Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

I went ahead and watched the preview for episode 5 and I can tell you ... it indeed looks as if the accident we saw at the very beginning of this drama happens in episode 5 - and from then on, it can only be a short while until the time jump and KIM JI-HOON, right? I summon You, Kim Ji-hoon! Appear! (well informed sources say it's 7 or so kid-episodes :( ) But I'm getting ahead of myself ... first, there's two more episodes to recap in which Kim Ji-hoon is little, not a terribly good actor, and cries All.The.Time. *Sigh* ... here we go. Hanbok Makers from Hell, Take 3.
Episode 5

Evil daughter-in-law (EDIL) is in a slightly unpleasant situation: the tell-tale scissors, which she used to pierce the floor to release poison into her future husband's bedroom (JoAnne knows why there's poison underneath one's bedroom floor) still exists in the world. Worse: MIL has seen them and MIL has seen her reaction to them at the competition. But EDIL surmises that MIL doesn't know for sure it was her that did the evil deed. She just needs to find the scissors and destroy them.
JoAnne: Radiant gas heat under the floor in the hanok. Which explains why their asses are not blocks of ice from sleeping on the floor.
You know people start making me angry when I start to insert ugly pictures of them
Evil Dad (EvDa?) somewhat protects his first son and still seems serious about kicking Second Wife (SecWi?) out. She begs and begs with that shrill voice of hers. Gawd, this is annoying. Little Kim Ji-hoon is grieving outside, while little Jae-hee is worrying about his mother and their overall situation inside. Outside it starts raining. Little Kim Ji-hoon gets really wet. Little Kim Ji-hoon blames himself for his mother's death: she went out to buy him eggs when she was hit by a car. I hope he goes and sees a psychologist soon. I don't want my Kim Ji-hoon prosecutor to be all crazy in the head?
JoAnne: These people are upsetting me because they won't stay neatly pegged. Evil Dad couldn't allow his son to grieve, but won't allow anyone else to mistreat him. Funny Mistress is starting to piss me off every time she opens her mouth. Little KJH should be an object of sympathy but I just want to kick him.
I will now start inserting old Kim Ji-hoon gifs and pictures into these recaps, alright? That'll heighten the anticipation, I hope.
Cute little Jae-hee (concentrate, kakashi, concentrate ... this is a a KimJiCap!) is going out with two umbrellas, to look for his bro. Who is running into little not-Bori but Eun-bi in front of the Jjajangmyeon restaurant. What is she always doing there?! Awww, but they're cute ... they cry together for a while. I can totally see the beginnings of an epic love ... only that he is a bit difficult. Alright, maybe offering him an EGG wasn't the best idea. No eggs for Kim Ji-hoon. Cause eggs = guilt. She gives him the watch there goes my theory...)
JoAnne: Jesus, this girl and her noodle fixation. Also, Jae Hee is my favorite in that family. Even with that awful blonde dead thing hanging off his head.                                                                          
Kim Ji-hoon walking in the rain. Only when he is little - or also when he finally appears in this %()&*ç%= drama? I like it when he is wet.
yeah, he's cute too. Here, have a pic!
Little Jae-hee is looking everywhere for his brother, while said brother is walking arm in arm with his future epic love. At her house, her good aunt (that Good daughter-in-law or GoDIL) is waiting. When she sees her nephew she hugs him close. Jeeeeez ... he's crying again. She says she will be (like) his mom from now on and she will hug him every day. It's a little bit heart breaking.
JoAnne: She can't have a baby, he can't have a mom, it works.
What the? Shiiiiit, this drama is actually making my eyes water. Little Jae-hee finally finds is brother. They shout at each other: Jae-hee is afraid they will really be kicked out if Jae-hwa doesn't get home quickly. He is protective of his mother and her unborn baby and he asks to be able to stay in the nice house. He isn't even taking anything away from Jae-hwa (good point). But Jae-hwa cannot forgive the mother that burnt HIS mother's clothes. All he had was that smell ... now he has nothing. At that, little Jae-hee opens his jacket and pulls out a beautiful jacket. It's the one piece of clothing he was able to save from the fire. He even burned his hand!! Oh dear, KimJiCap, KimJiCap, KimJiCap ...
JoAnne: I knew it, that kid is awesome. Fuck your KimJiCap, I am on the JaeHee train. Who plays big Jae Hee? It better be someone good.
kakashi: Oh Chang-Suk, I don't know him. Oh wait, I should though - he was in Athena
I think I know why they cast him ... he cries really, really well.
D'awwwwwwwwz, soooooooo adorable.
The Little Bitchy Kid is very much in love with her hanbok. I think I need to learn her name, don't I? Her mother thinks she stole it. The kid says "stop touching my things with your dirty hands" and she'd rather be an orphan than live with a mother who sells vegetables - and I do wonder just a liiiiittle tiny bit why this mother hasn't slapped any sense into this little Devil Spawn before it was too late. Not a fan of bodily punishment, but this little brat? At school, she continues to lie about her background.
JoAnne: That was a little psycho, don't you agree? Can I push her down the stairs? Wait. Does that make me a psycho? I'm sorry, I'm just so tired of being sick and fuzzy-headed and miserable. Just let me kill one annoying kid and I'm sure I'll get ...wait, no.
kakashi: I am looking forward to hating her a LOTLOTLOTLOT when she's older
Jae-hee kicks a ball and hits Jae-hwa's nose. Jae-hwa pretends to be all tough and stuff, but he really isn't. Yeah, we've noticed, show! You make him cry ALL THE TIME. At dinner, Second Wife is sugarsweet to Jae-hwa and I want to smack her. Both the sister and Second Wife are told to move out immediately by Angry Dad (or was he Evil Dad? I can't keep track), but Jae-hwa, awww, little Jae-hwa tells his father to let them all live together.
JoAnne: So he's whiny but not an ass. Not totally.
kakashi: But he looks good when he cries when he's older, look. Very sexy
At the Hanbok House, EDIL is sulking and not eating because she lost. GoDIL is nice as always. EDIL goes out to buy MIL's favorite sashimi - and we get to see her good side when she sees a poor woman selling vegetables. She is reminded of her own past and her dead mother, who seems to have frozen to death; and she gives the woman more money than needed, for her to buy socks. Her artist husband watches her, looking thoughtful.
JoAnne: See what I mean? They won't stay put! How can I just dismiss her as evil ambition when now I understand a little of what drives her?
Crying AGAIN?! Jeeeeeeeeeez. At least it's rage-crying. That's much better than pitiful crying.
EDIL cooks but when she's done, she learns from GoDIL that MIL has already left. What's happening to that wonderful food now?! EDIL seizes the opportunity and goes and cleans in MIL's room. We all know what she really wants, don't we? And indeed, she finds the broken scissors! Those scissors! When she tries to take them from the room, she is caught in the act by MIL. EDIL denies everything - but her husband hears the heated argument.
JoAnne: Oh, I am getting so tired of this back and forth, though.
Hang in there, JoAnne noona!
He comes in - and in a surprising turn of events, he says he was the one who stuck the scissors into the floor. Yeah. Makes total sense. NOT. He says he did it because he knew his mother wouldn't have accepted EDIL otherwise. In private at the art studio, he repeats what he has said before: stop sewing, leave with me and I'll forgive and forget everything. If she doesn't ... he will end his relationship with her. And probably tell everybody that she did try to kill him.
JoAnne: Do it, just do it, just do it already dammit.
Oh, EDIL also has a brother who comes to see her in secret. EDIL is quite an interesting character, by the way ... she is clearly corrupted and greedy, but yes, somewhere in there, there's a good heart. The brother (who is about 30 years younger than her) needs money, things are not going well for him. The reason? His noona became obsessed with hanbok and left all her siblings alone. This is not a moment to laugh, but I'm laughing anyway.
JoAnne: I was going to argue that it was more like 20, but I think you are right. And she ran away and LEFT them? I thought at least that she thought a Life of Hanbokery would provide for them, but no. She just up and left. Wow. I can hear her thoughts: Must.Sew.Now. Brothers! Sisters! Family! No! Must.Sew.Now.
Awwww, little Eun-bi is so cute ... she is making our little CryBaby Kim Ji-hoon a pouch that looks like underpants so that he will laugh his pants off everyday. Let's hope it helps!
JoAnne: Is the pouch where he puts his pants when they fall off? I don't understand.
Oups, so EDIL is selling hanbok illegally through the servant to make fast money for her brother? Not for the first time, it seems. That's really tough ... but at least she gets hugs from her awesome daughter, who thinks she is the most beautiful mother in the world and doesn't hate her one bit. I do hope she'll keep that promise to make her wonderful clothes for her wedding though! (by the way, does that mean we'll get to see Kim Ji-hoon in hanbok? Ohhhhhhh!)
JoAnne: He'll just ruin it by crying.
kakashi: >.< 
When Bad Dad and Second Wife gets into some giggly action and little Jae-hwa listens to them in horror, little Jae-hee saves the day by turning on the stereo full blast. Petulent CryBaby Jae-hwa tells him to call him hyung in the future, not intending that to make little Jae-hee incredibly happy. He repeats the word over and over.
JoAnne: SEE THEY WON'T STAY PUT. And those little boys' faces were adorable.
The next day, Second Wife wants to buy vegetables from the little bitch's mother. Second Wife is also a bitch and that is why LilBiMom doesn't sell her anything in the end. This is all overheard by GoDIL, who is coming to visit her nephew. There, we learn that the shares that Jae-hwa's mother had now all went to him. Because Second Wife continues to be a total bitch, our pure-hearted GoDIL flees in disgust and horror. Second Wife throws the precious side-dishes that GoDIL brought on the floor. I think she must die for this.
JoAnne: Yeah, she's just really over the top annoying and shrill and shallow and petty and I don't like her.
In case you were thinking there will be no more crying in the future of this drama for Jae-hwa, think again. Prosecutors cry as well. Here is the proof!
The servant is at a clothes shop and sells the hanbok for EDIL. Why is this illegal exactly? Ah, because only MIL-sanctioned clothes are to be sold. EDIL gives the money to her brother, who wants her to forget him and runs away.
JoAnne: So do you think that this has significance on its own, that he's a ne'er do well with money troubles, or only as a way to get us to the next bit, where she sells clothes on the hanbok black market?
kakashi: You mean ... will we see the brother again? Probably not
It's alright, Kim Ji-hoon. The brother wasn't really important for the story.
MIL is having doubts, seeing how diligently EDIL works in the household. May she have been too hard? Biased, even? She is thinking about another competition! Oh, but I bet that's going to change soon ... there's a woman at their house, demanding to buy a hanbok. MIL refuses, because they're focusing on the king attire right now, but the woman says her friend bought a hanbok at a wedding shop in Chongdamdong! Oh shit. GoDIL is to go check later.
JoAnne: Ok it's an upscale black market, at least. Chongdamdong, where they will cut a bitch for the right dress.
Don't cry, Kim Ji-hoon ... JoAnne was just making a joke! Nobody was harmed when filming this drama (yet)! Though if it turns out to be another Goddess of Marriage, I may very well end up in a psychiatric ward.
EDIL confronts the servant: how could he have sold the hanbok in the middle of Seoul? Hm, but he did that deliberately, didn't he? At the wedding where the illegal hanbok is worn, GoDIL gets a shock when she sees the needle work up close. Back at the house, MIL wants to know whose work it was. EDIL steps out behind MIL, looking at GoDIL with pleading eyes.
JoAnne: Well, I don't think it was a plot to get her caught, necessarily. He seems to carry a torch or some affection for her at the very least.


This really isn't as bad as I thought it would be (I keep repeating this to myself, yes). The budding friendship between the half-brothers is sweet - mainly because little Jae-hee is such a cute button. There is no evil in him at all, all he wants is a good life for his mom and by extension, for himself. I hope little Kim ji-hoon will get as likable once he is over the constant crying. I also hope that this friendship will still be there when the adult cast comes in - I would hate for them to be or become enemies.
JoAnne: He was a crybaby in GoM too if I remember correctly... but you're right, I want them to be friends because Jae Hee is all kinds of adorable.
In conclusion: the amount of gifs on this blog in which Kim Ji-hoon is crying is quite shocking. Give the man a role in a comedy!!
There wasn't an awful lot of little Eun-bi and little Bitchy in this episode, but little Eun-bi is well played and incredibly kind and warm-hearted as a character.  She is like her aunt, just with a lot of spunk. I like her. Bitchy is very much overdrawn and quite scary, but I guess it'll work well in the future. All of our characters are moving closer in this episode and the plot definitely thickens. Making us (almost) feel some sympathy for the EDIL is quite well done, I thought. Glimpses of her humanity make us wonder, like MIL, whether we might be wrong to despise her.
JoAnne: I don't like her, but I like her more than I like that Second Wife.

That said, the prize for the most annoying character goes to Second Wife. Can't stand her!
JoAnne: She screeches like a cat in heat.  It's beyond irritating.