Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 13 (WookiCap)

Fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, warm, warm, warm feeeeeeeeels. Goodness, Cha Jung-woo as puppy in love is more adorable than anything I've seen in a long, long time. Where is the backlash though?! It's coming, right? *steels herself* Yeah, there's traces of it already, so brace yourselves!
JoAnne: His stupid big head self is so adorable. But my puppy.
Episode 13

"I .... I have plastic flower", says Jung-woo, "lovesickness! I like you. I like you a lot. So don't go". And he goes in for the kiss! It's a KDrama kiss, so don't get too excited, and KDrama kisses with married actresses are not better than kisses with pure unmarried ones, unfortunately. Still, Ae-ra is kinda into it and that suddenly scares her. She pulls away.
JoAnne: I like to imagine that she almost forgot it wasn't Lee Byung Gun and started to really kiss back.
He repeats what he said: he likes her. He is going crazy because of it. So what? is her answer - so he thinks she feels the same? She has already told him: she likes her life how it is right now. She likes her work, she likes being recognized for it. She wants to go to that interview. She turns to leave, but he grabs her hand ... not to hold her back though. He wants to take her there since she is late because of him.
JoAnne: So we get a heroine who resists being swept off her feet AND gives a convincing case for WHY... AND we get a hero who is genuinely (if only lately) supportive? What's next? Reunification?
kakashi: Or sex in KDrama? 
Somebody takes pictures of them. Well, we all know who that somebody is, don't we? The most redundant of redundant Redundancy, that's who he is.
JoAnne: I had kind of forgotten about him so I was wondering about tabloids.

In the car, they don't speak ... Ae-ra seems to be feeling a bit uneasy. He starts asking her job-interview like questions, giving her tips how to answer them in the best way. Because she is thankful for his help, he quickly manages to squeeze in a request: have dinner with him after the interview. She says she can't, after which he does a full stop, grunting in pain. Of course, she is super worried about it, but when she gets close to check, it becomes obvious that he just wants another kiss. Still, he claims he really is in pain ... you know, lovesickness! He needs that dinner with her!!
JoAnne: Come on Ae Ra, cut the boy a steak!
Luscious, who is uneasy about being apart from her, gets a visit from that Annoying Secretary from the Annoying Father (does he have a name? If yes, I don't care, let's call him Mr. Redundant), who, we guessed right, took the pictures. He has already developed them, too, so maybe he carries a little photo printer around with him? Good pictures of the kiss! Well done! Luscious is rattled, but he agrees to keep this a secret from his father, who isn't doing too well these days. Because his daughter isn't doing too well these days. Because Jung-woo is loving another woman. That's KDrama logic, yeah!
JoAnne: It dawns on me that the only reason Dad invested in Jung Woo's business was to give his daughter someplace to go and someone to do. And that they have always just assumed it would end in marriage. For three years.
kakashi: Oh, you think? That's ... terrible. 
At the Shilla hotel, there are other candidates for the job. Of course, they're a bunch of dicks and dickettes who look down on Ae-ra because she only is an intern. While she has a kiss-flashback, a woman rival - who doesn't speak proper Korean anymore because she has been to the US for a few years - attacks and belittles her. Jung-woo, who is hovering around like a mother-hen to protect the little Ae-ra-chick, overhears everything and wants to intervene, but he is kept away by the powers of the female toilet. And he needn't have worried ... Ae-ra can take care of things herself! Niiiiiice: She bullies her right back.
JoAnne: Gangster Girl.
The dickette runs out, scared right into Jung-woo who ... buahahaha .... poses as a Secretary and tells her in the same Englished Korean that the interview is just a formality, she has already been chosen. She just needs to go up on the roof! A tip: management wants to see whether she will take the elevator or the stairs. Rooftop = 20th floor. Stairs = perseverance. And up she goes.
JoAnne: She deserves it.
It's interview time! Ae-ra does really well ... Jung-wo, who is listening outside, looks sad though he's smiling. Afterwards, he treats her to a sundae or yogurt or whatever at Milkcow. She takes out all the almonds and puts them on a plate, from where he picks them right up and eats them. D'awwwwwww. Old habits, right? He gets yoghurt on his lips. She touches hers to show him and that puts him into a lip-gaze-trance. Kiss flashback. Man Neeeeeeds a kiss. He leans over, closer and closer, closes his eyes and asks, in baby talk: "where is the yogurt?" He makes a little kiss-mouth, but she just wipes the yogurt off with her fingers. Not very gently.
JoAnne:  HOW is he this ridiculously cute? I must go and finish watching Ten and laugh now, because I will interprete his faces differently than before.
Luscious is now consumed by jealousy. Soon, he will go over to the dark side. He wants to send Ae-ra a controlling "where are you" message, but then goes for the more sane "how did the interview go". Jung-woo is very interested in the message. Ae-ra tells him she'll know about the result of the interview in a couple of weeks. Jung-woo wants to know whether she really didn't like his company, but she assures him she did: the work was great and so were the people. It's the situation that makes her want to go. He smiles at that and not for the first and not for the last time in this episode, Joo Sang-woo makes my heart flutter. Yeah, and my ovaries clap.
JoAnne: I don't mind Puppy with a bit of a stern edge, not gonna lie about that, but I do hope he only flirts with evil second leadism and pulls back at the final moment to reveal his essentially sunny good natured self.
He takes her to a "blind cow" restaurant! We have one of those here in Zurich. It's run by blind people (and the idea is that you experience what they experience). (I was like...what the f?) Well, he just seems to do it because he can hug her really close in the dark. Also, they have a pork cutlet incident :) the meat "flies" somewhere and he starts looking for it (inside her blouse!!!) with light from his cell-phone. Oh dear, he is all over her! Things turn from very silly to much more sombre. Still using the cell-phone for light, he apologizes for not seeing her in the dark. He doesn't mean just now ... but also before, when their paths crossed again. But now, he slowly understands how she must have felt about him; the anger, the resentment. Because he can see this now, he understands what a terrible person he has been. Still ... can he get a second chance?  
 She doesn't answer, but starts cutting her meat again. But she doesn't cut it for herself ... it's a piece for him. Ohhhhh ... these two are killing me. Right then, a restaurant person comes in to tell them off for using a light in this place. He switches it off ... to switch it right back on again after they think the woman has left. Awwwww, the smiles .... killing me again. And then woman hasn't left at all, so they get scolded again. Giggles in the dark. I hope you two get many, many more giggles in the dark in your future!
He brings her "home", to the studio. We know how he doesn't like it that she stays there ... he wants her to come to his place (I know why :) Of course she isn't going with him, in fact, she almost forcefully pushes him away. Which causes him to do this incredibly cute "I'm going" thing, where he walks backwards, constantly looking at her, waving and CLEARLY doesn't want to go. He even runs UP again when she turns her back. Major D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwz.
Watching it all from the dark is Luscious. His little heart is broooooooken. Does he accept defeat? No. Cause he's a goddamn Second Lead.
JoAnne:  And he's goddamn gorgeous, so just let him brood, already. He's not hurting anybody.  So far.
At home, Jung-woo takes slim-pills again (so it is true Joo Sang-wook himself is also on a diet? Or did he just say that somewhere because of the PPL?). He tells L-Secretary that he stopped one of their best workers from jumping ship (you didn't??! Not good if you really did!! Or does he mean with his charm and wit etc??!) and L-Secretary thinks it's great he's gotten over his illness. After L has left again, Jung-woo remembers the kiss and gets a bit, uhm, bothered? Cold shower, anyone? Well, it comes in the form of a phone call from Luscious.
JoAnne: Ok but he DIDN'T stop her from jumping ship, he helped her to jump.
Luscious is drowning his sorrows in a bar. He is in a BAD mood. He tells Jung-woo, who is frank about wanting to start over with Ae-ra, to his face that he has just used his sister as long as he could profit from her before throwing her away now. That's really unfair, Luscious. Jung-woo wants him to stop drinking, but Luscious is done with fatherly advice. He is very rude. Jung-woo (who can be mature when it's necessary) tells him he wants to protect both, him and Ae-ra, but Luscious doesn't buy that: and what if he can choose only one?
JoAnne: I suppose if you put yourself in that family's shoes, it can look that way. And I'm guessing he would have gone along with their plan if Ae Ra hadn't shown up, because why not? Poor Puppy is genuinely concerned about his damaged sister, now reeling in additional pain, as well the pain he feels himself over Ae Ra.
In bed at night, Ae-ra is quite rattled by Jung-woo's frank confession (and the kiiiiiiisss), also the next day, when they have a meeting. He is all business and cool, at least on the surface! Because under the desk, he sends Ae-ra a message, telling her how pretty she looks today. He also does ... THAT:
2nd Lead antenna left and right go UP on alert right after and I laugh like crazy. Does he come up with this stuff or is this director just brilliant?!
JoAnne: I'm dead. This man is a riot. We have two choices: He does what director tells him to do and is both brilliant at following directions AND completely committed to the character, or he comes up with this stuff on his own, which makes him the most awesome thing out there. Win win, really.

As quasi in every episode, there's a wonderful elevator scene coming up next. Behind Bossy Boss' back, Jung-woo grabs onto Ae-ra's fingers ... and then hand. It's super cute, but it's also quite daring and naughty. I LIKE IT (including the little comedy insert about slapping Bossy Boss' ass by accident).
JoAnne: Except how you think you sneak anything in a glass elevator is beyond me.
kakashi: That's the naughty part :)

But as Jung-woo is happy in love, things start going downhill at the company. See, I told you ... there's no happiness in KDrama that doesn't get destroyed. For reasons absolutely unclear to anyone but the writer, investors are pulling out. It's not the first time, either. Part of it, we hear, is Jung-woo's difficult personality. That I get.
JoAnne: Where has he been difficult? What issues was he sparring over with investors? Oh right, we have no idea.

Luscious gets an annoying scene, he hugs her when she doesn't want to be hugged and says he'll never back down. Jeez, KDrama. I hate it when you do that. A woman who says no MEANS no.
JoAnne:  Well I felt his desperation in that painful 'jebal!' I was not pleased with this. Isn't it funny how far from puppy-like he is lately?
Oh, but his sister isn't any better! The financial situation is dire, so she suggest to Jung-woo they release an announcement of their marriage because that will bring in new funds. He is totally against it, because he is not one to lie - but she thinks it's about Ae-ra that he wants to remarry. He gets semi-annoyed at that and tells her he doesn't mix business and private matters. Not sure that's true, but it's the right thing to say in this moment. He also very clearly tells her he cannot accept her heart. That, to her, means the company is going to go down, down, down. Well, so be it. Let it go down then.
JoAnne: At first I didn't realize that she meant just SAY they were getting married. And I'm still not convinced that's what she was saying, actually. And now she's been told clearly for the 17th time that he is not in love with her and won't be with her. Perhaps he should start adding, 'so don't care about my business, just deal with your own shit.'
The Shilla CEO wants to see Jung-woo. Oh, he wants to invest? That's a surprise!! Jung-woo, who is pleased about the turn of events, promises him some profit in the future and the reaction from Mr. Shilla is strange. That's interesting. I fear Luscious is behind it and that's not a good thing, because Luscious has gone over to the Dark Side. Yup, it's confirmed! It's part of Luscious' plan - though we're not quite sure what the plan is. So Shilla wants to have a person in D&T's management. That could either be good for Jung-woo or really bad, depending on how things turn out.
JoAnne: As it turns out, it might be a bit of a red herring, but yeah, it's Pup's doing. However, it's a gun he hasn't fired - and it remains to be seen what he'll aim it at.
kakashi: There's still hope, yes. 
Jung-woo is going up on the rooftop of ruminations next, where he runs into Funny Bone Employee, who is shouting at his son over the phone. Funny Bone has a toothache. There's bonding over beer and stories about an almost divorce that didn't become a divorce because of the kids. Kids are hope, says Funny Bone. It makes Jung-woo really sad to hear that ... and he remembers his talk with Ae-ra on the rooftop, when she said that she had lost all hope for happiness. 
JoAnne: So in Korea, hope is ALWAYS code for bun in the oven?
kakashi: Hm, I don't think he KNOWS yet. But he is disturbed by what she said
Missing her like crazy and wanting to talk about that "hope" thing again (or maybe not talking but doing some hope thing?) he sneaks into the art studio. Ae-ra is just coming home - he steps behind her and backhugs her. In fright, she hits him where it hurts. Seconds after he's overcome his pain, he hugs her again, blissfully happy to be able to embrace her. She is worried about him and the financial situation, but he shrugs it away. He is almost deliriously happy when he hears that she is moving back to Roomie's place soon. He is then called away to the office. Before he goes, he wants to ask her about the thing she said on the rooftop, but doesn't find the right words.
JoAnne: Oh, we are so close to the meat of it now.... is this the final thing they have to go over about their past? I think it is.
Time for the next mobile shopping event! Remember, it was about selling luxury items, but at a discount. Jung-woo is looking for Ae-ra, who is at the warehouse. That pleases him ... isn't the warehouse really remote and very dark? When he gets there, she is very intently looking at some handbags. And she explains all the details about fake and non-fake products to him. He just smiles at her, totally smitten, probably not hearing a word she's saying. He is in a lip-gaze- trance again. Interrupting them before he gets what he wants is 2nd Lead - almost exploding from jealousy at their obvious closeness. When Ae-ra gets called away, somebody exchanges one of the bags ... for a fake one!! Bleh. Was it you, 2nd Lead?
JoAnne: So tacky.
Ae-ra sees how 2nd Lead's driver runs out, but she doesn't notice the switched bag right away ... when she finally does, it's 30 seconds to broadcast. They cannot go life, a big mess is the result, Ae-ra's future at the company is threatened. Jung-woo wants to run out to help, but a bunch of people coming for a meeting make it impossible. But it wasn't 2nd Lead! It was her father who gave the order. The problem ... Ae-ra overhears 2nd Lead talk to the Driver about it. Dun dun dun.
JoAnne: Will she defend the father who she feels destroyed her life?


Joo Sang-wook being very, very cute with a little kid. Ae-ra looks sad, Jung-woo dreamy. My ovaries ... I need new ones.
JoAnne:  Mine are very tired.

The Rest

Absolutely nothing about her annoying family. Only a glimpse of Roomie, sleeping. Wow, show: you've noticed yourself ... you do much, much better without them! Now, also forget your two annoying, toothless 2nd leads and we can be best of friends!
One important bit about female 2nd Lead: She isn't doing too well ... her leg pains her. But to health check-ups she will not go, because ... uhm ... she is taking out her anger on herself? That's surely going to blow up in everybody's face later. At one moment, she is angrily ripping paper apart. The next, she falls down a little hill, which causes her roboleg to come apart. We see that her father knows about Jung-woo's love ... he has seen the photos. Father goes into rage mode - father will destroy Jung-woo. Bleh.
JoAnne: That fall down the hill was hilarious and I watched it over and over again.


That close to the end, the show still delivers a compelling mix of funny and sad (though it also annoyed me a bit in this eps) and I am thankful for it. It's just not a given. I am thankful that it is only 16 episodes and I am thankful to the writer(s) for treating the issue of divorce and 2nd chance with the necessary finesse. Joo Sang-wook keeps showing us his (natural) funny side and I want to hug him for it: he does GREAT with comedy! And with romance! Loooook at him all happy and kiss-needy!!! And then, he does that agony-thing he does so well and I want to hug him again. I want to hug him all the time, in fact. And I want him to sign on to TEN3, but that's another story.
JoAnne: You have plastic flower.

Let's not kid ourselves, though ... Episode 13 was one of the cutest so far, but the signs are clear ... more angst is coming. There are several issues that are unresolved, which have to be overcome before this old-new couple can find new happiness. A) there's the baby-thing; B) there's Leggy; C) there's Luscious. About c): the show is starting to focus on his darker side now - and I don't like it much, because I consider it unnecessary to have these outside forces making it difficult for this couple. They have their own demons to deal with, they don't even need evil from the outside. With the whole Gook-family now moving against Jung-woo, I'm hoping that either Leggy or Luscious (or both) will stand up for Jung-woo against the terrible father, because if they don't, they will just become like him. Something they both don't want.

Something I am a bit puzzled about is the way everybody talks about Jung-woo's relationship with 2nd Lead. He has never ever pretended he likes her. In fact, it's absolutely clear he doesn't. So why does everybody simply assume that they will get married, including her and the rest of the family? Because her father's money is in the company? Also, the roboleg issue is getting more and more annoying. I could never take it seriously from the beginning (who CARES about an artificial leg??! Korea, this is NO BIG DEAL) and to turn it into this biiiig problem now just seems silly.
JoAnne: I think they just assumed it would happen; they get along well, they have proximity, it made good business sense. I think Ae Ra really was an unexpected turn of events for them.

So, I guess the writers are going for the dismantling of all his power. That way, Ae-ra can show him and herself and us that she actually is a very supportive woman. My guess is they will get a second chance and they will build something up together. And this time, they will of course not divorce and hope will come back into their lives. And roboleg, who his a bit lonely but not unhappy, will sometimes come visit them and their 7 children. She has a brand new roboleg that never malfunctions and needs no check-ups by annoying doctors. Luscious becomes a traveling painter who paints Ae-ra's face over and over, but finally, he is free. The End.
JoAnne: I could live with it.