Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

becca: We have another good episode! Everyone's favorite secondary couple gets some screen time, we have a minimum of Goon-ish antics, and we spend the majority of our time with our OTP. Bickering, blossoming awareness, skinship, teasing - this episode has it all.
Shuk: Yes, one of the cutest and best so far!

Episode 10

The girls are exhausted from their last class. Mai is waiting for them outside the building, eager to talk to Veggie Girl. But Rin isn't interested. Flower Boy begs for help from her girlfriends. He wants to apologize to her but needs an opportunity. They give in to that winsome smile and tell him their next class. Sure enough, he’s waiting again. Give in, Rin! In fact, her best friends bolt and leave the two alone.
She turns her back to him, but she’s silently squeeing, wondering if he is going to confess to her. Mai takes a deep breath: can they be friends? Well, that lets the air out of her sails. But it’s a good start, even if she wants to play hard to get.  She turns and says maybe, but if he really wants to be her friend, he needs to accept her on Facebook. She walks away with a smile while he stands there with a smile.
Yay! Progress!
Rut is Google Fu-ing in the middle of the night, desperately trying to find the directions to this out-of-the-way mountain school. Finally, he calls Uncle, who rattles off the directions while Rut writes it down.

In the morning, he is memorizing the directions when May steps into the bedroom. He quickly hides the paper, but it catches her eye. What is it? When he turns, she grabs it out his back pocket. Cop a feel, May! You know you want to! He snatches it back and throws it the trashbin in front of her, but when she leaves their suite, he surreptitiously pulls it back out.
Hahaha! I hope they get lost, and we can watch him squirm.
Rut’s truck is loaded for bear, and Naan is just putting the cargo net on all the gear on the roof.  Evil Goon shows up and tries to invite himself along to help with the heavy lifting. FaketWatit says heck no, he wants it to be just the two of them. Once they leave, though, Goon calls Chard and tells him Plan B. Naree overhears and can't resist a dig about May, but Goon is convinced that one day the woman will be his again.
Goon, she was never yours to begin with!
The brown Isuzu MU-X is happily cruising down the road. But wait! What’s the suspicious-looking bright red Ducati motorcycle with the suspicious-looking rider with the suspicious-looking long rifle-looking bag slung across his back?

They pull into a convenience store for a quick break, and the motorcycle keeps going.  At the store, Rut looks over the instructions and realizes they missed a turn. HA! May brings back some coffee for the two of them, but accidentally spills it on his shirt.
*cough*take it off*cough cough*
Meanwhile the bike has parked above the store, and the rider strips off his safety gear. It’s Chard! But why waste time removing his jacket? Anyway, May is worried that the coffee on FakeWatit’s chest might cause a medical issue, and begs him to change his shirt. While he’s changing, she throws away the trash, which, unfortunately, included the now-coffee-stained instructions.
Let's hope you have a good memory, Rut.

Clearly Chard knew that this was no simple pee stop. By now he is down to his normal clothes and having a stroll through the trees to find the perfect vantage point. The rifle is at the ready when FakeWatit returns to the truck. Chard sloooooowly pulls back the bolt, but just then May blocks the shot. Rut asks about the instructions, and is crestfallen when he realizes they are gone. Still, it’s time to get back on the road. She walks to the passenger side, and Chard lines up again for the perfect shot.  But now a law enforcement truck pulls into the parking lot. Oh darn, what luck!
*breathes sigh of relief* That was tense.
At Greed House, Naree takes her dad to task for allowing that viper Chard to stay at their house. Dad doesn’t care for her tone, but is convinced that Chard is the means for his revenge and get Angkoon and the estate for his daughter. She yells that she doesn’t want that man anymore and they need to stop; Dad’s too far down that revenge path in his head to heed her.
She doesn't want Goon anymore? Dare I hope… is this progress?

But, as he heads back inside, he sees the workers milling around. The new Team Leader (Chard) wasn’t there to give them their assignments. Greed Dad wonders where his new evil employee is.
I'm just throwing this out there, Dad, but maybe hiring a known criminal to manage your workers isn't the best business plan.
Lettuces are growing in great perfusion on campus, and the class is asked to break up in groups of three to study the growth rates and viability of the stock. Only three to a group? Then Flower Boy can’t join Rin’s Power of Three group.  Never fear, two other girls ask him to their team, which gets Veggie Girl all grumpy. She turns to their plot, and I notice they all have bulldog clips on the back of their belts. Wrong size? Placeholder for the microphone wires? Or a fashion statement?
I never noticed this before. Hm.

Mai is with his team, but keeps stealing glances at Rin’s group. She is doing likewise, but when she sees him at ease with the two, she slaps the hydroponic table in frustration. But there is a small nail sticking up, and it stabs her thumb, making her yelp. Mai immediately abandons the girls to check on Rin and wrap her thumb with his handkerchief. Aww, her face – he really does like me! She waits for him outside the building and overhears a flirting couple. The girls asks if her guy was stranded on a ship, what three items would he want with by his side? I roll my eyes at the cheesiness, but oh no, Rin  has that gleam in her eye even as she scoffs.
Mai was so cute, running over to her at the first hint of trouble.
When Maitree arrives with a bandage in tow, she asks him the same question. His answer? Clothes, cellphone, wallet. She tells him he can add one more thing…he points to her and pauses… a camera! That way he can show his adventures. She takes it in good graces while he takes his leave. Before he goes, though, he turns around and asks to bring one more thing – her! Aww. She breaks out into a big smile and he teases her that she was fishing for that answer the whole time. Yay! These two are so adorable together I’m almost afraid of diabetes.
They both clearly like each other now, and it's so so sweet.
Our couple is winding their way through a narrow, no wide, no narrow dirt road surrounded by expanses of tall bright yellow flowers. May loves it, of course. I’m distracted by the really bad CGI flowers flowing past a gently rocking SUV.
Hee. I found the bad CGI strangely endearing.
By the way, think the Mu-X has an invisible plowing attachment and automatically widens the road after you pass through it.
Front View
Rear View!
Anyway, she coos over the Mexican sunflowers, and he’s happy that she’s happy. He promises to stop at the crest of the hill so she can see the entire valley. However, once they reach the top, Rut finds out the brakes have failed. Did Evil Goon or Chard do this, or is it a coincidence like the lightning tree? In reality people (and I've said this before), either downshift and use the engine torque to slow down, or gently pull on the emergency brake to engage them and help slow you down.
*taking notes*

In Dramaland, they do neither, and the SUV careens downhill, barely able to dodge the curves. Rut finally decides the best way to end this is to plow into a stand of cut logs and branches. Again there are no airbag deployments, but they have finally stopped. There’s an ominous puff of smoke from the engine compartment, though.
They're really goin' through the vehicles in this show.
That's okay, Isuzu has lots and lots of them.

Rut is worried about her; she’s shaken but not injured. She’s worried for Watit and his medical issues. He fakes breathing difficulty, but then tells her his eyes were closed so he wasn't scared. She looks at him like he’s nuts. LOL. What an adorable ass, sometimes.
Flower Boy is with a couple of students working on his English lessons. It’s nice that the students are starting to accept him again. These are different boys from the pimply-faced jerkwads who abandoned him after he saved their butts. GirlGang walks by when the boys are laughing at Mai’s pronunciation. Rin reads off the sentence and tells the boys they are lousy tutors; in fact, it’s not tutoring, it’s bullying! The other girls agree, and the boys are snickering.

Mai grabs Rin and pulls her away to a more private place, but clearly he’s amused at her defense and not angry. She’s angry enough for the both of them, but he tells her to be calm, since it’s their friends and classmates. She offers to tutor him instead, but he softly declines.  He doesn’t want to continuously rely on her, for things like his book report. His major is athletics, but he wants to accomplish his graduation with his own efforts.
But… tutoring is different than actually doing your report for you. For one thing, it's not cheating….

She understands but still wants him to pinkie promise to tell her if he needs help. He grabs her hand and makes a different promise gesture: thumbs up, from the heart, knock knuckles, thumb print on the palm, wrap the fingers to hold the promise in place. She gets all giddy and leaves, while he sits and smiles.
Yep, he totally knows that she likes him. Oh, you two cuties.
The girls think he’s a really cool guy now that he wants to pass on his own merits. But Veggie Girl is worried, since he failed some midterms and must pass English in order make it to the next semester. One of the friend’s phone rings, but Rin won’t loosen her fist to hold it, afraid to lose Flower Boy’s promise. They decide to pry it open, so she runs.
Hahaha! How long does she plan to hold onto it, I wonder?

In Flanders Fields the poppies grow, but out in the middle of Mexican Sunflower Mountain, things are not going too well. Rut can't figure out why the engine won't turn over, and a tire is blown. No phone signal, either. May decides to walk down the road a bit to see if there are any passersby.
On closer look, the yellow flowers appear to be coreopsis. May is climbing through them, but they are taller than she is. Rut chases after her, and when she sees him, she yelps. She is worried because, um, lots of flowers in every direction; and the whole steep incline thing. FakeWatit does a quick wheeze, and May tells him to stop climbing. However, she slips and starts tumbling down; Rut stops her headlong pace, but not until she hurts her ankle. She gamely tries to walk on, but, nope, her leg won’t support her weight.
At some point, you'd think she would realize that he only wheezes after she mentions that he's not wheezing.
He tells her to stay there and begins climbing, but she stops him. She’s scared of being alone. Wait, weren't you just marching up the hill before he got there? (It's different when you're injured and stationary, though.) Anyways, it’s piggyback cute time! She doesn't want to because of his health, but gives in. The two make it to the top, but there is no sign of civilization anywhere. FakeWatit is ready to rest, but May wants to continue. He has to point out that he has been doing all the walking for the both of them. Since it’s not likely anyone will be by, he proposes they head back down to the truck and bunk out for the night. May is not a happy camper, in more ways than one, but he promises to take care of her so she won’t be scared.
Y'know, before I started watching Asian dramas, I never would have considered a piggyback to be very squee-worthy, but now I love it.
Once back by the vehicle, he starts lobbing stuff out of the hatchback, including a tent and an emergency pack before clambering to the roof for more stuff. How did they end up in the vehicle? He explains that he wanted the gear in order to be prepared for anything; from her point of view, it’s just more proof of his strangeness. She objects when he starts unloading the snacks for the children, but they are going to need something to eat later. She vows to fast that night; they can always use this time to diet.

A short time later, the tent is competently up, complete with rain cover and canopy, and she is just plain puzzled. She circles around him, but with the exception of his face, there is nothing like the man she married. Is it a result of being lost? He has survival skills and wasn't even a Boy Scout. He offers to disassemble everything so she can put it together herself; she backs away from that idea.
Naree is wandering over a koi pond when Greed Dad shows up with some smidgen of concern. Dad wonders if she’s missing Angkoon, but she says no. He’s confused; he told her to stay away from him and she wouldn't, now that he wants the two of them to be together, she won’t. She tries to explain that she doesn't want her guy to see her as worthless. Dad now has genuine concern and needs her to tell him everything.

At Flower House, Maitree is PPL-studying. He gets a happy text from Veggie Girl, who checks to see if he’s studying his English. She gives him some cute words of encouragement.
At The Tent, May has chowed down on multiple cans of food while Rut tends a small fire. So much for that vow of fasting. FakeWatit calls her out on it, amused. She gets a rice grain on her face but pulls back when he tries to wipe it away. She gets a little self-conscious, and gets even more so when he fetches her a toothbrush and paste.

While prepping for sleep, she realizes her sweater is dirty from her tumble down the hill, and takes it off. She’s wearing a white singlet underneath.  She looks up and her eyes go really wide: FakeWatit is also down to a white singlet, and he looks dem fine that way! She stares as he works his machete.

She’s mesmerized and can’t look away until he brings her a pot of hot water and a towel to heat-wrap her ankle. In a low voice he tells her he will wrap her ankle in hotness…he looks into her eyes for a moment then starts crawling up her leg, looking at her chest, until they are face to face…then leaps to kiss her neck and hug her. WTH?
Have you noticed that the guys in this show always go for the neck? Are they vampires?? Is that going to be the twist in the final act?
…She suddenly wakes up yelling. FakeWatit is still by the fire, still with the machete, and about as far away as he can physically be. He calls out to see if she’s okay, then, uh-oh, he brings her a pot of hot water and a towel to heat-wrap her ankle. In a low voice he tells her he will wrap her ankle in hotness…he looks into her eyes for a moment…and she slaps his head!

He levies a puzzled look – why did she slap him? She comes up with FakeWatit-worthy excuse.  She was cold so she was swinging her arms to warm up. She shoos him away, and decides dirty sweater can hide her body and maybe her dirty thoughts. LOL
Hahahaha!! They are both such BAD liars! Poor guy got slapped, and he didn't even deserve it this time!
Rut is gathering more wood for the campfire when he notices his pack next to the fire, and wonders why she hasn’t changed clothes. May loftily says she doesn't trust him; all the sudden he has all these abilities and strengths. And maybe he won’t keep his promise and do something to her again! He scoffs that, if he wanted to, he would do it on a soft bed, A/C, and a nice atmosphere. She counters that Uncle in the house is a chaperon for any hanky-panky. So she gets in the tent, and he gets to commune with the stars and the mosquitoes. He asks if she really plans on evicting her husband. She – Yep!

But there are spooky scary noises in the dark. May wakes up and gets frightened of the shuffling shadows and stuff. (Nevermind that they are outside the tent and she is inside the tent). The safest place in her mind? Why, curled up against hubby, of course! Except every time she scootches, he ends up moving too, until he is in the grass.
Heehee. Try explaining THIS in the morning, May!
Chard and Evil Goon are sharing fuzzy drinks. Goon wonders where the pair is, since they never showed back at the house. Chard has some good ideas: bandits, robbers, murders. Goon slaps the grin off his face; who cares if Watit is a corpse, but May must remain perfect and pretty. Goon wants to enlist Naree’s help in figuring out the New and Improved Watit. Greed Dad calls him for a meeting.

The next morning, the fire is slightly smoldering, and our couple is tightly entwined. Rut wakes up first, no doubt with pins and needles in his arm, but he spends those few moments smiling down at the sleeping woman. She opens her eyes, and they share a wordless moment before she realizes where she is.
*muffled squeeing*

She jumps back like he was electrified, and accuses him of doing things to her. He cringes while she shrieks that he broke the promise and took advantage of her! B-but she invaded his personal space, not the other way around! Now he acts like an affronted virgin, covering his chest and shrieking at her. LOL. Until she jumps up and screams out her frustration and Rut settles back with a cheeky expression, quickly covering it up when she turns around again.
She decides it’s time for Watit to die and starts chasing him with a log. They make a round around the tent and stop short. It’s a native woman and child. She speaks to them, but they don’t understand her. Uh-oh, did they make it to Myanmar or something? A native man shows up – this is family! But the wife is deaf. He speaks with a northern dialect. May and Rut asks the same questions simultaneously. Finally Rut explains that their truck is down – does he know if there is a nearby mechanic? The man shrugs and points out the direction of the nearest village. Happy for at least a direction, Rut slings a companionable arm around May and they smile together. At least, for a second before she grabs the log up again and the chase resumes.

Our couple is walking and walking through the forest, and May questions whether the natives steered them in the correct direction. Rut is confident that it’s not far. But, to her, the man never said whether it was a short distance or a looooooooong distance away. Rut decides she's snarky because she's tired, and it’s a good time to take a break. The find a small leafy clearing and sit down to rest. Suddenly ropes pull up out of nowhere, and our pair is caught in a net trap and dragged skyward.
At the apparently nearby village, bamboo chimes ring out that they have caught something! Everybody runs to the boobytrap except for the village leader and a woman weaving cloth on a wooden loom.  The villagers arrive and mistake the pair for a giant talking animal of some kind. They are disappointed in people; no meat that night. They drop the net and tie up the strangers.

At the village, the leader is solicitous of May’s comfort, much to the displeasure of the weaver. I’m guessing she is the leader’s girlfriend, Waapo. She takes one look at handsome Rut and her whole demeanor changes. She asks if the two of them are married. If they are, she will refuse to tend to May’s injuries. They call themselves just friends.
At least they didn't lie that they're siblings. That NEVER works out well.

Once they both have been helped, Gaaway the village leader insists that they leave. May tries to reason with them, explaining their predicament, but the whole village wants them out. May feints a stomachache, but Waapo wants them to stay. A shouting match occurs between the two villagers, and they get to stay!
They are shown to a small hut. It looks perfectly livable, but that’s because the previous owner recently died. Rut talks to Waapo about finding a vehicle mechanic, but their only option is the traveling fruit seller, but they won’t be back for two weeks. Yay! Forced cohabitation in the woods! Rut heads back to the truck to retrieve their things, leaving May in a dead person’s hut with a black cat.
Yes! I love this turn of events! We all know that May and Rut get along better when they're away from Goon and his crew.

Flower Boy is slowing going through his English primer, when a classmate stops by and offers to help. He grumbles that a farmer doesn't need to learn English, but she just laughs. Her name is Vida, she lived overseas and knows English well. Pretty and friendly; should we name her Competition? They make plans for a tutoring session that evening.

Mai and  the GirlGang leave class, and the girls are ready for some snacks. He declines to go with them, due to his meeting. The gang is walking past the activities yard and see a group of cheerleaders practicing. Vida is leading the group, and Rin comments that Vida is nice and friendly, and seems to have everything. They don’t notice at first that Flower Boy is also leaning against the railing, watching the practice. But, man, when Veggie Girl sees him handing Vida a drink….
Ah, jealousy. Hopefully this will be short-lived.
At the cafeteria, the besties talk about what they saw, and how close he was with her. Rin gets testy listening as she spoons serving after serving of chili flakes into her food. By the time she realizes it, it’s totally orange.

At Greed House, Dad sits his daughter and Evil Goon together. Dad wants Goon to take responsibility for his now-damaged daughter. Goon’s eyes stare daggers and throw gritted teeth he promises to take care of Naree. Somehow I don’t think his idea of “taking care” is the same as Dad’s. Dad pushes for something more, and mentions both their priorities of getting rid of Watit and Uncle.
This is sooooo wrong. Also, she wants him again? So much for progress. *sigh*
Once Greed Dad leaves the table, Naree is smiling, but clearly Goon is pissed. Accept their relationship? He backhands her, angry she told her father. He grabs her face in a punishing grip as she begs to stay with him. He gives her a tiny kiss and pushes her away, then switches to kindness again, stroking her hair while she cries. Ugh ugh ugh.
Ugh, indeed. Hateful as she is, I can't help but find her very pitiful, and no one should be stuck with a brute like Goon. NO GIF FOR YOU.

After Episode Extra 

Our OTP smiles at us from the screen. We are at the halfway mark!
For an extra treat, click here for a BTS video of the show.
Even better, here is an excerpt from the SisterDay StarLive Variety show, with Toomtam singing the theme song while View plays a tabletop piano: SisterDay
While neither clip is subtitled, it still very cute to watch.

Final Comments

I'm happy the Flower Kids have cleared the air, and, despite the hiccup of Competition, I fully expect the cuteness to continue with just a slight detour. Do you hear me, Show?
Now that they're talking to each other, I think they'll be able to get past this fairly quickly. They are the most functional, emotionally healthy couple in this show.
I don't even know what to say about Naree. Love never asks you to be abused, and you are taking a long and ugly road, poor thing. Koon just becomes more and more of a demon in my eyes, so the writers get a thumbs up on his character (de)development. When I think about my sympathetic eye in the first episode, ugh ugh ugh.
I second everything that you just said.
I am excited for my couple, though, forced to live in close quarters in a place that is bound to make them rely on each other. Yes! And the previews tell me that the scruff is coming back! Woot!

As for Comatose Watit? Gosh it reminds me so much of the even-more-horrible-than-the housekeeper Hong Sisters drama "Big". What do you do with a character whose sole purpose is essentially to be background furniture for the love story? As Rut and May get close, and Watit just slumbers on, I wonder if he ever comes back. Certainly they botched it in South Korea.