Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 9 (WookiCap)

It's confession time - but who will get to confess and who will not? Also, more delightful silliness from Joo Sang-wook. And man, he does agonized well ... it's broody shower time. Very much so.
JoAnne: You mislead me, and I cry foul. There was not one single broody shower in this, but Joo Sang Wook definitely needed one.
kakashi: Oh, I'm sorry ... did I make you all excited? What I wanted to say is this: it's agony-angst time, I really think you need to get into the shower, Joo Sang-wook. 
Episode 9

Things have changed for Jung-woo and Ae-ra ... there's an awareness between them that wasn't there before the funeral, glances that are no longer hateful, but somewhat hopeful. Or at least full of possibilities. But there are rumors in the company ... CEO is dating Second Lead. She was treated like a future daughter-in-law at the funeral, etc. etc. At the same time, uri Luscious Lips is super pissed.
JoAnne: Puppy is pissed and HOTNESS with the new darker hair off his forehead. Mama likes.
kakashi: I'd like to remind you that this is a WookiCap. Luscious can get some love, but not all (says she and puts in a gif of him) 
Has Luscious cut his hair? Oh, KDrama characters often do that to signify change, so I'm curious what's coming next. He orders Ae-ra up on the roof to ask her again whether she likes Jung-woo. She thinks for a while and then says "no". Doesn't sound all too convincing, but it's her turn to ask questions now - and her question is why the heck is he asking that? Well, he doesn't have to answer, because she gets into a little "accident" with that thing you pull off a can.
JoAnne: Can she really be that dimwitted, though?
kakashi: Sadly, yes. 
There's a team weekend coming up and Second Leads decides to join in (much to the excitement of all the biatches in the "mobile shopping" team). For reasons unclear to me, she tries to get Jung-woo to go as well (they're having dinner together). Also, she finally gives him the tie ... the one Ae-ra chose. He says he likes it and wanted to get one anyway through L-Secretary, who's too busy though, which prompts HER to say she'll pick them out for him in the future. Oh. Well. That's pretty direct!
JoAnne: It's very direct, and it makes Jung Woo pretty uncomfortable. Also, she's trying to get him to go because there'd be opportunities there for her to both practice her feminine wiles on him AND emphasize that she and him? Up here. Employees and interns? Down there.
kakashi: Well, she's totally right with that, buahahahaaaaa. 
Hahaha, it makes him suuuuuper uncomfortable - but he also thanks her, for being there for him whenever he is having a tough time. He still is under the impression that it was her that was with him at the hospital. Girl .... you should tell him it wasn't you. See ... you might not know how things work in KDrama, but I do.
JoAnne: The K in KDrama is for Karma. There is no B, because 'is a bitch' is just understood.

Ae-ra got loaded with work and is at the company, late at night. While on the phone with her roomie, she almost bumps into Jung-woo, who returns from his dinner with Second Lead. Their conversation is careful, normal ... loaded. He invites her up to his apartment, to eat the food she bought outside - and he also eats, commenting on how she still prepares or buys too much food, like she used to, back then.
JoAnne: Ah, the significance of the 'second dinner' in KDrama... a man will always stuff himself for the woman he loves.
Oh jeez, this is so good! They tiptoe around each other, but their old ways of interacting are there, right there, beyond the carefulness of not angering each other again. She starts viewing the raw video of the Superman CF and in the process, they become ... well, touchy? And they start teasing each other. Oh my.
JoAnne: Searching for her natural elegance. That was about to become a ticklefest. And ticklefests lead to better things... (yeah, but definitely not ON screen)

Cut to when she is ready to leave, all dressed in her coat - and finds him asleep on the couch (who falls asleept on the couch when a guest is there?!). Cue romantic music and her putting a blanket on, removing his socks, looking at him all tender (ooooooooh, be still, my heart) and even lightly touching the bridge of his nose. She returns to her computer, to finish her job - and of course, he is watching from the door, not much later.
JoAnne: Very sweet scene. You can see that she really loved taking care of him.
The next day, Ae-ra notices the tie on him ... and it gets her thinking. Yes - she now knows who the man is Second Lead wants to entice. But Jung-woo also has to see something: it's Luscious and Ae-ra on the roof, being very friendly with each other and very touchy. And he realizes that the woman Luscious talked about, the fantastic woman, is Ae-ra.
JoAnne: Ae Ra and Jung Woo need to end up together but Puppy is so sweet I don't want him to be hurt, so I will selflessly volunteer myself as his consolation prize.  *raises right hand* I do solemnly swear to both nurture and nuzzle this puppy through days and through nights, never flagging in my efforts to raise him into the hot namja we know he can be.
He wants to hear from L-Secretary that it's totally NOT okay for a close friend of someone to date the ex-girlfriend of that someone - and L immediately says, wut, are Ae-ra and Seung-Hyun dating? Yeah, he knew when he saw them hanging out together all the time. And why, is Mr. CEO jealous? D'awwwwwwz, Jung-woo ... you're so cute when you are flustered.
JoAnne: Ain't no moss growing on that boy - it's hilarious how quickly he puts two and two together.
Luscious is going on a dinner (date) with Ae-ra, and Ae-ra is totally unaware how much she affects the little Cutie. and because pianos are totally IN these days, he starts playing the piano for her ... wow. They definitely share a moment. Actually, Kang-joon obviously plays the piano for real (I once got to know a piano-stand-in actor for movies - all they do is lend their hands to the actors that pretend to be pianists. So pay attention to whether you just see the hands ... or if you actually see that the actor is pressing the keys. Oh, and there also are actors just for hands - many actors don't have nice ones)
JoAnne: I believe he lists his skills as piano, guitar, tennis... something else, but it's not winning the hearts of women his mother's age even though it should be. Because damn. Plus, it wasn't just a moment for him and her.  Every woman in that room was all eyes on Puppy. I don't get the feeling any of them were 'acting.'
Outside Ae-ra's place, Jung-woo is waiting in the car. He seems them come home, and he sees how very much in love Luscious is. Oh dear, what are you going to do, Jung-woo?! Later, he calls Luscious ... he has nothing at all to say, so what was he trying to do? Well, Luscious takes the opportunity to inform his mentor and friend that he will let the person he likes know about his feelings.
JoAnne: Hey, Jung Woo... if you don't want to hear bad news, don't make stupid phone calls.
kakashi: He has stopped thinking rationally. Poor man
It's the team workshop! And guess who is also there? Yeah, Jung-woo, of course. Looking GOOD and cool And omg, he's so deliciously jealous. He is, in fact, in total agony - when he isn't cute, playing games, or showing that he is a really nice person with that silly dude from the shopping-team. Of course, other people notice too about the jealousy ... well, at least one of them. Second Lead.
JoAnne: It's awesome, how jealous he is and how not at all he's trying to hide it.
kakashi: I think he would if he knew how obvious he actually is! He can't hide it because he is that kind of person.
During a seance session led by the Team Manager biatch, Luscious is told his one-sided love will be revealed soon, and Ae-ra gets to hear that there are two men after her. To get rid of one of them, she just needs to seduce one. And Jung-woo, in private, learns that a huge disaster is heading his way. Something that will shatter his world and make him absolutely crazy.
JoAnne: Hmm.
kakashi: Oh well, isn't he already totally crazy over this unresolved Ae-ra situation? 
In the meantime, Luscious and Ae-ra do the dishes together, and Luscious tells her to meet him out back in an hour. Oh! Is it going to happen?
JoAnne: Well something is going to happen but it's KDrama and it's the backyard so I doubt it's 'it'. Sadly.
kakashi: Confession, JoAnne, I meant the confession

Second Lead is walking with Jung-woo - and she asks him why he hasn't addressed the rumors about them yet. He apologizes for the inconvenience, completely misinterpreting her reasons for asking. But it's the night for truth ... and she says that she wants him to be there for her, protecting her etc. etc. Before he can say anything, Ae-ra walks by - shooting them a WTF look. Right behind her: Luscious, begging her to speak to him alone.
JoAnne: We know he's begging but to Jung Woo it looks pretty playful, I'm guessing. Puppy isn't sure she'll show, but Jung Woo has no doubt. Of course, he thinks she likes the Puppy. Because who wouldn't like the Puppy?
And Jung-woo goes into overdrive. He prevents her from going out by claiming he needs makgoelli - which needs to be bought. Of course, he doesn't remember why type he wants so he absolutely has to go with Ae-ra (who is the one that has to do this, cause: intern). Of course, it's very difficult to find that exact brand he wants, right?
JoAnne: I was torn between her announcing right there that Brand X is his favorite, confounding everyone, or the knowledge that he would drag out the evening as long as possible and that it would be funny and cute to watch.
Luscious has set a beautiful table ... with a cake and everything. Is it her birthday?! He is nervous and excited and it's heart breaking. 
JoAnne: For some reason, in Korea when you make a confession event it requires a cake. I think that's much nicer than in the States, where you're lucky if the guy just remembers a condom.
Mr. CEO can no longer stall with makgoelli, so he comes with other silly stuff to make her stay away longer ... i.e. a cramp in his leg. Which make him go sloooooooooooooow, VERY slow. When that doesn't work any longer, he claims his shoulder popped out - she caves. And texts poor Luscious that she cannot come. Totally heart breaking.
JoAnne: I cannot decide whether I want to laugh at Jung Woo or cry for Puppy! Slight edge to the hilariously jealous Jung Woo, I think.
Finally assured that she will not run off to Seung-Hyun, Jung-woo is quite pleased. And he also lets her know that office-romances are completely off limits. Oh, they're at the Heartless City House!!! She goes to pick up some snacks from a delivery guy he ordered over, but when she returns ... oups. It's Second Lead! Thinking Jung-woo is alone, she sits down next to him. Ae-ra turns around and leaves ... unseen by Second Lead.
JoAnne: Except SHE knows he was waiting for Ae Ra, because he calls her that! I don't dislike her (I'm starting to) but I do like how at every single turn she is hit with proof that Ae Ra is all Jung Woo really thinks about.
But, omo ... he excuses himself and says he has to head back. He texts Ae-ra, but she is already back at their villa; and she sees Luscious packing away everything he had set up for her. But being the person he is, he is not depressed for a long time - actually, he comes right out and in so many (quite beautiful) words, he tells her that the person he likes is her - Ae-ra.
JoAnne: That was a seriously sweet confession, which she completely acts stupid about. I hate that. Don't deflect, don't be coy, don't play dumb. Accept the compliment even if you must reject the man. His feelings deserve that respect and his heart deserves that kindness.
kakashi: Sigh ... KDrama. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we don't. Also ... what's with the filter? They're so blurry I can barely see them. 

Oh darling, but you are not going to get this girl ... she thinks he does it out of pity for her and immediately goes into denial mode. But this boy ... he knows how to do it - backhug it is! And listen well, he tells her. Cause this is not done out of pity. Ae-ra faintly struggles in his grasp and turns her head - to see Jung-woo who looks at the two of them with this agonized face and tears in his eyes.
JoAnne: Ah, God, this is going to be painful. Puppy, come to me. That girl is for Jung Woo.

The Rest

Nothing to say. Well, Ae-ra's brother and Roomie get some kind of romance thing.
JoAnne: I kind of like that. She seems levelheaded and smart, maybe she can make a man out of him.


This episode kept me at the edge of my seat despite the quite funny bits in between: who gets to confess to whom first? And that scenes at his penthouse was so full of tension ... And then, the incredibly funny sequences at the team workshop! Well, silly Jung-woo ... maybe you should have said something, because Luscious beat you to the game and even though Ae-ra isn't all that interested in the young Cutie, not acknowledging ones own feelings is the road to angst-disaster in KDrama. So friggin TELL HER how you feel!!!
JoAnne: He can't exactly deny it to himself any longer, can he? So cut the crap, Jung Woo. Save everyone a bunch of misery. Ae Ra thinks you like Second Lead. Second Lead is pretty certain you like Ae Ra, but has been told by Ae Ra that she is not interested in YOU, so she still has hope. Puppy has been told by Ae Ra that she has no interest in you, so HE has hope. And that is killing YOU, who does like Ae Ra. Maybe it's AE RA who needs to speak up, Kashi. She's the one who keeps telling people she feels nothing for you, and it's clearly a lie. BY THE WAY: still not a gold digger.
kakashi: Yes, you're right. So he is pretty clearly very much gone when it comes to her. She, on the other hand, is much more guarded, and I thinks he isn't even admitting to herself that she also still has feelings for him (yet). And then, you know, it's some form of "I'm not worthy" mixed with noble idiocy. Ae-ra thinks he is going to marry Second Lead - and she would never come between that.
And as a final note: I like how this drama delivers exactly what is needed to keep invested in this story. As I said last week, I wasn't really feeling the OTP yet - sure, they were getting closer emotionally, but I wanted some "cute". And in this episode, we actually got some cute; or rather, we got to see the previous attraction between them, the bond that's still there, and that they very much care for each other.