Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 15 (WookiCap)

Remember the end of episode 14 and how we suspected noble idiocy was up next? Well ... that. Let's say people TRY to be noble idiots in this episode, quite hard ... but they don't really succeed. Why? Because this drama is not quite like other dramas. This drama rocks. And it does so to its and in its penultimate episode. I want to hug and kiss the writer for this because when was the last time I could happily await the final episode, without the dreadful knowledge that there is no way, NO WAY the writer could wrap this up in a satisfactory way?
JoAnne: I am using this drama to wash the bad taste GG-14D left in my mouth, so if the writer knows what's good for him/her, they will not disappoint me. I want skinship, I want a puppy who stays good, and I want RoboLeg to fall down a few more hills.
kakashi: So be it! 

Episode 15

Gook Daddy is on his knees, crying, begging Jung-woo to reconsider ... but Jung-woo turns his back on him, literally. No: he cannot marry his daughter. Even if it means he'll lose everything. At that, Gook Daddy's sadness turns into rage and he whacks Jung-woo in the face. Jung-woo goes down and doesn't get up, holding his hurting cheek and then, hanging his head. Outside the office door, Ae-ra has witnessed it all - she turns away, shocked, angered, we are not sure.
JoAnne: Not for the first time, I notice how large Jung Woo's head is. And I admire it for always being straight when it comes to matters of principle.
Jung-woo gets back to his penthouse (that's PENThouse, JoAnne), he looks very tired ... A table with lovely looking food is set. He just collapses on the sofa and tells Secretary L he doesn't feel like eating tonight. 
JoAnne: That is a TON of food, and it all looks like variations of carrots. Someone is thinking about sex. Ok fine it's me. But someone else is too.
It takes him a second to realize that it's not at all L who cooked for him, but Ae-ra! His appetite returns miraculously fast, I'd say.
JoAnne: The next five minutes or so, where he almost seems dazed, like he thinks he might be dreaming it - ah, I love this guy. He is SO SWEET. It doesn't hurt that he's freaking gorgeous and brilliant, but the sweet... that's really what gets you.
She's a bit rough and bossy, but only on the outside ... in truth, she dotes on him, putting meat on his rice, urging him to eat more, watching him ... and seeing the read mark on his cheek.
JoAnne: I know she's not a great actress, but she has this vulnerability that just speaks to me deeply. It makes me love her in everything. Good Lord... that's a Korean thing. Am I part? Or is it rubbing off?
He lies about where he got it (from thinking too hard with his head in his hand. Suuuuuuure). She wraps food for him. He comments again on the size/abundance of what she cooked, but she just forces the lettuce into his mouth. Oh man, I want to see this shows NGs! 
JoAnne: You want to see the NGs, and I'm sitting here thinking this looks par for the course, really. I have always thought they stuff too much food in their mouths at one time! I don't know if it's a drama thing or how they actually eat in Korea, but it's not my favorite part, let's just say.
Next, she opens some soju. She mumbles "since this is the last time, just one" (noble idiocy alert!!). Yeah ... just one.  Just one ... and one and one and one?
JoAnne: He clearly heard her say that, too. Why doesn't he ask her about it? Is he thinking the same way?
They end up telling funny stories on the sofa ... goodness, this man is SO CUTE in this role. I'm so glad I've "mine-d" him years ago! He is very grateful to be able to tell stories from his engineering days - and she says it's fanservice ... and his pay day. She once again becomes aware of his red cheek (that's a LOoooong lasting mark that is) and she gets the emergency kit.
JoAnne: Yes, yes, yes. He's ridiculously adorable and he's yours. Who's he married to again? Is she someone we like? I know Vampy Oppa is having a baby with the blank slate, Han Ga In. Happy for them, yes, and it will be a lovely baby!
kakashi: Ain't married this man. I know there used to be gay rumors about him. Whatever the truth, I hope he finds great happiness. He deserves it!
When she is out looking for it, his cheerfulness turns into sadness immediately. She brings out an ointment for his cheek and starts applying it. That bring them close .... VERY close. Damn, my heart is beating faster! He leans in, slowly, slowly and shyly ... and she pulls away, right before their lips meet.
JoAnne: Jeez, has no one ever heard of a kiss to say goodbye? DO IT already.
They pretend nothing has happened and drink another glass, but there is no avoiding it, is there? This time, he is not the only one that does the leaning and then ... cut to black! Why??!  >.<
JoAnne: There once was a man named Jung Woo, who when drunk knew just what to do; he grabbed his Ae-Ra and removed that girl's bra and ..well then, they did what two do.
And cut to naked feet under a blanket. There's only two feet, one belongs to a male and one belongs to a female. And cut to the two of them under the blanket - naked! They are not wearing pajamas!!! Victory!!! Somebody in the KDramaverse had sex and did NOT get dressed after! Or am I assuming things?
JoAnne: I am spending a lot of time looking at those two legs and figuring out what position they have to be in to make that work It does not match the lumps under the blankets. At all.
Only ... the waking up isn't particularly romantic, because Jung-woo shouts in panic when he opens his eyes and becomes aware of her. Now, she suddenly IS wearing something ... looks like his pajamas? She has no clue what she is doing there and he also doesn't know why she is in his bed: didn't she say she would leave? They have severe headaches and partial amnesia. Come on people! You weren't THAT drunk?! She is shocked that he is naked - he says he always sleeps naked, she knows that, doesn't she? What about her clothes, then? He says she took them off herself. She vomited. Into the bag. BagS, two of them. At that, she falls off the bed and he drops the bedsheets. 
JoAnne: Okay #1, he does not always sleep naked, we've seen him multiple times in pajamas both with her and without her. #2, I love how he just sort of looks down and shrugs and goes weeellll.... because a) in my imagination he's a little excited (it's morning) and b) it's not like she hasn't seen it before.
In the restroom, still stricken by a bad headache, Ae-ra tries to remember what happened. She is sure noble idiocy is the way to go ("I must break up - because I love him"), but it's not easy after cuddling with the beautiful and naked Joo Sang-wook, is it? She thinks they might have ... have they? People ... don't drink too much. It's bad for you. 
JoAnne: ONCE AND FOR ALL: if you are not having sex regularly, and then you do have sex? You know it the next morning. There is no wondering. I suppose if the guy is the size of a BABY carrot AND you remembered to use a condom, you might not know... but no. I'm going with you know. You always know.  
He is very happy, working at the office late at night ... it seems he has taken some kind of photos ... but not THOSE kind. No ... they're very tame. It shows her in bed, sleeping, while he just smiles happily, sitting next to her. Oh, I think he does know what happened ... He texts her to sleep well - and to dream of him. She calls him immediately. And because she is worried that he works too much, she asks him whether he has time tomorrow. He has! She seems shocked at that (did she expect him to say no?) and suddenly doesn't have time anymore, and then hangs up, confused.
JoAnne: That photo looks suspiciously sober, Kakashi.
He kisses the phone, saying she can never again leave his side - but she is very much concerned and confused. Doesn't she have to leave him, like almost every KDrama heroine before her? She needs one last date, she tells Roomie - in order to be able to hang onto the memories. That suddenly triggers another memory from that night ... of being very, very drunk, being on his floor, and talking about last memories.
JoAnne: He would be a very hard man to leave.
She has her resignation ready (again). She also receives a package ... with a talking teddy bear in it. She pushes its "push button" and Jung-woo's voice says loud and clear (= for everybody to hear): "I am sorry, Ae-ra: I love you". Buahahahaaaaa ... that Pil Woman gets VERY suspicious right away and that is not good ... because CEO Cha's and Ae-ra's relationship is hardly a secret anymore. Boss Lady  also found out, because she overheard of Stupid Brother and Funny Bone (who now has a band aid on the cheek he always held?) talking about it. 
JoAnne: Ok it's funny how the secret is spreading so rapidly but the toothache? How does a band aid help that? That man must have had a skin cancer removed or something and they're just making shit up to explain why you can't ever see his cheek.
kakashi: My guess is that he really had something there ... maybe an ugly furuncle?
The crisis gets averted though and Ae-ra hugs the teddy bear close ... but to her great mortification, that just means it keeps repeating the message over and over. Well, what else to do than hand it over to L-Secretary, to give it back to Jung-woo? Which means: Workplace Bitch, who always hovers close, knows within seconds. Which means: the whole company knows within minutes. Let the trash-talk about Ae-ra begin: she is only here to get money from him, and she wants to break him and roboleg up, and she is at fault for the crisis. People are so mean.
JoAnne: They really are. Poor little baby girl :(

D'awwwwz, but here comes the CEO! He marches in like he owns the place (well, he kinda does) and tells them they are all misinformed. Here is the truth: Na Ae-ra is his ex-wife. But that she is to blame for any crisis is not true: in fact, it was her that gave him the idea about the messenger service in the first place. And the special function? That was also her idea. The only one that is responsible for the current crisis is him, the CEO. For causing rumors, he apologizes to everybody and even BOWS to all of them. Hot damn. I will miss this show. This is gooooood.
JoAnne: This is not the first time he's just straight out spoke his mind, and I do love it very much. What's my biggest peeve in KDramas (beyond stupid non-endings like YOU GG-14D? I'd be ok if Dong Chan had to die if you didn't just END IT WITH NO WARNING, you bad writer you.) My biggest peeve after that is people who have an opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding and don't. And he DOES THAT. So I love him.
Outside, the Vicious Puppy watches everything. Thinking hard. I hope good thoughts? Ae-ra hands in her resignation - yes, it's a finite decision. Boss Lady regrets to see her go and wishes her all the best. She has become so nice ...
JoAnne: My puppy is misunderstood. He has not been vicious, he hasn't even really done any real plotting. He just wants the girl he loves to want him and he's going for it. I'm telling you... he is NOT going to support his family's plans. He's just not. He's a good puppy. You watch.

Vicious Puppy and Ae-ra eat at a Pojangmacha: it's a kind of farewell party. When he wants to give her soju, she turns away in disgust. She still has a hangover! Oh, what? She turned down the job at the hotel? That's stupid ... she thinks she didn't get it solely based on her abilities. Why is she leaving the company, Luscious wants to know? Because of Jung-woo? And out comes the truth: she feels burdened by Luscious' feelings - and she wishes he would stop liking her now.
JoAnne: What do you mean, out comes the truth? She's only told him like 1700 times already. Puppy is adorable, but Puppy is like... well... a dog with a bone. He just won't let go. Still though. LOOK AT THAT FACE. I can't remember what it is but I remember reading about his next thing and it's a big step for him. He's really gotten a lot of notice for his work here and I couldn't be more proud, my pretty puppy.
But why is she quitting because of Jung-woo? Well ... It makes her sad that Jung-woo has such a hard time because of her. She doesn't care about being branded an evil wife - but she doesn't want Jung-woo to lose the company because of her. It's a relief roboleg is there for her, right?
JoAnne: See, I do kind of understand her reasoning here. She doesn't want to put him in the position of having to choose between the two things he loves. I get it, I do... but it's not like he couldn't come back again with another company, and it's also not like THIS company will end. That's not what happens. They just push out the guy they don't want, and put a new guy in his place. The workers keep working. So it's really just about him having to start over... and her not wanting him to have to go through that when she knows EXACTLY what it cost for him to get here in the first place. Do I wish she'd talk about it with him and accept his decision as a grown man? Yes, I do. But do I understand her and feel that it's not a completely stupid line of reasoning that she takes? Yes, I do. 

Jung-woo is in front of her house, waiting for her ... and sees her come back with Vicious Luscious. Has he finally turned away from the Dark Side? He wants to know how she is going to endure it - since she loves him that much. Jung-woo sits still for a while, but then, he gets out and walks over to them. Vicious immediately puts her arms onto her shoulders, playing the perfect Second Lead, shielding her from a love she cannot accept. Let's talk, Jung-woo says. But they keep pretending they're a couple - even walking away from Jung-woo, with Luscious' arm over Ae-ra's shoulder. Come on, Ae-ra ... cut the crap! 
JoAnne: Well that was just stupid. Just the night before she was clearly affectionate with Jung Woo (even if they DIDN'T have sex) so are we now to believe that he would believe that she is involved with BOTH men? This is more stupid than her stupid plan. But I am vindicated in my belief that Puppy is NOT vicious. He's trying to help her. And he must know by now that helping her won't change anything for himself.
And flashback to what really happened that night... She is very, very drunk. She gets up to leave (because he keeps looking at her, hahaha), but has troubles finding the front door. In the dining room, she falls and stays down. He helps her up - she thinks she is with Roomie, at home. She starts crying, saying that this was probably the last time she saw him eat and drank with him. She talks about the slap she witnessed ... and about letting him go. She did it once before, when she pressed for the divorce. She sent him away, he who couldn't let her go. She will do it again, because she loves him, very much. How will she do it? he asks. She will tell him on a farewell trip. So that she can hold on to the memories. She'll tell him she doesn't like him when he is poor. That will tear his heart out and sort things, will it not? He hugs her close.
JoAnne: I cheered.  I loudly cheered for this. I LOVED this. This was awesome. And then when you go back and think about how he behaved all day, it's even more awesome. Plus I laugh because he was sober and she was completely blasted and he still got naked and got into bed with her. And then sat there the next morning with his business hanging out and just kind of shrugged and smiled.
He tucks her into bed after that, lovingly.  He strokes her cheek oh-so-carefully ... and then takes the selfie. He bends down again and this time, he lightly touches her lips ... and goes in for another kiss. At which state ... she has to throw up. Lol. THAT. Always. He holds her mouth shut, smiles, kisses her on the forehead and guides her to throw up into some bags. 
JoAnne: They really drink too much. I'm not crazy about that.
He currently is at the cinema ... a few rows behind Ae-ra and Luscious. Hahahaaaa. When they get too close for his taste, he throws popcorn at them.
JoAnne:  Jealous Jung Woo is about the best thing ever, though. Naked Jung Woo smiling and shrugging is perhaps the only thing that can top it.
When she excuses herself to go to the toilet, Jung-woo intercepts her. Don't they have a date? But maybe not now ... cause it's really late. Tomorrow then, they agree - and he takes her home. Luscious sees them go.
JoAnne: My poor sad GOOD puppy. (Psst... don't wear ties that match your lipstick.)
Jung-woo and Ae-ra are on their date ... and we know he knows exactly what she wants to do while on it. He tries to be cheerful, but she has already quit the company, so it IS a kind of farewell, in any case. When she wants to say something, he switches on the radio (and a song comes on about love in an elevator, hahaha). He declares he will have to completely remodel those elevators ... all that transparency? Not good. Lol. But they turn serious pretty quickly. And we see that he has a small present for her. It looks like a ring.
JoAnne: I wonder how he's expecting to change her mind?

And ooooooooh, it's that kind of date ... goodness, this show makes me die. They are outside, he has his head on her lap. Because the sun shines too much, she puts up her hands ... to make shade for him.
JoAnne: Seriously, he's ridiculously handsome. When you get up in the morning and stare into the mirror and that stares back at you, what do you THINK?  
Oh no ... now this is really starting to feel like a goodbye... he says he wants to sleep on her lap like this everyday. It feels like he is floating on the clouds. That brings tears to her eyes. You're a fool, woman ... Next, they take a boat ride on the Han River (he once again doesn't leave her a chance to say what she wants to say). She starts again to say something, but he quietly slips the ring onto her finger. Let's start over, he says. He wants to marry her again.
JoAnne: I am terribly distracted by her awful hair, but that ring was NICE.
But she says she doesn't want to. She might have wavered a bit, but only because he was so successful. Stop it now, he says, meaning her attempt at noble idiocy - but she says yes, let's stop this and gives him back the ring. She walks away, but alas ... she cannot get very far on the small boat. Here he is again, right behind her, telling her he knows she is not sincere. He knows she is doing it for him - but she doesn't have to worry that much. But her no is definite ... she walks away again. To another corner of the ship.
JoAnne: Do we really have to do this?
I'm not sure how much time has passed, but Jung-woo is fixing some code in his Farmville game! His employees are no match for superhacker Jung-woo. Secretary L comes running: he has to come to a meeting - Gook Daddy has withdrawn all his money. And here comes Second Lead, to tell him to come. Is the roboleg fixed? The meeting won't be long. He just needs to give the investors what they want. What would that be? His head?
JoAnne: What is she thinking? Has she come to her senses?

Alright, finally, we're at the crisis meeting. People (well, always the same guy, really) want to know why the Gook money was withdrawn. Jung-woo says it has nothing to do with the company's issues. What is the exact reason? is the next question.
JoAnne: I would PAY him to say 'Daddy Gook is mad because I won't marry his daughter, but I can't marry a woman I have never loved, especially when I still love the ONLY woman I have ever loved.'
As he starts to say something in reply, Roboleg speaks up. She speaks for her father, who has withdrawn his money because he no longer believes in Jung-woo's abilities to make this company work. She is authorized to call for the dismissal of CEO Cha. Since the game is going into beta testing, they don't need him anymore. If they sack Jung-woo, Gook money will come back in.
JoAnne: Fucking bitch. Tell them why she's doing this, Jung Woo. Do it.
Fine, says Jung-woo. He will leave. If a CEO can't guarantee the profits for investors, he should. And he resigns.
JoAnne: NOW THIS is noble idiocy. But in the end, it's not really. So what, he walks away. He's still loaded, I'm guessing. And he can always start another company, one that doesn't have any Gook ties. Also, did you notice that Puppy didn't seem exactly down with Big Sis's move?
kakashi: Yup. I think you are right: Puppy is struggling with the Dark in him. Jung-woo walking away? Better than being voted out I'd say! And as you say, it may hurt him because this is what he built up, but in the end, this is the freedom from the Gooks that he absolutely needs if he wants to continue this (or another) business.  

Ae-ra is at her parents' restaurant, helping out, when her brother comes in and spills the beans. She is soon debating with herself whether she should call Jung-woo or not - when L Secretary calls her. Jung-woo is missing. She immediately goes to their "dream house". But the door is closed ... he isn't there. Ae-ra is back at the restaurant and keeps texting him ... but he doesn't reply. He is at his old office, programming. Why dafuq is he wearing a hoodie?! Ah, but he is so cool ... he single-handedly programs the whole game himself? 
JoAnne: So he never got rid of the old space? I assumed he was in a PCBang at first and the hoodie was for some sort of camouflage but no, he's just getting himself back in the bootstrapping, fresh-out-of-school, ain't got no money mindset.
Dun-dun ..... he may think he is well hidden, but Ae-ra has found him!

The Rest

That would be the Gooks. Thankfully, there's not a lot of them in this episode. Evil Dad finally agrees to divorce their mother. The topic here? Letting go. A bit later, Roboleg is depressed and rips apart her pearls. Oh, wasn't there a scene at the very beginning where she did that in a weird kind of flashback already? Well, she definitely has issues with letting go.
JoAnne: Yeah where did we see that? Why is it so important?
kakashi: Probably used a scene from the beginning again now :) 


Finally, Jung-woo is free! Back to his roots! Well done! Well, there's some more potential for noble idiocy in the final episode, considering what I've seen in the preview, but it's just wonderful that Ae-ra did NOT get to play that card - because she told him all about her plans in her drunken state. Way to make fun of noble idiocy, one of the most hateful tropes in Kdrama!

I think that Luscious is going to save the day, since he finally seems to accept that this woman will not be his. Roboleg is just annoying and the worst of all the characters - never felt sorry for her, will never feel sorry for her. Of course, her decision will hurt the company, but that serves her and all the stupid people in the extended Gook empire right. Go find another super hacker, you idiots!

JoAnne:  My puppy is good. I want to give him a treat.