang-wook aka WookiCap)

This drama doesn't seem to be getting much love (yet?), which is fine with me, because it simply means more Joo Sang-wook for me. Haha, come to mama, Gorgeous! I enjoyed episode 2, for the stupidity and pettiness of these characters and I must say, I am looking forward to the coming let's-see-who-can-be-more-childish shenanigans. This is simply not to be taken seriously. I said the other day that I will most likely not recap this show, but now I realize that that might mean JSW's gorgeousness might not be properly squeed over?! Noooo! That's sacrilege! So this is what I will do: the equivalent of my KimJiCaps (recaps focused only on Kim Ji-hoon scenes in Kim Ji-hoon dramas) for Joo Sang-wook. Let's call them WookiCaps.
Episode 2

Mr. Hotness personified comes to the police station after all and bails her out. Why? We can only guess ... That look she has on her face when she sees him walk in ... that's totally me. Only my tongue is hanging out, too.
They don't talk to each other, but right before he gets into his car again, she starts thanking him, but he cuts her off and just says he hopes he'll never see her again under such circumstances.
On his ride back home, we get to see how hurt and tormented and sad he is by what happened between them. Poooooor guy, he is SO NOT OVER this. The phone he still keeps? A dead giveaway.
Also, concerning the alimony, we see in a flashback that she refused the little he wanted to give her back then and told him to never contact her using compensation as an excuse. Just get lost, she told him. In the here and now, he regrets he didn't use that line on her just now at the police station. By the way, have I mentioned I want his house? With him in it? L can stay too. He would have to angrily undress in front of that weird fireplace EVERY evening.
Of course, she is similarly angry about the encounter. So angry, she fights with her friend, leaves their apartment and stays at the jjimjilbang. All she does there is think about him. In the meantime, his secretary L also keeps on talking about issues related to alimony and her. He reminds Jung-woo that he said himself that she was the person that made him want to succeed at all cost. Gorgeous doesn't want to hear that, but it's obviously true.
So he writes her a text: meet him. She does, after dolling up a bit, at his office. He seems to have this great need to prove to her again and again how successful he's become, but she shows no jealousy or any other petty feeling ... in fact, she seems a bit intimidated. She thanks him for coming to her help yesterday and that she was surprised to get his text ... what is this about? Surprised? he goes, bull-shit. No, no, of course it's all about THIS!
And he gives her an envelope. With money. Consolation compensation. And then, he asks her to sign a contract that she received it. Also: to make sure she will not cause another scene like she did last night. She blows a fuse ... why exactly? She rips the envelope apart (noooo!!! there's money in there!!!! ... oh wait. Or just cheques?) and says even a billion isn't enough for all the suffering he put her through. And she throws it at him. Okay ... let's take a quick break to discuss this ...
I don't see how him giving her money is in any way offensive. He did not give her money back then (actually because she refused it), and now, that he is rich, he does. Sure, he is a real bastard about it all, but that alone is not offensive. That he wants her to sign a contract is also not offensive. Obviously, he cannot trust her after the divorce and obviously, it's a large sum of money. So why not ask for confirmation?! Missey, you are completely overreacting in my opinion. Should have taken the money. End of the drama. Haha.

Anyway. She loses her job (because the wife of the "oppa" that lured her to the villa thinks she "cheated" with her husband, and unfortunately is a friend of the owner of the shop Ae-ra works in), he interacts with various people, i.e. Ae-ra's brother (see below) and the Annoying Second Lead's younger brother (see below). He was his tutor and obviously quite an influence in the young man's past. Jung-woo offers him a job in his company.
Later, he calls the day he got a divorce the day that Heaven was replaced by Hell. And we see how he cried at the Han River (where else), pretty drunk, and the Kook family's (that's the Second Lead's family) secretary mistook his drunken stumbling for an attempt to kill himself. Because he (Director Oh Byung-Joon/ Lee Byung-Joon) intervened, Jung-woo actually fell in and had to be put half-naked on the Kook family's couch. That day, his luck began ... with a large investment.
So it's in fact when he and his company were "reborn", he says to the Kook girl. That was also the day they first met, says she. He just looks at her, silently. Just go away, woman. You're already getting on my nerves big time.
Ae-ra is here to see him again ... her brother took the money from Jung-woo (see below) and she cries over it. It's a pride thing, of course. When she is waiting, she sees that he is celebrating his three year anniversary on their divorce date (which happens to be the 14th February). He is here (hawt) ... and of course, he is being a total dick. He does it really well, Joo Sang-wook! He actually thought she sent her brother to pick up the money and she is offended again ... I guess by being so misunderstood. Fine, she says ... let's say she took it. With this, everything between them truly ends. There's not reason to ever see him again. That's nothing new, really, but he does seem a tiny little bit sad about it? Maybe?
She turns her back and stomps away, so does he ... but of course, she has to turn around.  She has one more thing to ask him: why the 14th February? He really made this company on the day they divorced? Ah, she didn't know? he says ... yes. That very day, a large investment came in. As soon as she got out of his life, things went oh-so well. Even though, he didn't contact her all this time? she wants to know. He steps closer. Why should he have? Has she forgotten what she said to him? "Don't use alimony as an excuse to contact me". And "just get lost quietly". And she does remember. She really said it.
And now, he will make that request, he says. He steps even closer and repeats those hurtful words. When he walks away, he is totally pleased with himself that he managed to get back at her. And when he walks away, he comes to the conclusion that she probably never loved him at all. She on the other hand is fuming ... and vows to crush him.

The Rest

Ae-ra's brother, a total loser, gets the money from Jung-Woo instead of her. Only ... he isn't in possession of it for long. Money-lenders are after him and take it all away. She also has a father, who is just annoying, and a mother, who is sucked dry by these two men. That is also why she gave her that advise in the beginning of the drama: either do well all by yourself - or find a man who will take care of you well.

The Second Lead (Kook Yeo-Jin) who is just ANNOYING because she is like every second lead ever and a total bitch does some horse riding, falls (why is that important?) and talks to her friend, the woman who tried to lure in Jung-woo in Episode 1. So she sent her friend to find out what Jung-woo would do? Why the fooog would you do that?! Deranged. Second Lead has a trauma related to a previous lover, who seems to have died. Jung-woo reminds her of him, so much that she even mistakes him for the lover in a flashback scene.
Second Lead also has a brother, Kook Seung-Hyun played by Seo Kang-Joon, who was in Suspicious Housekeeper, which I haven't watched. He is a total cliche of a young, wild brother (seriously, drama ... you have to do better with your side characters!), but cute enough. Of course, he has a chance encounter with Ae-ra and will most likely fall in love with her soon.


So who is worse, him or her? I have read a lot of comments about how horrible he is - and he is - but seriously, people, that woman doesn't get no free-pass just because she has fallen on hard times. He did nothing wrong when he started a business (unless you count breaking the promise that he would "forever take care of her") - she abandoned him in a time he most needed her. His fault is being a stubborn dick who feels so badly hurt he cannot think of anything else than some kind of revenge in the form of "see what I've become"? They're both very stupid and both did wrong.
Of course, he seems like the big bad bully now because he has become rich and powerful ... but is offering her money a vicious thing? Not at all. When he hears about her circumstances and hears about those rumors concerning the alimony, he believes that will make things right. For him, mainly, because she has affected him so much he still hasn't forgotten about her. So he was hoping to buy himself free from her, tricking himself in the process. Well, buddy, ain't going to happen.

And because we cannot only squee in life - or can we? - here a few thoughts on the quality of the drama: well, far too cliche to be truly interesting, BUT for the interaction between the two leads. That I'm really enjoying, because I feel the hurt and the anger. The rest? Writer, please don't just re-use all the old tropes and characters. Please. There is another thing that I like in this: the music.