Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 41 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 41

written by kakashi and panda
explicit sexual content

Without any doubt, Shao Wan was fully healed. She was getting increasingly bored and restless and Mo Yuan knew, it was high time he unsealed her powers. The one and the only valid reason to keep her at Kunlun a little longer was the suspected lack of progress she had made with her control. The stakes were high: he knew well how immense and potent her skylink power was. To harness its full potential and not be a danger all the realms, she needed to work on and master her self-control, on a regular basis, not least if she didn’t want to be used by Cheng Yin again.

Mo Yuan had shown her breathing exercises and meditation techniques days ago. He had specifically selected them to fit her personality, but he had had little time to supervise her. The few times he had tried they had gotten into an argument, leaving both of them edgy and frustrated. As far as he was aware, she had only been training martial arts with the princesses and had not tried his exercises even once. Of course, why would she have changed: At school, she had only ever done what she enjoyed and had constantly questioned the use of everything else, driving her teachers insane.

As they hurried to the waterfall to commence training this morning, he tried to tamp down the disappointment coursing through his body. For someone with such a deep seated aversion to being taught anything, she had been extremely excited when he had cautiously suggested control-lessons. He had brought up this topic because he could not stand how awkward things were between them. He had hoped she would rebuff him and would start an argument, but she knew, of course, that honor bound him to unseal her powers and let her go once her training was done. The quicker they got to that point, the quicker she could leave.

As they reached the clearing he had made, he sat down in the lotus position and motioned for her to do same. It was a cold morning and he took a deep breath of the crisp morning air laden with a faint smell of peach blossoms. He knew he had to purge his mind of all extraneous thoughts and focus on the hard task ahead - getting Shao Wan to meditate.

“Shao Wan, to master your sky link power, the solution lies in being in total control of your faculties. The first step in achieving this is mastering your meditation.”

She nodded her head warily and wrinkled her nose. He knew that meditation and being still was her greatest challenge but it was a hurdle they had to overcome. As he always taught his disciples: “First, comes the mastery of the mind, then all other things fall in place.”

“I want you to close your eyes and empty your mind of all thought. Focus on the sound of the waterfall. Take in long breaths and let the rumble of the water fill your consciousness."

"Now, let go of that," he continued after a while. "Focus on the nothingness and let that be a part of you.”

The clearing was silent apart from the steady sound from the falling water. This was one of his favorite places to meditate apart from his cave and it was especially well suited for beginners. Waterfalls, just like the sea, were an ideal location as they provided a steady natural noise that made it easier to blank out distractions. Today, however, he found it hard to concentrate. He suppressed a shiver in the cool morning air and tried to focus on his breathing. In, out, in, out, in, out … Unbidden, the thought of how she was faring crossed his mind and he opened his eyes.

Of course, she wasn’t even sitting still. Not even half an incense had elapsed and she was already shifting impatiently from her lotus position. A smile crossed his face. From the fierce expression on hers, he could see she was earnestly trying her best to concentrate. He ran his eyes all over her, lingering on her face before quickly breaking off contact so she wouldn’t feel him staring. He could never get tired of looking at her. It wasn’t just her beauty but the sheer essence of her that captivated him. She was so vibrant, so full of life, she made everything brighter.

He missed her.

He missed the way she looked at him, lips flushed and parted with desire. He missed her touch, the way she held him and gripped him hard but tender all at once. He missed her quick smiles, her witty replies. He missed her sleeping next to him, her body carelessly draped over him.

Groaning inwardly he adjusted himself slightly and gave up all thoughts of meditating. Part of him wished he knew what he had done wrong exactly so he could fix it and they could go back to sharing a bed for the short time they had left. The other part of him knew she would be leaving soon and getting used to sleeping without her now meant it wouldn’t hurt so much later. But … should he really just let her drift away like this? Should he really just let her go?

He missed her.

He saw the exact moment she gave up trying to meditate completely and quickly closed his eyes while arranging his features to be as expressionless as possible.

"Celestial, this stupid waterfall is making it hard for me to concentrate. It is so loud! And must we sit in this position? I dislike it so.” She jumped up. “This is not working. I am going off to practice some more moves with the princesses.”

She walked briskly away, shaking her legs to restore blood circulation.

With an inward sigh he opened his eyes and stood up as well. This was not going to work. She distracted him and everything else distracted her. He would have to find a new location and a new method to conduct the lessons. In fact, he had an idea...


In the afternoon, Mo Yuan had told Shao Wan that he had had an idea how to make better progress with her control lessons and had said to meet him in the meditation cave. She had searched his face - as always, in vain. There was no trace of anything there to give away what he had cooked up. But, if it helped with her control, she would do it.

It had been several nights now that she had spent alone. She missed his touch, his lips, the warmth of his body. She missed feeling snug and content in his embrace after their lovemaking. But she also knew that she had to overcome this. Like someone addicted to drugged wine, she had to abstain as long as it took to break his influence over her.

When she entered the cave, he sat on his meditation platform and immediately put up the barrier behind her - an opaque one. Her breathing quickened in anticipation, but she was set on controlling her urges. Even if he looked particularly alluring, being so monkish. And even if he smelled very, very nice today. Had he taken a bath?

“Lie down next to me,” he commanded curtly.

She complied, looking at him warily from the side. She liked it when he talked like this, it made her want to anger him, to make him lose his control. He lay down himself, close to her, but not touching. She lifted her head to see what he was doing, but he shot her a disapproving look.

“You lie completely still, eyes closed. You will circulate your Qi throughout your entire body, down to your toes and up to very top of your head. You will not touch me.”

She snickered. That sounded too easy.

Only, it wasn’t. Her Qi flowed alright at the beginning, but very soon, it started to concentrate in her belly and below, setting her on fire. Whatever he was doing next to her, it soon felt like his body was pulling hers towards him. Her fingers started twitching and her hands wanted to sneak over to his body, into his hair, wanted to feel him - but he noticed and whispered angry instructions to her.

“Push it down to your toes!”

“It doesn’t want to go to my toes,” she whimpered. The truth was, her Qi wanted the man next to her to penetrate her roughly. Her breathing got all messed up as she struggled to do what Mo Yuan wanted her to do and could not stop thinking about him inside of her. So much about controlling her urges. The bastard was probably using some kind of magic - and she had walked into this trap with her eyes open, fool that she was.

“Breath into your core,” he instructed, but that only made things worse, because it brought more Qi to those body parts that already demanded her full attention. It cost her all her will to not roll over and ravish him.

Lying there like this was pure agony and yet, as her need grew and she did not act on it, it gave her a type of satisfaction she had not known before and a heightened sense of awareness of the blood pulsing through her veins that came with a feeling of calm that grew as time passed.

“Enough,” he exclaimed after what seemed like an eternity. He sounded somewhat breathless.

She exhaled in relief that this horribly hard lessons was finished when to her surprise, he rolled over and started kissing her demandingly.

She pushed him away. “What are you doing?” she asked, frowning at him.

“I want you so much,” he panted. “Please, Shao Wan, let me? I can't hold back.”

She had beaten him at his own game? She felt oddly proud. He looked down at her with the expression of a man completely entranced: His half-lidded eyes were locked on her lips, his breathing was rapid, his mouth half-open, his face flushed. She pushed against his shoulders a bit more and he sucked in air, like a drowning man, shifting his eyes to look at her with such a pleading expression she felt her insides turn to mush.

He was just lucky she wanted him too. “Damn you, Celestial,” she said, “yes, but only because I am feeling generous today.”

In a heartbeat, he had opened the top of her gown to fondle her breasts. His touch on her naked skin sent ripples of pleasure through her entire body, from head to toe. His mouth came down on her left nipple and he sucked it with force as he tweaked and massaged the other.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed. “I like your new control lessons. I wonder why there aren't more female students lining up outside?”

“Please stop talking, Shao Wan,” he growled, frantically getting rid of his robes and then ripping her clothes off.

She laughed at his frenzy, then moaned, when he slid his hands underneath her buttocks to lift her up. Kneeling in front of her, he started to suck on her flesh, nipped her bud with his teeth and pushed his tongue deeply inside of her. She came almost instantly, but the waves of pleasure did not peak, they just kept rolling and rolling and rolling. She arched her back, not wanting it to stop, moaning even more loudly. It didn’t stop, also not when he penetrated her roughly with a grunt, then pulled her up into a sitting position in his lap.

She slung her legs around his waist and started moving, since he did nothing.

“Slow. Go slow, Shao Wan…,” he panted.

“But this is slow!”

“No, it’s not. Stop moving. Stop, I said!”

“How will that-”

He had grabbed her, forcefully stopping her movement with one hand around her shoulder and one hand on the top of her head. Holding her very tight, she could feel him deeper inside of her than ever before, twitching slightly, sending more waves of pleasure through her body.

“Now breath with me,” he whispered into her ear. “Long, deep breaths.”

She tried to match his breathing, feeling his burning hot cheek against hers - but as he ever so slightly moved inside of her, she had to hug him tightly against her, because she thought she’d black out from another wave of her not-quite orgasm.

“Control your Qi,” Mo Yuan whispered, “let the energy circulate.”

“It’s all stuck in one place, the Qi,” she moaned into his ear, “it’s your fault.”

“Control it,” he breathed, “I want you to hold on as long as you can. Breath with me.”

How this bastard managed to think about breathing when she couldn’t think of anything but finally having her orgasm was beyond her. And yet, she complied again. She fell into a breathing pattern he had shown her before, and she kept riding this wave she was on, feeling him stuck deeply within her, moving and not moving, his manhood pressed against a spot that sent ripples of sensual pleasure down to her toes and up into her abdomen and further to the top of her head.

Her whole body was starting to pulse and whenever the waves seemed about to stop, Mo Yuan very slightly pushed into her. Time ceased to exist. When it started again much later, Shao Wan moved her head to look at him. He had his eyes closed and his face showed a mixture of deep concentration, agony and heavenly bliss. He must have felt her gaze on him because he opened his eyes, pools into the nothingness, to lose oneself in and never come back.

She indeed felt like losing herself. Why struggle if this could be had? She did not want this to end, not ever. But all of a sudden, he fell out of his breathing rhythm, as if he had stumbled. He let go of her shoulders and grabbed her head, pulling her lips towards his. His tongue within her mouth only added to the pleasure she was feeling. She moved her hands to her breasts and lightly stimulated her own nipples. Still kissing her, Mo Yuan moved his hands down her body. One went to her bud and the other to her butthole. He grew even bigger within her as he began to lightly stimulate both and she realized from the tautness of his body that he was barely holding on.

And yet, she controlled herself. The Qi within her further intensified and the waves of pleasure became even stronger. It was like the force lifted her up and she grew and grew, until she was as big as the whole world, feeling the force of the universe gather in her body.

Only when Mo Yuan exploded within her with a shout did she herself reach the peak of her orgasm. The vibration from his long release drove her over the edge and she bit into his shoulder, deeply, so as not to lose herself to the energy that surged within her. Anchored to his body like this, she didn’t lose herself. She didn’t hurt him with her powers and she managed to channel all the excess Qi into her climax, which kept rocking her body until she had no strength left. She collapsed against Mo Yuan’s chest and he collapsed onto his back and they lay there for a long time, just catching their breaths.

“A good lesson,” she finally managed to say.

“I have nothing to teach you anymore,” he whispered. “This is how you control your energy and your powers.”

She quickly scrambled up. What was he saying?

“But … I need to practice a bit more, surely?” she stammered. “I had a very hard time controlling the energy. Very. It was pure luck.”

Dammit. Had she just begged for more of this? Well, she needed more of this. She would get as much as she could of this. Damn him and his slyness. Her eyes fell onto the teeth marks on his shoulder and the drops of bloods that were oozing out and she quickly covered the wound with kisses and licks. The phoenix fire scars were livid on his abdomen and she kissed those too, tracing her name with her tongue.

He seemed devoid of all strength and only feeble lifted his hand to place it atop her head.

“Enough,” he said, “let me rest.”

“Will we practice this again tomorrow?” she insisted.

“No. You do your breathing exercises right and you mediate for one full day without fidgeting. If you get that right, I will do this special Qi-practice with you again the day after.”

She quickly changed into the lotus-position and started to breath deeply. She would make the day after come very quickly. She squinted at Mo Yuan who seemed to have gotten a hiccup - from laughing silently, she realized.

“Go recuperate,” she hissed at him, which made him laugh even more.

“I’m entirely spent, Shao Wan. I think I’m too old for this. You win.”

He curled up on his side next to her and very soon, his deep breathing told her that he had fallen asleep. She couldn’t help but smile. Fondly, she watched his chest rise and fall, watched how his immortal powers flowed through his body like a stream, so strong even she could see it, and settled deeper into her own meditation.

She would miss him.

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