PotUp Contest Winner: An Alternative Ending for Fall in Love With Me

Note: Sparks of Ember won our "alternative ending" contest, congrats! This is her entry. As her prize, she chose ToGetHer (aka Superstar Express) starring Jiro Wang and Rainie Yang, her favorite TwDrama from 2009 for us to recap. 
Shuk: Yay! I love that one. It is my second Rainie Yang after "Devil Beside You".

Sparks of Ember: The drama I hate most due to the ending would be Fall in Love With (Both of) Me. I hate it because it was so amazing and there was so many promises in the plot during the first half and not only did those promises not get fulfilled but the entire thing became a long, nonsensical train wreck. I have thought hard about how to give it an alternative, better ending. Unfortunately, it was such a mess of a drama, I felt like I had to back up to episode 8. I tweaked the original rather than writing from scratch. There are large chunks that remain the same so I have quoted them from the recaps (I hope that's ok?). I was sorely tempted to kill off Huan Huan but resisted the urge. ;) (JoAnne: that really would have been okay with me,though.)  I got kinda carried away (oops!) and did an episode by episode summary (shortening the drama to 16 episodes). Below is a one paragraph summary and then the entire spiel.
((Kakashi: If you need a reminder, some brave souls recapped the drama here)) 
Also, a special thank you to Shuk, who let me reuse her gifs for this post!
I still sob for what might have been. But this goes a loooong way to making me feel better!
JoAnne: Sparks, you fixed a drama I wanted to love and ended up rage watching because I couldn't give up on Aaron. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because my mind works in mysterious ways, in a very short time I will actually forget that this drama played out any other way, and ...wait. You made it sound good. I'm going to end up watching it again and being angry all over again. Dammit. No, but seriously - this drama would have been so much better if you had been in charge. Good job! And congratulations on your win!  


Picking up at episode 8, Xiao Lu doesn't disappear - he goes away for a few days while Tian Xing tries to woo Tao Zi (so no weepy Tao Zi for days upon days). He gets nowhere so he decides he'll have to tell her as Xiao Lu - that maybe she’ll be more receptive (& less angry) if he tells her who he is as Xiao Lu rather than as Tian Xing. In the meantime, Huan Huan leaves for a modeling shoot. Xiao Lu tries to tell Tao Zi on their weekend getaway but chickens out. Lance gets the video and sends it to her. She drives off angrily to TX - making a scene about Tian Xing seducing her to steal OZ. They argue on the stairs, Lance tries to intercede and gets knocked down the stairs and ends up in a coma. So then Tian Xing feels obligated to take over the reigns at TX until Lance wakes up. FosterMom is pissed and blames Tao Zi and sets out to destroy the company. Tian Xing begs her to leave them alone and she wants him to sign a contract promising to stay at TX. While he delays, he searches for the other mystery shareholder who turns out to be an estate trustee. They discover Tian Xing is the mystery shareholder - that the majority shares belong to him and will become his on his next birthday. The contract FosterMom tried to get him to sign has fine-print relinquishing those shares. He confronts her and she breaks down; she hadn't planned to take the shares from him originally (because she’d always expected him to stay plus marry Huan Huan) but after Lance was injured, she was upset, plus she thought he was throwing away everything for a second-class company. Tian Xing's lawyer steps in and she gives back OZ to Tao Zi. Tian Xing doesn't want to press charges as FosterMom did still fill a mother's role for him all these years. And TX was a company his parents cared about. He gives his shares to Tao Zi as part of his marriage proposal. They merge the two companies and live HEA.

The episode by episode recap...

Episode 8 (Recap)

He tells her she needs "taste" and we get the same makeover scene. He takes her to the same party but they don't actually go in. He takes them to a private room overlooking the party with one-way glass so they can watch. As they watch, he points out the fakeness of everyone in the room and the reality behind them. For some of them it is bad, shallow things - they act kind but secretly are gossipers and backstabbers. But for some of them it is good things - they hide the pains and trials they have gone through because they have to sell themselves as confident people. Everyone has a story they are presenting and their real self underneath.

Tao Zi listens and watches Tian Xing intently and then surprises him with a question. So is the Tian Xing she knows the lie with taste? Who is he underneath?

He tells her he has been Tian Xing for so long that he had almost forgotten who he was underneath. That only recently has he begun to remember the real him from the past. She asks what that person is like and he says he has a deal to offer her. How would she like to earn the watch back? He proposes the Lu Tian Xiang awakening project - she spends time with him and earns credit toward the watch. Tao Zi turns him down saying she is too busy with Oz.

As they leave the party, Huan Huan sees them and is filled with jealousy. She is on an archway at the top of some stairs as they cross under it and she impulsively bumps a waiter who drops a tray filled with drinks over the edge. The waiter shouts a warning and Tian Xing swings Tao Zi away from the falling glass but they both end up covered in spray from the drinks anyway.

He takes her back to his place and draws her a bath. She leaves the clothing and necklace again (just like in the original drama) while he sleeps.

The next day OZ gets to celebrate the commercial. Xiao Lu states that he broke his phone and hasn't been getting any messages (which is why he hasn't answered any of Tao Zi's texts. He begs off staying for the party as he needs to get a replacement and doesn't let Tao Zi try to come with him, insisting the head of OZ needs to stay with the celebration. He does the old switcheroo and shows up as Tian Xing a little while later and invites himself to the party. And he brings red bean buns to contribute to the party feast which Tao Zi raises an eyebrow at.

Everyone leaves one by one until it is just the two of them again and Tian Xing insists on walking Tao Zi home. Along the way she stops at a convenience store to pick up something and he takes the opportunity to call her as Xiao Lu. He tells her he got his new phone only to discover a message from his grandfather; he has a family emergency and will be away for a few days. He says he will try to stay in touch but will probably be very busy and for her not to worry about him. She is bummed that he will be gone and mourns that she will be bored with not much to do the next week. They hang up and Tian Xing pops around the corner, pretending to have overheard her conversation. He says if she is going to be bored with not much to do, he has the perfect solution - the Lu Tian Xiang awakening project! In fact, the current walk home counts and he writes her a receipt on a napkin. She turns him down again but he pushes, saying if she's confident of her liking Xiao Lu she shouldn't be afraid of spending time with him so he'll take continued refusal as her admitting she feels something for him after all. That does the trick and Tao Zi agrees. He uses this chance to try to put down Xiao Lu and push himself a bit but Tao Zi won’t have it.

That night she pouts a bit about Xiao Lu leaving because she didn't get to confess yet. Miao Miao and her mother try to cheer her up.

Tian Xing calls his company and arranges a luncheon with OZ. The next morning he shows up with breakfast and the luncheon invite. Leo is suspicious but Tian Xing assures them it's all to improve relationships between the companies so they can become good partners going forward. The lunch ends up being an outdoor BBQ and Tian Xing makes everyone play those crazy games companies play on retreats to promote teamwork and camaraderie. Needless to say, he gets a lot of arguments all around but he wins by declaring whoever wins the most games will get to demand a favor from one other person. The lines are drawn and the competition is on!

Episode 9 (Recap)

The competition is fierce whether from desire to win or desire to keep someone else from winning (everyone has a motivation). Several games are played - different kinds of races mostly which has the added benefit of several moments of intense closeness between Tian Xing and Tao Zi. At the end there is a 4-way tie between Tian Xing, Tao Zi, Lance and Leo.The tie-breaker is a scavenger hunt - we see several of the hunters getting close but we don't get to see who wins.

That night, Tian Xing wrangles his way into driving Tao Zi home. He tries to walk her to the house, but she puts the kibosh on it. He tells her, since he honestly likes her, that it’s better to face the parents now and hope the swords don’t come out. She rolls her eyes and heads in, barely acknowledging his wave. Frustrated, he turns back to his car, and sees TaoMom, who witnessed the whole thing. They go for a conversation at the local watering hole, where he attentively keeps her cup full. TaoMom goes straight to her point: they will never sell OZ Advertising to him, no matter what, never never, and to stop bothering her daughter. He tells her that he really likes her daughter, and has been trying to show it for a while now. Mom asks him what the attraction is, and he tells says that Tao Zi is a caring and lovely individual that should be taken care of, instead of the other way around. Mom is touched that he knows her daughter so well and decides to give him some advice. If he wants to win Tao Zi's heart he needs to show her both sides of himself - both the capable side and the tender one. It's said in just a vague enough way to get his attention and make him suspicious that she must know his secret but her face is unreadable.

At TaoHouse, ChalkGirl is looking at the Polaroid from her birthday. She sends Xiao Lu a text photo from the games earlier, telling him he missed out on a fun day and hoping his family emergency is going well. TaoMom knock and she asks her daughter if she likes Lu Tian Xing. Tao Zi calls him a friend but Mom reminds her that Miao Miao has been gossiping about everything CEO Lu has been doing for her. Tao Zi ends up on the porch looking at the stars, and gets a reply message from Xiao Lu. It's very brief just stating things are going well but he doesn't know when he'll be back.

The next morning, Tian Xing shows up at OZ with coffee. Tao Zi wonders if Lance would be upset about Tian Xing hanging around OZ during his vacation. He decides to go around the desk and look over her shoulder at the OZ/Tian Xi proposal but really just to invade her personal space and breathe her air... But then he gets a phone call from Lance, and meets him at a nearby coffee shop. Lance guilts Tian Xing into agreeing to a family dinner, then manages to get him to admit he likes Tao Zi, although he also admits he likes OZ equally.

Back at the office, Ting Wei is tasked with writing the press release regarding the collaboration between OZ and Tian Xi. He questions doing it before the contract is signed but Lance assures him he has a plan. In the meantime Tian Xing makes a call asking for a favor regarding Huan Huan.

Tian Xing makes it back to OZ and tells Tao Zi about his conversation with Lance and reiterates that he’s not helping OZ just because of her but because of the company as well. She remembers how Xiao Lu had said the same thing.

It’s dinner time and Huan Huan is fawning all over Tian Xing. The phone rings and she is offered a drama filming in Thailand. She doesn't want to go but Tian Xing joins the family insisting she has to take it. Some flattery does the trick and she's off to pack her bags.

The press release makes the front page of the business section, and Lance brings in Ting Wei to compliment him on a job well done. Ting Wei takes the opportunity to make his request; after being Lance’s assistant for three years, he would like to get into the producing side of things. Lance is remarkably okay with this, making Ting Wei the liaison between OZ and Tian Xi projects. He breaks out into a smile.

The gang is talking about the newspaper article at OZ, and PD Leo believes it’s to all but force them to collaborate. At OZ, Ting Wei is wheezing and Miao Miao decides to take Mutt for a walk to save him from his allergies. PD Leo shows up and Ting Wei introduces himself as the new contact between OZ and Tian Xi Advertising. Leo takes him on a tour. Tian Xing and Tao Zi show up at the same time and he tells her about Huan Huan leaving. Miao Miao calls that she lost the dog and both of them go running to the park to help her find him. They search for a long while and he buys them bean paste waffles as a snack since they missed lunch looking for the dog but she won't eat. It starts to storm and he covers her with a jacket and tries to pull her to shelter but she refuses to stop, worried that the dog is lost and alone and that Miao Miao would be so upset if something happened to it. He snaps and yells that everyone would be even more upset if anything happened to her - that she is important to her parents, to Miao Miao and everyone at OZ, and to him, too. Just then she sees the dog across the road and takes off after it. She runs through traffic and by the time it clears, she’s collapsed on the ground, unconscious. He dodges traffic and picks her up in the rain.

Episode 10 (Recap)

Tian Xing hovers over Tao Zi, who is too unconscious to appreciate his care. He presses his forehead against hers, clearly more upset than calmed and replays what he had yelled about how important she is to him.

TaoMom is absently stirring a cup of tea while Butler Fu tries to comfort her. The house doctor they had called said it was just stress and her daughter will be fine. She agrees and is thankful Tian Xing was there. Butler Fu broaches the subject of their relationship and she agrees that Lu Tian Xing genuinely cares for her daughter, but she can only support someone who is 100% honest as secrets only tear a relationship apart. Butler Fu swallows nervously under her scrutiny.

Tian Xing finishes feeding Tao Zi porridge and tells TaoMom to allow her to rest overnight; Butler Fu will keep an eye on her and transport her back home tomorrow. He retires for a contemplative glass of wine and thinks about all the interactions he's had with Tao Zi both as himself as and Xiao Lu.

A short time later, he checks in on Tao Zi. She is aware, but barely functioning. He gently tells her the dog is fine and Miao Miao took it home. With a gentle reprimand, he asks her what she was thinking to run into traffic like that. She is ready to go home, insisting even though he asks her to stay and continue to rest. He follows her through the house, reaching around and preventing her from opening the front door to leave. If she really wants to go home, he'll take her. He wants to make sure she makes it home, especially in her state. Tao Zi thanks him as a friend, but insists on being alone; his exasperation boils over until he snaps. Her mother entrusted her in his care and isn't going to allow someone who just fainted to walk home. And does she really have no feelings for the Lu Tian Xing in front of her? Isn’t there anything he can do?

She retorts that he can take her home then but she is cashing in the favor for winning the scavenger hunt at the collaborative picnic - she wants him to back off and leave her alone.

The next morning, Butler Fu helps him don his Xiao Lu gear, but wonders aloud if this is really the best course of action. Tian Xing is defeated, though - Tao Zi won’t give him the time of day so he’s decided Xiao Lu will have to be the one to confess to his dual-identity. Tian Xing asks the butler almost wistfully if it would be possible to make himself disappear and stay being Xiao Lu. Butler Fu reminds him they are the same person and he likes Tian Xing for who he is and if Tao Zi likes Xiao Lu for the same reasons, then she likes Tian Xing, too, she just doesn't realize it yet. Tian Xing nods halfheartedly - he'll find the chance to tell her but for now, this is the only way he can be close to her.

Tao Zi is out walking in the park and remembers when Xiao Lu helped her there previously. She pulls out her phone and texts, “I miss you.” to him. Suddenly her message is read and she gets a response: “I miss you, too.” She grins and continues walking while holding her phone to her face, oblivious to her surroundings until she nearly barrels into someone. It's Xiao Lu!

They stare at each other before Xiao Lu cautiously steps closer. She doesn't move, and he takes the opportunity to move in for a hug. She’s glad to see him, and he presses her hand against his cheek. She joins in the hug, but from Xiao Lu's expression it's obvious he is still conflicted.

They walk to TaoHouse, and TaoMom wastes no time in pulling out a sword to sharpen it while asking what he is up to. Xiao Lu apologizes for being gone the last several days. TaoMom continues: she hates two-facedness the most. His rival Lu Tian Xing has openly admitted he liked her daughter - the question is how does Xiao Lu feel about her? "The same." Xiao Lu says, looking directly at Tao Zi. "Exactly the same."

Outside again, he gets in another hug. He promises to come back to OZ after the weekend, but she has to promise to go on an overnight trip with him. He says he has something very important to tell her. Miao Miao is all squealy about the trip, and reminds her to take pretty pajamas and seduction tools. They take the Mystery Machine out to the mountains to a place that has a lot of meaning for Xiao Lu. He plans to place their memories in his pocket and place her in his heart.

He steels himself to tell her the secret but Tao Zi cups his face and wonders if this is real. She makes a wish that he will always be by her side, confessing that she likes him. Xiao Lu loses his nerve and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couples bracelet, which he snaps on her wrist. Once the clasp is engaged, it can’t be removed. He shows her a matching one on his arm, and reiterates that it’s forever and that he will make her wish come true.

At Tian Xi Advertising, Lance is given a list of companies returning to TX but requesting OZ to handle their advertising needs. Lance admits it was part of his reasoning to collaborate with the smaller agency and tap their creativity.

Butler Fu meets up with Lance at his house with some paperwork. The paperwork is the collaboration proposal, amended by Tian Xing. Lance scoffs that the two companies can be considered equals. OZ is not bringing in any additional clients, but it is TX that will be supporting the smaller company. Fu admits that Young Master changed the list of TX to OZ clients from Lance’s original list. Fu also comments on the fundamental difference between the two young men. Tian Xing wants to harness that passion to create a better product, whereas Lance wants to use OZ to strengthen the financial and business hold over the advertising market.

The two lovebirds spend the day walking around until it’s nighttime. Xiao Lu tells her the reason this location is important to him is his (LU TIAN XING’S!) family had their last vacation together here the summer before both of them were killed in a train accident. Xiao Lu tells her about a mentor who took him under his wing and taught him to be strong and face the world. Tao Zi promises to hold his hand so he will never feel lonely again. And he finally gets a kiss. Or more accurately, a willing kiss.

And, then is the standard “There’s only one room with one bed” trope. Xiao Lu offers to sleep on the floor, and Tao Zi decides on a shower. He takes off his shirt while he makes his bed and she walks out of the shower to get some missing items, and catches him in all his topless glory, which leads to a back step and a tumble on the bed. They stare at each other for a moment, and then she knees him in the groin trying to slip out from under him.

Once the two of them are safely in their separate beds, she asks if he is “okay”. He says yes, and they both turn over to sleep. Later, though, she flips back to look at him, and sneaks down to the floor to snuggle under his covers. She grabs one of his hands between hers and happily falls asleep. Once her eyes are closed, he opens his own to look at her. In his mind, he apologizes for lying to her, promising to find the right time to tell her soon.

In the morning they arrive back at TaoHouse. She gives him a peck on the cheek goodbye. His grin is broken by an urgent text from Fu; Huan Huan is having a meltdown and refusing to leave unless she gets to say good-bye to him first.

He brings Huan Huan some sweet dumplings as a farewell gift but she doesn't want them. She pretended to like them because she thought it would make him happy. He tells her that, as a brother, he doesn't like to see her like this. She bursts into hysterical crying that he isn't her real brother and how much she loves him. She latches onto his neck, begging him to treat her like a woman. He tells her that he loves another, and she pulls away and guesses correctly that it’s Tao Zi.

He tells her she can only be his little sister, the same way he has treated her their entire lives. She just sobs harder and runs to the waiting car. She rolls down the window and through her tears snaps at him: his beloved loves someone else; he states he will still love her even if she likes Xiao Lu. She cries as she drives away.

Tian Xing and Lance head for a bar. Tian Xing apologizes for causing him trouble all these years. Lance wonders if he will grow up enough to be his battle brother in the business, but Tian Xing firmly believes they have very different visions for the company. Lance is interested in making the company bigger and better and internationally famous. Tian Xing wants to do meaningful projects that impact people. Lance believes Tian Xing is losing his focus and reminds him there is only one month left of his three-month hiatus before he comes back and picks up the reins again. Tian Xing tells Lance he’s going to make TX an even better company that it is now. They toast on it.

At Xiao LuHouse, Tian Xing and Butler Fu share a meal and Fu asks how far the two have gotten, and, once Tian Xing is done choking, when is Tian Xing going to tell Tao Zi he is both Tian Xing and Xiao Lu? He promises to find the perfect time.

Lance asks Ting Wei if he has sent the proposal to OZ yet; Lance wants to amend the amendments to include two problem children accounts.

PD Leo is surprised to see Xiao Lu at OZ, especially arm in arm with Tao Zi and we get another thoughtful look from him. He welcomes him back, though. Both sides start going over the proposal, and Xiao Lu notices right away the last-minute changes in the client list. He wonders what Lance’s reasoning is to add them. He mentions out loud the negative reputations of the two blacklisted companies, but Ting Wei says they should trust TX’s COO. PDLeo just watches as Xiao Lu gets up for a glass of water and a secret phone call to Butler Fu.

The signatures are done, and the TX team prepares to leave. So does Xiao Lu, to “get some bean waffles”. And, yep, another PDLeo look. The black car pulls up and Xiao Lu dives for it. This time, though, it is followed by a suspicious van. A quick change and some speeding, and Tian Xing cuts off the XT team. He grabs the signed proposal and rips it up, telling them that he has the final say on the client list. With that, he jumps back into the car and into Xiao Lu mode. As they pull up in front of OZ again, he tells his faithful assistant this is the last day that Xiao Lu can exist - it’s gotten too complicated. Fu had fun, and wishes him luck. And the van is now recording Xiao Lu getting out of Tian Xing’s Mercedes.

Lance smiles an evil Lance smile when he finds out about the ripped-up agreements. “So he really did suddenly appear.”

Episode 11 (Recap)

Xiao Lu heads back to OZ with the promised snack and a few minutes later Butler Fu shows up with corrected-for-the-correction paperwork. Everyone is confused, but he smoothly goes into his spiel regarding the two blacklisted companies. Xiao Lu and Fu exchange a few goofy looks, not unnoticed by PD Leo, who, yet again, chooses to just watch.

They decide to have dinner at TaoHouse. They end up around a little table with a lot of food. During the conversation, Miao Miao lets the cat out of the bag; OZ needs to secure a 8 000 000 TWD surety bond ($ 266,711 American / 195 750 euros) to guarantee completion of the projects. The Tao Elders freak, but offer to mortgage the dojo for the money. Xiao Lu finally pipes up; he will front the money from a bequest that he had received from a distant relative.

TaoDad insists on giving Xiao Lu a 30% stake in OZ as collateral on the loan. He doesn’t want it, but finally agrees. That means, of course, that the Taos now only have a 40% share in their own company.

It’s now dark, and Tao Zi is prepping for bedtime when she receives a phone call from Tian Xing, asking to meet her outside. When she shows, he asks about the contract and the surety bond; offering to loan the cash. She tells him about the loan from Xiao Lu and he questions her judgement on giving part of the company to someone she has only known a short while. She insists that Xiao Lu is someone she can depend on no matter what and nothing he can say will change her belief in him. Tian Xing is finally about to tell her the truth when his phone rings - Lance calls and addresses him as Xiao Lu over the phone. This is enough to get his attention and he leaves Tao Zi to run over to meet Lance at the usual bar.

Lance doesn’t tell Xiao Lu how he figured it out and just demands to know why. Tian Xing tells him clearly, it started out as an accident and he fell for Tao Zi and now he is doing everything in his power to help her and OZ. Lance is not pleased and accuses Tian Xing of essentially putting OZ and Tao Zi ahead of TX and his family. He demands Tian Xing cut his fake vacation short and return to the company. Tian Xing refuses and leaves Lance fuming over his drink.

The next day at OX, Tao Zi gives Xiao Lu the share transfer paperwork. PD Leo looks thoughtful, as usual. Bangs, Miao Miao, and Tao Zi head out for barbeque; PDLeo has a script meeting and asks that Xiao Lu stay back for a brief conversation. PD Leo finally asks Xiao Lu: “Lu Tian Xing, what are you doing?” Stareoff! Tian Xing takes off the glasses and asks how long PD Leo has known. PD Leo won’t say when he realized but he still wants to know what’s going on. Tian Xing freely admits that he’s been acting as Xiao Lu because he loves Tao Zi, and Tao Zi loves Xiao Lu. PD Leo warns him not to hurt her, or he will do something. He agrees to keep quiet for now but warns Tian Xing that he had better tell her that very day.

Back at TX Lance smirks, watching the video of the Tian Xing/Xiao Lu transformation, and we now know have confirmation who sicced the photographer on him. Ting Wei brings the official OZ contracts with the surety bond information, and confirms that Xiao Lu fronted the bond money for 30% of the company. Lance looks at Tao Zi’s business card, and sends the incriminatory video to her email account with a sly smile.

Everyone is busy at OZ, but PD Leo is not busy enough to miss the little exchanges between Xiao Lu and Tao Zi. A package is delivered, and Xiao Lu pops up to sign for it just as Tao Zi gets a phone call from Aunt Jing (from the real estate ad). Distracted, Xiao Lu hastily signs his real name to the packing slip. Everyone gathers around the phone and congratulates Aunt Jing over her successful transition to grandmother. When the phone call is complete, Tao Zi gets an email ding.

She watches the video in disbelief, reversing it a couple of times to rewatch Xiao Lu climbing out of Tian Xing’s Mercedes, and remembers that day and his Clark Kenting under the guise of red bean waffling. She picks up the packing slip and sees the signature, then looks a little harder at the guy sitting at the table, before fleeing to the outside deck to try and breathe. More flashbacks occur as the pieces fall into place.

Tao Zi wanders to a bench at the park away from the office. She calls Tian Xing’s phone, which is unattended at XiaoLuHouse. She leaves a text telling him to meet her at the park in an hour, and spends some of that time trying to rip off the couples bracelet as she remembers his story behind it. Xiao Lu receives a text on the XiaoLuPhone telling him he has an urgent matter at XiaoLuHouse. FosterMom is there, wondering why he is in such a small place instead of the house, but more importantly, wondering why Lance has told her Tian Xing wants to leave the advertising company. It’s clear she has great affection for him and calls him her other son. And now some of the family business dynamics get revealed. She’s the de facto owner of TX and Butler Fu is a paid employee of the Family. She complements him on his XiaoLuGuise as looking energetic and almost like a third son. She invites him for afternoon tea and talk but he finally reads the text from Tao Zi and begs off. She asks him to rethink leaving the company; he promises to think about it.

Tian Xing arrives to meet Tao Zi, reaching out to touch her hair but she raps his hand away. She fires the first round. Does he remember this location? It’s the restaurant where Xiao Lu never showed but Tian Xing conveniently was there. She lets him dig a hole for himself before drawing the full picture: the amusement park and the birthday promises, the overnight trip and the couples bracelet. What should she call him now? Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing? The final nail in the coffin is when she grabs his wrist, unbuttoning the long sleeve and revealing the bracelet shoved up on his arm.

He knows he is well and truly caught, and his face flickers with all sorts of thoughts and emotions as she spells out a damning conclusion. It must have been his plan to use Xiao Lu to steal the controlling shares of OZ and take over the company. He tries to explain that his feelings are true, but she screams deception and lies, and lobs XiaoLuDeer at him.

He tries again: whether he was Xiao Lu or Tian Xing, Tian Xing always acted with sincerity towards both her and her company. She tosses her birthday photo at him and strides away. He grips it for a moment, and then chases after her. She gets in the Mystery Machine; he gets in LuLexus, and chases after her.

She pulls up in front of TX, runs inside and starts to storm up the steps - possibly to confront Lance as a coconspirator. Tian Xing catches up, grabbing her arm on the stairs and tries to reason with her. The commotion draws attention and Lance heads down the stairs to intercede. Neither of them pay Lance any attention as he tries to steer them up the stairs so they can fight in private. Tian Xing insists that no matter what the name, he loves her with all his heart. He explains his reasoning behind bringing Xiao Lu back, after her behavior absolutely rejecting Lu Tian Xing’s confession, including her dismissal of everything Tian Xing did for her. She tries to pull away and finally resorts to biting his arm to get him to release her. As she yanks herself away, she knocks into Lance and the two of them topple down the stairs, except Tian Xing manages to grab her and stop her plummet but Lance tumbles all the way down and lands unconscious on the floor.

Next we see both of them following the ambulance to the hospital. At the Emergency Department, Tian Xing tells Tao Zi to head home; he leaves her standing there and runs into Lance’s room. She’s still there when he is forced out of the room and he calms her down, getting her to leave by promising to let her know any updates. Later FosterMom is in a private room with Lance who is in a coma. Tian Xing stands at the door, gazing at the sobbing older woman before looking away.

Things are normal at the OZ office, until Tao Zi shows up and makes the stunning announcement that Lu Tian Xing is now the owner of OZ Advertising. PD Leo outs himself that he knew about the switcheroo. She wonders why he never said anything, and he sheepishly explains that the man really liked her, and that she was happier around Xiao Lu. There’s a round of Xiao Lu-bashing between everyone as she rips the punching-bag photo of him to shreds.

Tian Xing’s with FosterMom in Lance’s hospital room. She begs him to run TX until Lance can come back.

PD Leo offers Tao Zi a cup of tea, a confession, and a hug.

Episode 12 (Recap)

It’s a sunny afternoon and the whole OZ gang takes Mutt for a walk. He breaks loose, and lumbers towards Tian Xing with a bandaged wrist. Tian Xing wonders why the office is closed when it’s barely 1700 hours. We get gripes and childish antics, and Tao Zi decides they all go to TaoHouse. Tian Xing comes along.

Tian Xing honestly and calmly answers every hostile question thrown at him, explaining along the evolution of Xiao Lu from a way to escape a stifling work environment through his newly found creative passion to falling in love. When the question comes around to the shares situation, he tells them that he sincerely wanted to help OZ Advertising and he never meant for the shares to end up in his hands. TaoDad is apoplectic but PDLeo smooths everything down; after all, he was willing to stand there and take the verbal abuse, so he must be genuine.

Tao Zi asks about Lance and Tian Xing truthfully says he’s is in a coma and the doctors are unsure when he will wake. Once he leaves Tao House, he receives a phone call from Foster Mom. He arrives at the hospital, FosterMom is waiting with Huan Huan who has rushed back to be with her brother. Huan Huan clings sobbing to Tian Xing and FosterMom tells him that, without him, the company would be in trouble. Between the two woman and the guilt from the whole fall, he wilts and agrees to stay on as CEO of TX.

Before he can escape, Ting Wei calls to ask about the completion bond money. Tian Xing tells Ting Wei and Helen to go work exclusively for OZ, telling them to not stay puppets to TX. FosterMom is surprised by this and tells Tian Xing to make sure to stop by the hospital to keep her in the loop.

At OZ, everyone is studiously ignoring work and ignoring Tian Xing until he’s forced to play hardass. At the conference table, he tells everyone to continue working on their current project. When the TX guys show up, Bangs and Miao Miao seem happy. Tian Xing continues around the table: Tao Zi takes the place of Xiao Lu and is now the creative head; PDLeo is in charge of all filming and everyone else stays the same.

The TX team passes around snacks from the contracted company. Tian Xing challenges them to come up with an ad campaign that surpasses what her brother previously did for the same company. And since everyone thinks he’s a bad guy, Tian Xing recuses himself from anything regarding the project. That way, the company lives or dies on their own merit, just like before he got involved. Tian Xing leaves and Tao Zi heads to the patio, pursued by PDLeo, who still doesn’t say anything.

Later, Tian Xing is back to look at their ideas, which are all stupid. Tian Xing chases Tao Zi out to the Mystery Machine, and chastises her for leaving during office hours and ignoring the new GM. She bites back that she plans to visit Lance and drives off over his offer for them to go together.

Tian Xing gets to the hospital first where Lance still hasn’t woken. Tian Xing has to bolster the spirits of the despondent women. Tao Zi finally makes it with flowers. Mom realizes this is “the girl” but Huan Huan calls Tao Zi her friend and Mom backs down. Tao Zi apologizes for her involvement in the accident and clearly feels guilty for her role.

OZ/TX folks are playing video games together when Tian Xing and Tao Zi arrive back at the office with box lunches. They start a brainstorming session. At the end of the day, PDLeo walks her home, commenting that she seems more at ease over the last couple of days, and she admits she is making a concerted effort to be positive. PDLeo offers to play rock-paper-scissors where the loser gets flicked. When he wins, he gently touches her forehead, but she has no compunctions about giving him the full measure when he is the loser.

FosterMom is alone in the hospital watching over Lance. She thinks back to Tao Xi’s apology and fumes. She thinks that since this is their fault, TX should be Tian Xing's top priority.

Tian Xing shows up with some papers to go over with FosterMom and asks about Lance. She really lays on the guilt trip, stressing how much she and Huan Huan need Tian Xing now that Lance is injured, with a heavy innuendo that Tian Xing let his “brother” fall.

Tian Xing goes for some alone time in the stairwell, ultimately screaming out his pain and sadness, before regaining his composure.

Butler Fu meets up with Tao Zi to plug his young master’s virtues and plead for them. He also describes Xiao Lu as the kindest and best part of Tian Xing, as well as his wish to make OZ stronger, not to destroy it. She interrupts him; all that may be true, but she’s just not sure if she can trust him anymore.

Tian Xing is pensively staring at XiaoLuDeer when Butler Fu shows up. He apologizes for being unable to help the situation, but Tian Xing tells the butler that he appreciated all his support during this situation. Fu wonders if they should sell XiaoLuHouse, but Tian Xing is gonna keep it.

It’s late late at OZ, and Tao Zi stretches at her desk. She touches the bracelet still on her wrist and remembers its installation and the kiss afterward. At the same time, Tian Xing is still at XiaoLuHouse, looking at the warehouse selfie he took of the two of them, and flashes back to several of their hugs.

Time for the new ad campaign! Tian Xing shows up outside OZ and spots Tao Zi reading her ideas out loud. Clearly she’s having a hard time being creative. He catches up with her by the park bench, and begins to tell her something, but after several tries, he falls back to asking about the advertisement contract.

He stops her from walking away, and appeals to her heart; after all, she loves Xiao Lu, so at least part of him is in her heart. She coldly says since Xiao Lu is fake, the love was never real either. He entreats her to remember that he does exist. She turns her back to hide the warring emotions on her face from him. She hurries away, leaving Tian Xing standing there frustrated. A bicyclist rides by and knocks her down. Tian Xing immediately rushes over and bandages her knee. She stares at his face while he focuses on covering the bleed.

Once he’s done tying it, he offers to carry her back to the office. When she says no, he simply manhandles her onto his back and, over her protests, carries her anyway. Since he promised not to interfere with OZ, he decides to make coffee rather than listen in on the decision meeting. Actually, though, he can still hear them from the break room, eavesdropping while he pours. Bangs mumbles that he wishes Xiao Lu was there. Awkward!

Tian Xing brings in the mugs as they take a short break. He gets a postie pad off Tao Zi’s desk and starts to write something. When a discouraged Tao Zi returns to her desk she finds the postie under her coffee mug with two sonograms: “Fulfilling Dreams.” She smiles as an idea materializes, but it fades when she realizes where it came from. He’s reading a magazine while he sips his beverage, completely ignoring her.

She restarts the meeting, and this time he sits in on it. We find out that, after her brother’s work, Lu Tian Xing came up with the next successful advertising campaign for the company. The concept literally gels into existence with everyone’s input. The idea includes a documentary-style operation involving kids at a local children’s hospital. Tian Xing stands up and compliments them for their creativity before leaving.

He is at the hospital to check on FosterMom and Lance when the OZ/TX gang shows up to check out the children’s ward. He stops and watches the activity with a longing expression before his phone rings with FosterMom checking on him. Tao Zi watches him hurry away to FosterMom.

While wandering around the grounds, Tao Zi sees a little girl sitting with a poster. She tries to see what the girl wrote, but only succeeds in making the girl run away.

Later, Tian Xing and FosterMom bump into Tao Zi and Leo. Huan Huan shows up at the same time. Mom is gracious over Tao Zi’s apology and excuses herself. Huan Huan tries to interject but neither Tao Zi or TianXing notice her, they're so busy having a hot stare down. So Huan Huan clings to Tian Xing saying how afraid she is that her brother will never wake up.

Tao Zi bolts; when she stops, she remembers bumping into Lance and knocking him down the stairs. PDLeo catches up to her as she has a guilt meltdown; he shoulders some of the blame, since he didn't out Xiao Lu before she fell in love with him, and since he never confessed his own love to her.She gapes in shock: He apologizes that he was trying to stand back and be the big brother for her happiness and it led to her current pain.

PDLeo and Tian Xing head to a quiet area. They stare for a moment before Leo punches Tian Xing. Tian Xing touches his bruised lip and wonders out loud if the punch was for Tao Zi or OZ. From Leo’s point of view, it doesn't matter since he hurt both. But he has every intention of protecting Tian Xing from Tao Zi going forward. Lu Tian Xing responds: whether the company or the girl, he plans on acting with sincerity to renew everyone’s trust.

Episode 13 (Recap)

Miao Miao & Tao Zi finish their ablutions before settling down for the night. Tao Zi is feeling all kinds of guilty for Lance’s injury. Plus, she has to let Miao Miao know of PDLeo’s confession. Miao Miao is sad for a moment but figures PDLeo didn't like her anyway.

The next day Tian Xing is having BBQ with OZGang and discussing the snack ad campaign. There’s a moment of silence when he’s addressed as Xiao Lu, and then he accidentally touches hands with Tao Zi over a condiment. Then the rivalry begins with PDLeo managing to put all kinds of tidbits on Tao Zi’s plate, leaving Tian Xing to blow on a pepper.

In the Childrens’ Ward at the hospital, the gang is busily putting together the Wishing Tree. Ting Wei, now officially dubbed Wang Chung, brings some puddings for the kidlets, leading Miao Miao to get a little flirty, and to pile boxes into his arms.

Bangs is handcam-ing while PDLeo uses the main camera. They are explaining the idea of writing their wish on a bag of snacks to see if it will come true. Our previously truculent little girl is at the doorway. Tao Zi tells her the instructions, but she just yells that they are a bunch of Fakey Flakes and runs. Tao Zi chases after her, only to bump into FosterMom out for a walk with Tian Xing. They share enough of a convo for Tian Xing to feel sad, and FosterMom to feel toady.

Tao Zi catches up with the little girl and convinces her to write down her wish, promising she will do her best to make it come true.

Tian Xing is talking to the charge nurse about Xiao Jie, The Littlest Cancer Patient. She never interacts with the other children, and doesn't comply with her treatments while waiting for a bone marrow transplant. Nothing appears to be known about the parents, but a neighbor lady visits her once a week.

The big filming starts, and the kids put their fat bags of uneaten snacks on the tree. All three camera men are filming from the same location a few feet apart.

OZGang looks over the wishes, which are all for easily-obtainable things except for our tiny troublemaker. She wants to see her older brother. Tao Zi wonders why that is so difficult, when our Tian Xing butts in. He already has the answer: the brother fell to his death at a construction site a month ago, while earning money for the procedure. He believes she wrote it down as an impossible wish.

Later that night, PDLeo and Tao Zi discuss the wish, and wonder if there is something that the brother left behind they can use. PDLeo gets a text from Tian Xing asking to meet outside ASAP. There, Tian Xing hands Leo the phone number of the neighbor, stating they might find some answers. He asks Leo to handle it, since he technically isn’t supposed to be assisting the company.

FosterMom has a meeting with Butler Fu, talking about their relationship with OZ and Lu Tian Xing. Fu is alarmed when she employee-izes her supposed adoptive family member. Clearly FosterMom is looking for some way to use OZ to tie him down to the company and possibly even Huan Huan.

Tian Xing is still at XiaoLuHouse, looking thoughtful while staring at the OZball. Tao Zi is at TaoHouse looking at pictures of her brother. TaoMom wonders whatever happened to that lucky OZBall her son always carried.

Tao Zi gets a page from Huan Huan asking to meet at the park. They go for a stroll. Huan Huan is heading back to her job in a few days but wanted to chat before she left. She asks about OZ without Tian Xing as part of the team, tells Tao Zi she doesn’t blame her for the accident, and shares her fear of her brother not recovering and of Tian Xing abandoning TX and Lance. Tao Zi assures her that both her “brothers” will always be there for her.

It’s the day of the Great Wish Fulfillment. Littlest Cancer Patient spoils the filming by calling everyone a liar, since she knows her brother is in heaven. She runs off, again. Tao Zi chases her, again. Our Three Filmateers, actually the entire OZGang, chase them as well. LCP is crying on a bench when Tao Zi finds her. She explains that, just like her own DeadBro, that LCP DeadBro would want her to be brave and live happily. The present is an Encouragement Box, ostensibly from the DeadBro, which includes the newly-designed snack with “I wish my little sister will grow up to be a good girl”. Crisis averted, and the little girl will accept her treatments while waiting for a donor.

Tao Zi is walking with DeadBro. She apologizes for losing the company, but DeadBro just wants her to find her own dream. She continues walking alone until she sees what looks like her brother playing with his ball.

She runs there, only to find out it’s actually Lu Tian Xing. He asks if she recognizes the OZBall, and when she does, he explains how it came into his possession twelve years ago. Tian Xing continues that his love of advertising stemmed from meeting her brother, and apologizes for being the cause of his demise. Tao Zi readily forgives him as they both cry; after all, KidTao Zi dropped the OZBall that made KidTian Xing run out into the street.

Tian Xing takes a deep breath, wipes his eyes, and hands the OZBall back to its owner, thanking her brother for his inspiration and telling her to hang on tight to it this time. She looks down on it and cries; he reaches out to tuck her hair behind her ear tenderly.

Tao Zi sincerely thanks him for the return of the OZBall, and also his postie that helped her solidify the snack ad campaign. She flips around and heads off, while he gives a watery smile to her retreating back.

TaoMom and Dad are overjoyed at getting the OZBall back. They share a group hug and sobfest.

It’s morning, and Tian Xing is being dressed by Butler Fu. Fu worriedly warns Tian Xing not to mention OZ in front of FosterMom or do anything that might bring OZ-related stuff to her attention.

FosterMom meets up with Tian Xing. We find out that she has been doing all his investments, and she tells him she has traded OZStock for some of her TXStock, making all three of them: Lance, Tian Xing and FosterMom equal partners with 20% each. He’s unhappy she did this without asking but she stresses she did it so that the company employees will respect him equally while he fills Lance’s shoes. She also hints that perhaps he should stay CEO even when Lance awakes. He’s thoughtful outside LiHouse.

OZGang is snarfing snacks and celebrating the successful ad project. Wang Chung happily tells everyone he understands why Tian Xing wants to hang with this company. At the end, PDLeo walks Tao Zi home. She thanks him for his help with the Littlest Cancer Patient, and he grabs her wrist to ask if he can take care of her and the business forever, even though he knows she doesn't love him. She’s just staring at him when Tian Xing arrives.

Tian Xing remarks on the touching scene but caveats with: “I’m never going to give up on Tao Li Se.” PDLeo tries to pull her away as Tian Xing asks her is she will accept Leo. She doesn’t answer. Tian Xing admits that he hurt her and has unresolved issues with TX but challenges her to deny her feelings for him. She doesn't answer, but she tells PDLeo to continue walking with her, leaving Tian Xing behind.

It’s morning at OZ, and Wang Chung shows up for the post-production work. They decide on the final pattern for the ad, and PDLeo is happy to say out loud how little they need Lu Tian Xing.

Tian Xing is with Huan Huan as she packs her bags for the waiting car. Huan Huan wonders how things are going between Tao Zi and him. He states that everyone hates a liar, so he has an uphill battle, but he is confident. Huan Huan gives vague reassurances, struggling to be happy for him.

That night, FosterMom meets with Lance - surprise! He’s awake! He’s pissed that his foster bro now has the same percentage of the company that he has - he thought they had a different plan. Mom just smiles, and tells him everything's going according to plan, and to trust his mama. And to keep pretending to be in a coma for just a while longer until Tian Xing signs the contract.

Tian Xing meets FosterMom and tells her that after Lance wakes and returns to the company, he won’t want anything to do with TX, only OZ. FosterMom pushes the point: with the stock transfer, OZ will be part of TX anyway so he should get comfortable with his position at the parent company. That would make everyone very happy. Tian Xing sips his drink and says nothing.

OZ gets a happy box from the children at the hospital, thanking them for the presents. LCP included a note that she will be brave and live happily, and that they found a marrow donor. PDLeo praises Tao Zi for the campaign, and she decides to show the LCP thank you note to Tian Xing. PDLeo finally comes clean from whom he received the LCP’s contact information, and tells her that he is proud she doesn't hold a grudge against their GM.

Episode 14 (Recap)

The OZGang decide on a slogan for the Wishing Tree ad campaign. Tian Xing walks in and exchanges pleasantries with the departing employees, who all then leave Tao Zi and Tian Xing alone.

She shows him the thank-you card from the Littlest Cancer Patient. After reading it, he sincerely thanks her. The conversation grows awkward so Tian Xing sits down and explains further. With the exception of helping run TX until Lance wakes up, the only place he wants to go is OZ, since he really doesn't have any other friends. And even there, it’s not really friendship. We find out that the company was named for Oz, the mythical land of Lollipop Guilds and Flying Monkeys.

Tian Xing muses that, when he became Xiao Lu, it was to help regain his dreams and passion. They share a pause until he breaks the mood. With a half-smile he quips that OZ should give them both what they wish. And with that, he snaps a selfie of the two of them.

FosterMom calls Tian Xing while he is at OZ so he steps outside to talk. Tao Zi overhears him and stops to listen further. FosterMom doesn't appreciate the fact that Tian Xing is always over at OZ when she thinks he should be at TX. Tian Xing tells FosterMom that OZ means a lot to him; she wonders why it sounds like a family to her adopted son instead of a little nothing company.

The OZGang is giddy at their newest complete advertising poster, and they glue it up on the wall next to DeadBro’s last project, and the photograph of the most recent realty shoot. Wang Chung is happy to be at a place like this. They bask in the accomplishment for a moment longer, until a suit with a briefcase and a serious mien shows up. The 60% of OZ shares has been sold by Tian Jing to an Investment Firm, who will destroy the building in three days. Tao Zi receives a check for her 40 percent.

As soon as the suit leaves, Bangs goes off on Wang Chung as a substitute for their traitor GM. Tao Zi sits down in shock as chaos erupts between everyone else. And FosterMom gets the word that the letter has been delivered and the clock is now ticking. She gloats and plans a celebratory meal with Lance.

Tian Xing shows up in the middle of the pandemonium and gets a chance to read the paperwork. He tells them he didn't do it, but no one believes him except Wang Chung. Tian Xing gets punched by Bangs, which finally galvanizes Tao Zi into yelling everyone into silence. She yells that it’s completely her fault and runs for the Mystery Machine, Tian Xing chasing after her. PDull Leo shows up too late. The rest of them tell him what’s happened. He runs out as well.

She driving, hands clenched on the wheel, as we do a three-vehicle traffic convoy, zigzagging through the other vehicles. Tao Zi ignores PDLeo’s phone call. Tian Xing doesn't try to contact her, just focuses on keeping her in sight.

PDLeo gets caught behind a red light and a biker gang. The Mystery Machine makes it down a side road and past some railroad tracks before the engine mysteriously dies. Tian Xing is trapped on the other side of the tracks as the gate arms come down. He manages to call her name several times before the sound of the klaxons triggers his panic attack.

She sees him collapse on the other side, and remembers the previous time this happened with Tian Xing, and Xiao Lu’s story of his parent’s train tragedy. She calls to him, but the train is already screaming by.

Once the train passes, he arrows in on her face, and shakily pulls himself together, weaving drunkenly across the tracks, accelerating until it’s almost a panic-stricken run into her arms. She’s worried about him, but he just whispers to her not to be scared. He will continue his promise to protect her. She gently chastises him; she wasn't scared, she just wanted some alone time before facing everything. He pulls back and tells her she is an amazing woman, but she claims it’s because of his encouragement. She believes in him. They have an intense moment before he continues their hug.

While hugging, Tian Xing realizes FosterMom must have done something. That night, he is pounding on the LiHouse door, but no one answers, and her phone is turned off. At the hospital, Mom is smiling her triumphant smile and clinking a wineglass with Lance.

Tian Xing is still waiting outside the Li Fortress when PDLeo calls him to OZ. As soon as he arrives, they talk. Tian Xing admits that his fake-foster family is probably behind it. Leo tells him that both the company and the girl went to hell since he arrived. Tian Xing doesn’t deny it, and Leo asks him what he plans to do. The only thing Tian Xing can do is his best efforts.

OZGang is looking into the investment firm, determining it is a paper company for the sole purpose of destroying OZ. Tian Xing goes to the hospital to find out the worst. FosterMom plays it smooth, claiming it was for his own good - it’s just a little ridiculous company and his time slumming it is over. Tian Xing cuts to the brass tacks. She expects him to be grateful enough for her kind regards down through the years to allow himself to tied down and turned into a cog at the company. FosterMom drops the bomb that she also plans to attack Tao Zi’s family and everyone else at OZ. She gives him the devil’s choice of coming back to the company (and dropping his pursuit of Tao Zi) in returning for leaving OZ & her family unharmed.

She basically gives him one day to make the decision. He leaves to have a screaming ragefit outside. He ends up at XiaoLuHouse,where PDLeo is waiting, wanting to know if he has any type of strategy to save the company. When Tian Xing doesn't say anything, Leo spits out a curse and leaves.

Without even the comfort of his OZBall, Tian Xing sits and thinks, but he is well and truly caught. His head is awhirl with the events of the past few days, but there’s little he can do. With tears in his eyes, he looks at the selfie he took at the props warehouse months ago. Morning comes, but there’s no further revelations.

The OZGang are quietly at their desks when The Suit shows up with the construction crew. We get the usual pushing and shoving until Tian Xing shows up with FosterMom on the phone. FosterMom talks to The Suit and the construction equipment is pulled. The business is still shut down, though, and the gang is given a few minutes to remove their personal belongings before the doors are locked.

Tao Zi wonders why the sudden change of heart, and we see a flashback where Tian Xing agrees to come back to the company. FosterMom agrees to give him back all shares of OZ once he signs a contract permanently binding him to TX. She hates to see him blinded by love. She's convinced he will forget this little unpleasant interlude and find happiness at TX.

Back in the present, he brushes off the questions, just cryptically stating that things should return to normal soon. They plan a strategy meeting after packing up their stuff.

At TaoHouse, the parents are shocked at what happened. Tao Zi defends Tian Xing, saying he is doing his best. They decide to shoestring a few projects on the side. Tao Zi walks back to OZ to find the desist notice and a new lock on the door. She sadly touches the OZSign before walking home.

Outside the park, Tian Xing is waiting for her. She asks him again how he stopped the demolition. Rather than answer, he asks her again just to trust him. He wonders why she is still wearing the bracelet, and she hems and haws that it can’t be removed. Tian Xing pulls out the necklace he offered her at the gala. That is the key that will unlock the bracelet off her wrist. He presses it into her hand and tells her that, when Xiao Lu placed the bracelet on her wrist, everything he said is still true. If she wants to take it off, he has given her the tool to do so. And soon, hopefully, all the disasters will disappear and everything will reset. He apologizes for all the tears she shed because of Tian Xing and Xiao Lu.

Tao Zi calls those disasters more like gifts, understanding his efforts for her and her company. She calls him a guardian angel. He wonders why seven was her lucky number; it’s the six original OZGang members and him. She has no plans to remove the bangle, and we get a heart-racing interlude when he places the necklace on her. Unable to resist, he caves in to his hormones and they kiss.

Episode 15 (Recap)

Tian Xing gets summoned and FosterMom welcomes him back to the fold. Tian Xing asks his ersatz mother whether she is that happy to see Tian Xing’s dreams go up in smoke. Tian Xing admits there will never be anyone in his heart but Tao Zi. She rolls her eyes and expects he will get over it soon enough.

Tian Xing is in LuLexus staring at TaoHouse when he receives a text from Tao Zi asking to go together with him to visit Lance. He types up a response that he loves her but has to leave OZ and to ask for her forgiveness. Of course he erases it before sending it, sending instead a bland affirmative. When Tao Zi receives it, she hugs her phone and mentally begs Tian Xing to stay by her side.

The next morning at the hospital, FosterMom sits beside Lance. They are almost caught talking when Tian Xing and Tao Zi come in. FosterMom acts pleased to see Tao Zi and wastes no time announcing how pleased she is that Tian Xing will be coming back to TX full-time. She invites her to join them for breakfast in the hospital cafeteria. Tao Zi handles it fairly well, even when FosterMom rubs in how happy she is that Tian Xing is returning to TX forever.

Outside, though, she confirms with Tian Xing that he is indeed returning to TX. He quietly asks her to go with him somewhere which turns out to be under the bridge along the Keelung River. She understands that he is doing this for her and her company but she doesn’t want him to sacrifice his happiness for her. She just wants him to stay by her side forever. After all, she loves him whether he is Xiao Lu or Tian Xing. He promises to think of some way to leave TX as they grab on to each other.

And at the hospital, with Lance smirking by her side, FosterMom calls Wang Chung to issue a press release on OZ’s ownership transfer and demolition. Wang Chung objects, but FosterMom steamrolls over him. Wang Chung states that clearly TX is going in a different path from him, and promptly resigns. They both fume, incredulous at the lack of loyalty, so Mom pulls out her phone again to tell someone to do a job for them.

At TaoHouse, Tao Zi explains the situation to the OZGang. Miao Miao thinks they should throw caution to the wind, but Tao Zi doesn't want to cause any more hardship for Tian Xing. The OZGang strategizes to stay alive as TaoMom brings snacks for everyone. Tian Xing shows up with a check for OZ’s portion of the snack advertising campaign. Everyone promises him their help and support. Tian Xing pulls Wang Chung aside for a private conversation. He asks WC if he is willing to protect OZ.

Suddenly Tao Zi gets a call that makes her face pale. An arsonist has set fire to OZ.

At Tao House, they look over a few things they managed to save; the wall posters and the exterior OZSign. TaoMom is disconsolate; her son’s business and memory turned into ashes. PDLeo believes the arsonist may strike again. Tian Xing apologizes to both TaoRents and tells everyone he is going to look for the perp.

Tian Xing barges into the hospital with fiery eyes and righteous anger. He goes straight to FosterMom – Did she arrange the arson? He asks her why she would destroy the one thing that’s precious to him. That earns him a face slap as she goes on a tirade. How dare he treat her like that after she raised and nurtured and groomed him to her chosen path, because of a trash company? Tian Xing tells her the fire was deliberately set, but she brushes it off like nothing. After all, he no longer has anything to do with OZ. It’s time to play hardball: she plans to take back the house, the possessions, Butler Fu. That way he will appreciate TX better. With that she storms out. Frustrated, Tian Xing runs his fingers through his hair and glances at Lance’s sleeping form before leaving the room.

Tao Zi brings out the newly-cleaned OZSign as a symbol of hope, and rallies the OZGang around DeadBro’s poster. True friendship and all that, followed up by a huddle and cheer. OZ has a temporary office, compliments of Wang Chung’s friend. The OZGang is upbeat, until Wang Chung shows up with the newspaper outlining TX’s press release of power struggle and the destruction of OZ.

It’s another morning at the hospital. FosterMom loves the press release and shows it to Lance. She reminds Lance that no matter what, they must get Tian Xing to sign the contract asap and is about to say more when Butler Fu comes in to drop off some supplies. She quickly shuts up and Fu notices that she had been talking before he came in.

Tian Xing is summoned to the hospital. Butler Fu greets him, apologetic for abandoning Tian Xing, but Tian Xing understands. Fu pulls him aside and tells him about the partial conversation he overheard. Tian Xing tells him to keep his ears open and promises to look into it. He heads inside and confronts FosterMom. He doesn’t understand why she had to destroy OZ and freely admits out loud that his sole reason for existence is Tao Zi. But FosterMom rants that she knows more about his feelings than he does, that Tian Xing was destined to be her son-in-law the moment his parents passed away. That he’s just sidetracked right now and isn’t thinking clearly and she’s only doing what is necessary so he doesn’t destroy his future. He tries to appeal to the mother in her but she doesn't care what Tian Xing thinks. She rants that he must be the head of TX and a internationally-recognized scion. And if he won’t she’ll ruin him to nothing and kill OZ.

Wang Chung calls FosterMom, asking to meet. He heads over to the hospital and they talk over coffee. He apologizes for quitting earlier. After OZ was destroyed, he realized that people saying they are pursuing their dreams are just losers using that as an excuse and he begs her to take him back. She twists his about-face as vindication for her actions and smugly allows him to return to TX.

Later, the OZGroup are at NewOZ, and they come up with a camping trip idea to boost morale. Everyone piles into the Mystery Machine right when Tian Xing pulls up. He plans to follow along in his car but is accosted and forced into the van with everyone else.

After a few picnic games, the gang chases Tian Xing and Tao Zi away for a walk while they clean up. Once they are out of sight, they clean up everything and disappear, leaving them the van with the camping supplies in it but no keys. The unsuspecting pair shares a peaceful moment overlooking a wooded valley. They head back to the van and can’t find the rest of the group. After a couple of aborted phone calls, they realized they were scammed. They smile at each other, not very concerned, at least until he gets a phone call from FosterMom. After a few moments of listening to him plead, Tao Zi marches over and disconnects the phone and turns it off. They decide to have a day to themselves.

The OZGang takes deep cleansing breaths looking down at Taipei. They decide to traipse over to a nearby temple for a little prayer action. They read their fortunes out loud, which say you must fight to find happiness.

Meanwhile, Tao Zi and Tian Xing have cute times by a stream. They both end up soaking wet, and Tian Xing piggybacks her back to the campsite. He’s drying his shirt marshmallow style over the firepit. She’s down to a singlet and hiding in the tent until a nosy snake pops in to say hi. Then she conveniently ends up in his lap, with her arms around his shirtless self. He soothes her, reminding her he will protect her. The moment gets drawn out as he rubs her lips and slowly moves in to kiss her. The kisses go on and on. Tian Xing fashions rings out of clover stems and they exchange a promise to always have each other, and the memories of this night, in their hearts forever.

Episode 16 (Recap)

The next morning, FosterMom meets with Tian Xing at the hospital and summons Wang Chung to drop off some paperwork. Tian Xing is stunned at WC’s return to TX, but WC sneers that OZ is dead anyway. The theatrics are very impressive and well-thought-out. FosterMom is happy and ready to begin a new chapter at TX. She doesn’t notice the winks the two men exchange behind her back.

Butler Fu walks Tian Xing out to his car, and warns him that he needs to be careful. At NewOZ, Bangs is upset at WC’s defection to TX. PDLeo tries to diffuse the situation, but ultimately Bangs leaves the office, closely pursued by Tao Zi. Outside she gives him the pep talk; they need work for money to buy back OZ, etc. etc.

Tian Xing receives a text from Tao Zi asking for a meetup under a bridge trestle. They share cupcakes, and Tian Xing murmurs that Xiao Lu was happiest baking with Tao Zi. There’s a bit of cuddle time and a promise to always stay in each other’s hearts.

Tian Xing shows up at LuHouse, where FosterMom has prepared the contract and transfer documents: All OZ stock will transfer to him once he signs. He takes them with him to sign later and runs straight to a lawyer’s office for a chat, leaving the paperwork behind to be reviewed.

Wang Chung takes advantage of some office time to rummage around the TX offices. He calls Tian Xing after finding the name of the mystery stockholder, Mr Long, who owns the other 40% of the company. In a darkened car, Butler Fu and Wang Chung meet up complete with an adorable secret handshake, and head out to find Mr Long.

Tian Xing and Tao Zi meet up in the park. They both say they are alright as they hug. Tian Xing tells her that he is taking a gamble and asks her to support him no matter what. She nods as they squeeze a little closer.

The next morning, Wang Chung and Butler Fu call with the news that Mr Long is a retired lawyer and that he manages the stock on the behalf of an estate - his parent’s estate. The lawyer also calls and says he found something interesting in the fineprint of the contract.

At home, he pulls up his laptop and looks at the contract the lawyer has emailed him. Buried in the fineprint is the requirement that he give up all future stock that comes to him via his parent’s estate on his next birthday. He zooms in to confirm what he saw and his hands shake as he relives the behaviors and words of the FosterMom the past few weeks. His face twists up and he ends up pounding his fist on the table as he goes back over all the emotional manipulation he has been put through.

Tian Xing has a brooding shower and comes out to find Butler Fu and Wang Chung waiting in the living room. They meet up with the lawyer and all go to the hospital to confront FosterMom together. She breaks down immediately, she hadn't planned to take the shares from him originally but after Lance was injured, she was angry, plus she thought he was throwing away everything for a second-class company. Tian Xing tells her that she and Lance are only interested in money, that they never cared about Tian Xing and even played on his feelings for his adoptive family. However, things will change from here on out, since Tian Xing will no longer be just a partner. Once his birthday comes he will have 60% of the company - he will be Tian Xi Advertising.

FosterMom calls on Lance to defend her to everyone’s confusion. She insists that he’s awake and has merely been fooling everyone. She grabs him and starts to shake him, calling for him to stop pretending. Tian Xing and Wang Chung have to pull her off of him and she breaks down as she realizes she’s been imagining him awake all this time. Tian Xing doesn't want to press charges, she did still fill a mother's role for him all these years.

Tian Xing goes to new OZ and shares what has happened. He and Tao Zi share a charged look, and she delivers a speech about hope and good things to come. The third wheels all leave to give them some alone time and Tian Xing hugs Tao Zi. He tells her he just wants to be part of OZ but that TX was a company his parents cared about. He gives his shares to Tao Zi, asking her to help him decide what to do with it.

Later FosterMom is sitting on a park bench when Tao Zi walks by. She immediately starts yelling at the younger woman that everything that has happened is her fault. Tao Zi offers to be her verbal punching bag if it makes her feel better, but ends up hugging FosterMom instead as she cries. TaoHouse is graced with FosterMom’s presence for dinner, and the TaoParents are quick to offer their hospitality. Butler Fu is there as well. They have a nice chat about their children over noodles and Butler Fu drives home the point that a good home wants their children to be happy. FosterMom apologizes for her previous bitchy behavior. After eating, FosterMom wanders around the city, thinking.

The drama ends with a cute montage: OZ has merged with TX and formed a new company “where dreams come true.” Wang Chung delivers a proposal to Kitty and Mutt via stuffies and gingerbread boy/girl keychains. The OZGang play Under-The-Bridge street baseball. Tao Zi has her brother’s watch back. Tian Xing has a postcard from Lance, who is awake and on vacation with FosterMom & Huan Huan in Europe.

Then it’s the wedding. Tian Xing is in Xiao Lu hair mode but looking spiffy in his tux. There’s hoots, hollers, and grins from everyone. Tao Zi thanks the Li family for flying back; they smile and exchange hugs. FosterMom has retired but Lance is offered his old job at the company whenever he is ready to return. Vows, rings, kisses, makeout session.The gang preps the car for the honeymoon. Xiao Lu steps out of the back seat to a chorus of ‘aws’. Everybody waves, and they drive off.

The End