Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 23 (A PRE-Cap)


****Or do, whatever.  You're all grown ups.****

Rather than bombard twitter with my unvarnished thoughts as I watched the penultimate episode of my dearly loved rag-tag group of good-hearted gangsters, I just started jotting notes in here. I thought it might help me bang out a faster recap because I want that sucker OUT THERE.  Then this morning I read my notes and started laughing.  Maybe you will, too.

Episode 23

 OMG this fucking TROLL

hahahahahah why are you worried I might have poisoned your drink hehehe because I would never do that of course hehehe

what the fuck good is switching the cups going to do?

oh my god, the creep level has just gone through the roof

What good is leaving going to do? The doctor is THERE. Stay THERE.

I won't tell you what Seul looks like just happened under his cheongsam thingy.

I also won't tell you where it looked like Jung Tae was going to put her hand.

So if this happens this quickly, what was Seul thinking? He pours them 'special drinks' and then 5 minutes later they're both dead on the floor. Gee that doesn't look strange.

sure, she's ok. People often just have blood spontaneously come from their mouths.

wow, in the end I bet he gets both women.

so clearly it was the shaking that activated the poison.

and how was this used on the night Young Chul died? He was beaten to death.  Did they melt his insides first and then beat him for fun?

Ok, look: 15 minutes have gone by, tops.  Go back there and fuck that troll up.

aww man

oh, that is one PISSED OFF GROOM.

how are they all there? How do they know?

oh don't hurt the  Chi Bros they love you!

he's got Mo eyes now.

it's wrong but I'm laughing at all the times someone yells hyungnim and then gets punched

da fuck you did not just punch Mo

where is Jae Hwa we need Jae Hwa

they'll never catch him he is one fast motherfucker


I'm sorry it's HILARIOUS that crowd of men come running around the corner and all of them screaming hyungnim! hyungnim!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH swing miss PUNCH, punch the other guy, go back and kick the first guy just for the fun of it

ooooh he just said a bad word

cartoon sounds are back!


I asked that very question WEEKS ago. Thank you for answering it, Jae Hwa. I like your new hat, by the way.

I bet Seul has Chung Ah.

Because he would NEVER have travelled to Shinueuji to do anything, of course.

you know, not for nothing, Jae Hwa, but you could have said this weeks ago and saved everyone a whole lot of bullshit.

oh damn I'm going to cry they're all going to kneel aren't they shit
shit he cries good

so literally fucking EVERYONE IN TOWN knew last night that Ok Ryeon was dead, but weaseltrollshitface didn't find out until the next morning?

Was he practicing  his sad face, or was he thinking oh shit I done fucked up big time

suddenly she mentions the poison she found on his father but no, show, I remember. He was beaten to death, not poisoned. You can have the doc confirm the story you suddenly started telling last week, but I remember what happened.

why isn't Mo at this party of sad? Why isn't Old Man Fly?

Damn, man, at least pat her  - oh ok yeah hold her hand.

Man those streets are just empty. Er'body waitin

hehe he said 'take things lying down' and I thought about the FinalCap

well tht doesn't make sense.

I would like to take a burning poker and stick it up this man's ass.

is this an english fail? leader of the anti-opium enforcement? please tell me DoGgoo has more tricks up his sleeve.

the longer he talks the more I think it's poison

oooh that explains it ha he wants Club Shanghai.  I dunno though there's something off

ooooh everyone in the kitchen is dead. And that bowl was steaming hot, DoGgoo

HAHAHAHAHAHA If he kills Seul by ACCIDENT hahahahahaha OMG

hahahahahaha oh this MARY MARY you did this

How'd they work that out anyway. Was Do Ggoo in on it for the timing? He would have had to have been.

oh, stratego Jung Tae, there you go, telling them you know their schedule...because they'd never decide to change it or anything

I like how very slowly and without any reaction from anyone tears well up in Seul's eyes and just slowly trickly down over his face. I happen to know that tickles a LOT once it hits your jawline, and he doesn't even acknowledge it.

hahahahaha Baek San's like go take care of your business, i got this - and immediately Seul starts throwing up again. You know he never had any of the poison in him to begin with.

HAHAHAAHAHAH Do Ggoo smiles at Jung Tae and wishes him well as he runs behind the tiny troll. I will NEVER figure that dude out.

Whole lotta talking and not a lot of fighting, you guys. Get on with it already.

See even Jung Tae thinks you're talking too much

Not....the DOUBLE claw!

wow that is so not Baek San fighting with Jung Tae in the hallway

did they ...really...a HAWK scream?

and now, old man, I will smite you with my superior DANCE MOVES!

Take THAT and twirl and THAT and step and THAT and jump

and DOWN

and CRASH and burn and BREAK and fall

 ewww and vomit and DIE

And here's Gaya, of course. Oh that's nice, the flowers. Aww, Gaya.

ok Mary has officially freaked me out.

speak up girl

seriously if even Gaya has to remind you that anyone you love is not safe as long as Seul is alive, maybe you deserve to have your loved ones dying

Later after all of this finishes she will tell you. Umm, isn't  part of 'all of this' one or the other of you dying?  Aren't you still against each other, Bamsangtong and Il Gookie.

Oh wait, there is no Il Gookie anymore.

and miraculously the grand opening sign is back up at Club Shanghai. Still in comic sans.

why is Seul having a congratulatory party.  hahahaha Jung Tae offering to get them drinks.  Is Seul ever going to let anything wet past his lips again?

hahahahahaahah OMG he's shaking it I fuck with thee, I fuck with thee, I fuck with thee this is AWESOME

 Seul in the background reflexively gagging at the sound of pouring liquid

Who's THAT lil  cutie?

 Aoki is looking at her like he wants to lay her down right there, damn.

ok yeah I still have no idea who Murada is but I got that 'we don't care who the leader is, we just follow the leader' loud and clear

oh, 20 eps later they wanna bring up the little granddaughter huh

Clearly, Princess can dish it out but can't take it

ok is he CRAZY? It's not even the same day, and he's just wondering where Baek San is? He just SAW Jung Tae. Since he told Baek San to kill him and here he is, clearly NOT DEAD...

that son of a bitch isn't dead

ah, you fuck. You don't have a use for him now that's he injured?

oooh, Jae Hwa casts a shadow on the wall but Jung Tae DOESN'T

so there's exactly 3 Il gookie left. Well 4 if you count Murada. And Yamamoto the Slow wants to attack Bamsangtong

hahahahah so Jung Tae did have it, after all

and it's a miraculous recovery after a stay of HOURS at the hospital for Baek San